Friday, April 8, 2011

Do The Lists Ever End? (Answer: Nope.)

Oh, my. I just read my daughter's latest blog post in which she listed the things she wants to get done today to make herself feel good. Hahaha! I just DON'T know from where she gets her totally unrealistic sense of what can humanly be accomplished in one day's time!

I, too, (if you can believe such a thing -- sigh) made a list for today that looks a lot like hers. It's just after lunch time now and what headway have I made on said list? Not much. But it's not my fault. (Never is. Chuckle-chuckle.)

Zoey the Wonder Dog had her first "accident" on one of her beds over night. (That's why I'm thankful we've never let a dog sleep in our bed.) I'm sure hoping the poor ol' gal isn't moving into the stage where she'll need Doggie Depends. So even though it wasn't on my list for the day, I stripped her bed in the bedroom that got christened and her other two and washed all of the covers along with some rugs that were waiting for attention.

On another topic, Papa Pea and I have both been d-y-i-n-g for a sweet treat (I guess neither one of us exudes enough sweetness on our own) so I found a recipe for Butterscotch Pudding that I thought I'd give a try. It took me exactly one hour and just about every dish, bowl, pan, whisk and rubber spatula in the kitchen, plus the electric beater, to try to resurrect this recipe that seemed to go askew in every single step of the process. Amazingly enough the pudding now looks like pudding and is in eight dessert cups in the refrig. How does it taste? Pan lickings weren't bad, but we'll see tonight. It's not too often that you find a recipe that just does not work like you would expect it to, but I sure had trouble with this one. I checked the directions and ingredients six-times-to-Sunday and am sure it wasn't operator error.

So after that fiasco (even IF the pudding should be a winner, I'll never attempt it again), it was lunch time. Fine, I thought, I'll hit my list with gusto right after we eat.

Hubby and I were discussing one thing and another over our bowls of yogurt (me) and kefir (he) with blueberries and we decided that this afternoon I should tackle a big job that we have been talking about for a long time (read: all dingity-dong winter) but have been avoiding because it would be so much easier (and less painful) to do it if I could do part of it outside. In decent weather. So as not to freeze to death in the process. Since it's a sunny day and 45 degrees in the shade . . . well, looks as though the list I had for the day will be ready and waiting for me tomorrow morning.

Bye. Gotta go put on my new mud boots . . .

. . . and slosh back to a storage building for some materials for my project this afternoon.


  1. You are such a tease! What is this dingity-dong project? Our inquiring minds NEED to know! I don't run across recipes that turn ugly too often, but I did last week. I made Chinese Moon Cakes that sounded divine (and used up some of my thousands of pints of jam). Not. Abysmal. Yukky. The chickens loved them. No accounting for some tastes...

  2. My list just keeps getting longer instead of shorter. For every one thing I cross off two more appear. UG! So I wrote on the top of list, to toss out the list. That'll teach that dang list! Now I'm listless.....

    Can't wait to hear what your big project is. Can we make guesses? I'll guess it has to do with shelves?

  3. On Zoey's accident, I have two old girls. One had an accident as she was getting a bladder infection. I might not have known about the infection, but it got so bad she peed a little blood. The other old lady in my pack, has something the vet says lots of older spayed females get. They lack estrogen and it cause everything from a leak to a puddle. I was seeing them everywhere. We got the prescription for doggie estrogen and she is all better. Just a thought, I hope it was a one time thing.

  4. Well if your lists end, you're really good, mine sure don't!!LOL.
    But if I didn't write down what to do and keep on adding it would probably never get done because I would forget! hahaha. I kinda think that was the way it was here yesterday after making the things I did. I finally got everything washed and cleaned up my kitchen by evening and didn't want to see my kitchen again! I had all the dish washing I wanted for one day.

  5. My husband and I were "discussing" our to do lists this morning also. Our conclusion? Ours is too friggin' long and there is no way we'll ever get it all done! Sigh.
    Looking forward to hearing about your mysterious project, too!

  6. I need a list, I haven't made one in awhile and it shows LOL, I can't wait to jump to your next post I see is already up and see what you were up to today!

  7. Susan - Thank heaven for chickens. They're such gluttons . . . and give us such lovely eggs in return for Chinese Moon Cakes . . . and Butterscotch Pudding. :o(

    Put up a post letting you in on my "mysterious" project . . . not.

    Sparkless - You're gettin' pretty funny on us, Listless!

    How the heck did you know the project had to do with shelves? You been peeking?

    Jane - VERY good information to have, Jane! We'll be keeping an eye on her needless to say. Thanks.

  8. Alla - I'm still trying to figure out with just the two of us, how in the world I can do a HUGE batch of dishes three or four times a day??!

    Fiona - I gotta admit that planning and making lists can some times be downright depressing. When hubby was still teaching and had summers off, I used to dread making our summers list because it was so full of hard work! And when he went back to school in mid-August it was still as long as it was in mid-June. Arrrrgh!

    Erin - I know having lists keep me grounded in some way. Otherwise, I just seem to float through the day and feel like I got even less done than I really may have.