Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Some Fresh (Bracing!) Air

Like many of you, we've had damp, gray, cold air for too long a stretch. Sunshine, we need sunshine! We need our batteries recharged!

About 3 o'clock this afternoon, lo and behold, the sun peeked out. I yelled to my hubby, "The tour bus is leaving at 4 p.m. sharp. Be ready!"

He asked, "Where are we going?"

I replied, "It's a surprise, but dress warmly. We're hiking and it's gonna be windy and cool."

I hurried-scurried around getting dinner started so we wouldn't be so late eating when we got home.

The I stripped off my jeans so I could put on long johns. Even if the sunshine held out, I knew it would be cool. Next I added two layers of polar fleece on top and my ugly-bugly (but warm) black stocking hat on my head.

A few minutes after 4 we were in the car headed for town and a hike on the rocks by the lake.

Was it cold? Oh, ya.

But the sun stayed out which made our hike totally tolerable. We had the whole area to ourselves which was nice because no one saw me grunting and groaning trying to make my short legs span cracks and crevices we had to navigate.

In many spots we couldn't go the usual way because of chunks of ice and snow that we didn't want to step on/in for fear of slipping and because of terrible tangles of blown down trees from the winter storms. My tall husband who is mostly legs commented that a couple of the spots I had trouble navigating were even a stretch for him.

But, wow, did it feel good to get lots of clean, fresh (really fresh!) air in our lungs. Just what we needed for a bit of a re-energizing pick-up today. Now it's after eight o'clock and I would be happy crawling into bed earlier than usual. Between the fresh air and exercise and the glass of wine I drank while getting dinner on the table, I'm ready.


beth said...

Sounds like the perfect day. You'll sleep soundly tonight!

Sue said...

Hurray-Sunshine!! It's been awhile since it showed up-what a welcome relief it must have been.
A hike sounds like just the ticket-I'm sure we'll see the sun today and may grab hubby for a walk in the woods nearby.
Stunning place to hike you have (and a great workout too!)
Happy Easter, Mama Pea!

judy said...

I am so envious of your view-the last time I saw it was the Dem. convention or was it the rep. conv. held in Duluth approx.1986 we kept driving and driving-could not find a vacancy for a cabin in our unexcpected spur of the moment travels until 2 harbors. The photo's make it seem so real- loved them-I can feel the waves hitting the shore-.Hopefully your all tucken in still after that work-out- .Have a great day

Jane said...

Some people believe in retail therapy, some clinical therapy, I personally believe that nature therapy can heal even some of the worst Spring fever. Glad you enjoyed the hike so much.

Mama Pea said...

Beth - Wish it had been a whole day . . . but the short time we spent out there was great! And I did sleep well last night. :o}

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Sue - Apparently the Easter Bunny brought us some sunshine 'cause it's looking lovely out there so far today. Hope you have good weather today, too.

Happy Easter! Don't eat too many chocolate rabbits.

judy - It is a great view, no doubt about that!

Have a lovely Easter Day with your loved ones!

Jane - Nature therapy can heal a LOT! We just have to remember (and sometimes MAKE ourselves) to take the time to get out there and let it come into our body and soul!

Happy Easter to you!

cmarie said...

We drove the south shore and then turned left and followed the southeast shore up to northern Wisconsin. It was such a mild and warm day all along that route!! The MN horizon was lovely! Happy Easter.

Erin said...

You definitely needed that to recharge! So glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors and some sun, you deserve it, now if it would just warm up!

Mama Pea said...

cmarie - Hope you had a lovely Easter Day. Now spring can start, right?

Erin - Warming up would be a really good idea about now! Maybe you can funnel some of your upper 80 temps to us?? ;o}

Lisa said...

What a beautiful area you live in!! And what a nice way to spend Easter weekend. I think I could even 'taste' the chocolates your daughter made for your husband through the photo... I know I could at least 'smell' 'em! She needs to open a chocolate shop!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like such a great day! I think we are all ready for Spring to get here and stay for a while!

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - Thank you for your sweet words! My daughter does indeed have a talent for making candies and could truly open a candy shop!

Alicia - Welcome and thanks for commenting! Today is full of sunshine here and does feel so much like spring. Let's hope it stays!