Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow

I am standing on the crumbling precipice of going over the edge. You know we are snow lovers, but enough is truly enough.

We got about 2" overnight and it's still coming down.

My poor raised beds. Covered with snow once again. How tough is rhubarb that is about 3" high? Sweet Pea seeds? Hahahaha!

I'm sure Chicken Mama got snow all day yesterday when our precipitation was rain. Not a good thing for her road conditions which were already very BAD.

Well, this is mid-week . . . hump day, right? The rest of the week will be easy. Right? RIGHT?


  1. Excuse the profanity abbreviations, but WTF????! I'm sorry this is happening, wow, this is really crazy, unrelenting weather you are having. I know mentally this is really taking a toll on you all. I am going to command some of our weather to head up there, I feel really guilty!

  2. But the trees are so beautiful! :p
    It's almost 10:00 am and we have three inches on the ground. The snow has stopped, but they're predicting more. I did NOT feel like crawling out of bed this morning to take care of the critters. It just seems so much easier to do things without snow on the ground. I try to remember this is nitrogen for our fields and gardens. Boy are we going to have some beautiful plants!

  3. Oh my goodness ... I'm with you - so over this crazy winter/spring weather!! Time for some sunshine and warmth.

    I think your rhubarb and sweet pea seeds will be ok ... are you forecast any more snow?

  4. Geez Loueez. Will this winter ever end??? I feel like we're getting punished for something and, frankly, I have been a good steward of the earth, so cut it out! Sorry, it's not about me, is it? I feel for you. It's that helpless (sleepless) rage/frustration thing. Raise your fist and curse the sky at the top of your lungs. It feels good.

  5. I am not a doom and gloomer, but it makes me wonder what is going on with our earth? Is the end near? Hang in there!

  6. I feel your pain, even though I'm a little south of you(Minn.) We were planning on digging up our lawn and tripling our existing garden. But with all our snow this winter not melting for ever and now it keeps snowing and raining.....I am now restless to start gardening...and will have a short period of time to do it before planting.

    I guess you gotta get use to it in MN...

  7. We've had snow in May before. It does drive you mad when you so want it to be spring and your body is craving those sunny warm days. I think this means you are supposed to be resting and getting ready for your big renovation instead of doing any yard work. Oh crap, even I can't put a good spin on this one. You have every right to complain!

  8. WE WILL SURVIVE sing at the top of your lungs ok

  9. Everyone in the area is saying something to the tune of, "We're used to getting a little snow in April but not time after time after time like this!" Happy to report that here at our place it has all melted now. Not so sure about up by Chicken Mama!

    odiie - We're told to look for more tonight, too. Sure is a different spring than last year!

    Yvette - I have a feeling with all this moisture in the ground, when we DO get the sunshine and warmth, everything is gonna POP over night.

    Susan - So swearing a blue streak will help? 'Scuse me, I'm gonna go spout serious profanity on the front deck now.

  10. Ruth - Seriously, the thought has crossed my mind that "someone" or some force is taking us by the scruff of the neck and trying to shake some sense into us!

    Julie - Welcome and thanks for commenting. Yes, Minnesota is a state that weeds out the weak and faint of heart. Ya gotta be tough to make it here! ;o}

    Sprakless - You're doing a GREAT job of buoying me up lately. And I so appreciate it!

    judy - Okay, now I'm singing AND swearing . . . !

  11. We're on our way home and saw the forecast saying snow all day. And you're right-snow might be normal for April but not this late, and not this often or this much. Next year I might stay away both March AND April. I've had it!
    Poor man's fertilizer
    Poor man's fertilizer.........

    It's not helping anymore to say that.....

  12. Sue - Poor man's fertilizer . . . yup. But when you're knee-deep in sh . . . sh . . . um, snow again, it's hard to see the advantages! ;o}