Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do You Think It's Gonna Snow . . .

It's been snowing on and off here all morning but about an hour ago, just as Chicken Mama was arriving to drop off the dogs, it REALLY started coming down.

You'll notice she drove her little red car because she left home in sunshine with her sunglasses on. She didn't even wear her heavy snow boots today. Where's a big plow truck when you need one?

Chicken Mama put her dogs in the front fenced in yard for a little stretch after the hour car ride, but Maisy (indoor dog to the last beautiful red hair on her body that she is) was having none of it. Here she's begging by the back door from the greenhouse to be let in.

Tucker is more oblivious to the weather and didn't seem to notice it was snowing. In these pics the dogs had been outside for only about 5 minutes before I brought them in. Now Maisy is curled up at my feet and I just let Tucker back outside after he stood at the door asking somebody to please open it for him. Where's Zoey the Wonder Dog? Asleep on her bed dreaming of sunshine and warm grass to roll in.

Did I mention we get most of our snow in the month of March?


  1. Whew! That's some snow storm. I hope Chicken Mama stays safe on the roads.

  2. Oh yeah, March weather!!! Poor doggies, lol! The snow is wet these days, so it sticks to their fur more, I sure hope we don't get the majority of our snow in March, I think I will be literally buried if we do! EEEK!
    :) Enjoy the weather, hope you're building snowmen and making snow angels! LOL!

  3. UGH! I think I would cry if I saw that much snow again! We had just under an inch last night and it is already melted. I expect to see signs of budding soon! Fingers crossed! You can have your March...ick!

    Glad to see you are in good spirits and doing well though! xoxox

  4. It never fails, you go one day with out boots and look what happens. That is why I vow to always wear boots everywhere I go ;) I think that Zoey has the right idea. Just sleep it out.

  5. That last photo is BEAUTIFUL! I want to frame it! Did Chicken Mama get stranded at your house tonight? That's a lot of fresh snow for no snow boots or plow!

  6. Looks like winter is going to hang around a little while longer. Poor pups! Blessings jane

  7. I remember you saying you get most of your snow in March... I still think it's beautiful! (I am ducking to avoid any round house swings as I write that)

  8. Wow - our "snow" was rain! How much did you actually end up with - or is it still coming down? I am right there with Zoey the Wonder Dog, curled up and dreaming of sunshine. I'd even roll in the grass... hope Chicken Mama made it to town, back, and home okay.

  9. Good Morning Mama Pea!
    I think your snow is beautiful!... but guess that's easy for me to say from down here in sunny SC! Thanks for unraveling the mystery of there being 2 "Mama Peas"! Have a good day! Lisa

  10. Sparkless - I think that was the hardest I've ever seen it come down in many, many years. It was beautiful.

    Rain - Yep, March snows do tend to be wet ones . . . and all the more beautiful because if that.

    APG - Hey, great to hear from you again! Sure have missed you. Are you home for a while now?

    Jane - Chicken Mama did have boots on (after all, she was raised in this crazy part of the country). They just weren't her extra high, extra warm ones!

    Erin - CM made it home safe and sound last night although when she reported in she did say it had been more than a little slippery!

  11. Jane2 - We fully expect this kind of weather all the way through March so we're prepared.

    Ruth - You won't have to duck any flying objects from me. I've still got plenty of things I want to get done inside before our spring enables me to get to the outside work.

    Susan - Rain instead of snow? Well, at least you didn't have to shovel that. But, of course, those conditions tend to lead to ice and other not nice stuff which I'd just as soon skip!

    Lisa - Who would have know there would be two Mama Peas out in blogland? Thinking of you enjoying your gorgeous spring time weather and blooms!

  12. Oh, brrrr. You can have all the snow. I like the warm California sunshine. Just as soon as it gets here, that is. We've had tons of rain, and my garden is flooded!

  13. Lori - Sorry you're having to battle too much rain right now. Some areas that got more than usual amounts of snow this winter are already experiencing flooding. If it isn't one thing, it's another, huh?