Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy Busy Day, Batman!

I think I'm suffering something akin to culture shock on this my first day out of the quilt studio.

First off this morning, I went twenty-some miles down the road to meet with five talented, interesting, funny women. To say a good time was had by all is an understatement. Fun, fun, fun!

Back home and a quick lunch with hubby. Shortly thereafter, two friends stopped in for a visit which was lovely. The female of the couple is doing her spring cleaning early this year and asked if I would be interested in looking at some quilting fabric she is getting rid of. Such a silly question.

Well, you wouldn't believe the size of the box she deposited in my quilt studio. I haven't had time to get into it yet, but it will be a treat to do so tonight. Gotta get my ironing done first though. (Yes, I did manage to get laundry done today, too.)

Then two packages to get ready to go out in the afternoon mail pick-up in town.

As long as I was in town, I made a stop at the co-op grocery store and library. I think if I hadn't been driving my trusty little 4-wheel drive Toyota Tercel, I'd still be stuck in front of the library. Snow, slush and ice grabbed me and didn't want to let go. But 4-wheel drive comes through again. How anyone gets by without it in this part of the country is beyond me.

Back home to finish folding and putting away clean clothes.

Now Papa Pea's good friend has arrived to play in the garage with him tonight and . . . get this. HE BROUGHT DINNER! It's finishing cooking in my oven as we speak. Now that's the kind of friend you like to have!

Okay, speaking of food. Today was weigh-in day ending our four weeks of trying-to-shed-some-poundage eating plan.

It was a good weigh-in and it was a bad weigh-in. After not losing any weight (that would be zero pounds) last week, I lost one pound this week. One tiny, little 16-ounce pound. Well, at least it was something.

BUT the very good news is that this morning when I pulled my one decent pair of jeans out of the closet to put on for my outing, instead of the button closing tightly over my tummy . . . omigosh! I had about an inch of wiggle room! They were actually loose on me. Hmmm, I said. I wonder if possibly I could get into those other jeans I haven't been able to get into for ever-so-long? And guess what? They fit! This was enough to make me feel absolutely elated for the rest of the day. Even though I've only lost a total of six pounds in four weeks (pathetic, huh?), something is changing for the better.

Unfortunately, Papa Pea was not happy with his weigh-in. He gained two pounds. Ooops. However, after we analyzed the situation, he realized where he went astray. Sadness and woe, he is now thoroughly disgusted with himself and has announced he's going to learn how to fast.

Okay, I've got to get on with things so I have time to go immerse myself in that box of fabric waiting for me.


LindaCO said...

Hold on a minute - ironing? Aren't you and your man retired? ;-)

Dirt Lover said...

Hey, Wahoo for you, Mama Pea!!! Visiting friends, a box of (free!) quilting fabric, not getting stuck, and somebody else making you dinner??? Sounds like a great day to me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loose jeans... it's truly not about the pounds lost, is it? And how much fun, that box of fabric. I'm like that with fabric (I don't quilt, but "hobby sew) and books and craft stuff and livestock stuff, etc. Have fun!

Mama Pea said...

Linda - Hey! I'd iron my FACE if I could . . . so why would I want to run around in wrinkled clothes? ;o)

Lori - It WAS a great day! Especially the part about being able to get into smaller pants!

Ruth - I haven't felt a better feeling in a long time . . . than those loose jeans!

meemsnyc said...

Hahaha, I love how you say Papa Pea's friend is coming to play in the garage. Priceless! And score on the fabric. Nice friend.

Sparkless said...

See now that's why I never wear jeans anymore, they don't stretch when I need them to. LOL!

Lucky girl to get a large box of quilting fabric. I can't wait to see your next quilt!

And 6 lbs is a great amount to lose over 4 weeks. You don't want to lose so much that your old clothes won't fit! Getting into those tight jeans is a day to celebrate. Congrats!

Sue said...

Sounds like a great weight loss-I'm glad it went well for you. And I have to "echo" LindaCO-IRONING??? I hate to tell you, but that went out years ago!
The "rumpled" look is in. Isn't it?

Erin said...

Yay! Who cares how many pounds it is as long as your clothes fit and drape well - it's all about "rearranging things"! Good job! Okay... a BOX of fabric? Oh my... let me just throw my purse in the car and I'm on my way... haha! Have fun today going thru it! Like a kid with a Halloween bag of candy :)

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Oh How I wish I still had my rubber fat models. You would be surprised how big a pound of fat it. That is what you should be losing a week. There is a better chance that it was fat you lost. If you lose 3, 5, 17 pounds a week the chances are that it is not fat your losing. Job well done. The proof is in the pants.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weight loss!!! Six pounds in 4 weeks is a good weight loss Mama Pea! That's 1.5 a week! Have fun with your new toys tonight, what a treat, a box full of quilting fabric! :) said...

Congrats, Mama Pea -- loose(r) pants sure feel great, don't they??
Sounds like you've got a second Christmas there with that box of fabric goodies -- looking forward to seeing your next quilted wonder!

Mama Pea said...

meemsnyc - Well, for them it is playing. ;o) It usually involves mechanics, grease and smell but they get stuff done and have a blast doing it.

Sparkless - Ah, but m'dear, they make STRETCH jeans! ;o)

Sue - The only reason I still iron is that a lot of our stuff is all-cotton and I've never been bright enough to learn the art of taking clothes out of the dryer soon enough so I can "smooth" the wrinkles out of them. When I dry out on the line, they are totally a mess with wrinkles. How does everybody else do it??

Erin - One person's trash is another person's treasure! There is some NICE fabric in there!!

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Sometimes I ask myself if this or that will taste better than loose pants would feel. My brain and taste buds duke it out and usually my taste buds win. Maybe your brain could give my brain a pep talk.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Thanks for the encouragement as usual. My loss must be fat because fat is what my stomach was (is) and that's where my jeans now are able to close over. (How's that for an unbelievably poor example of sentence construction?)

Rain - I guess I was hoping for a nice 2 pounds a week. But I'll be satisfied with the shape change!

Fiona - Loose(r) pants almost feel better than too tight pants feel bad. (Huh?)

mtnchild said...

There is no way I would be able to not look into that box!! Everything else would be on hold for a while. Then get the chores/errands done and lock myself in the room, um, uh, I don't have a lock and I'm the only one in this house ... That fabric would be spread from room to room all over the house!!!

I am proud of your weight loss! I would like to loose 10 lbs or so; maybe when the weather warms up a bit I can eat lots more salads, with very little dressing ...

Wonderful day you had!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a gift box of fabric - unless it's an extra inch of space in your pants :)

Patty said...

Hey MamaPea! I'm happy for you about your shape change! I guess you're loosing fat, even though the scale is lying to you.
NOT VERRY GOOD! - That's how we get along without our 4 wheel drive. I've gotten stuck not one, but TWO times trying to get out of the alley after dropping off/picking up my little sis. I informed the little darling yesterday that from now on I'm going to call her on the cell and tell her to meet me on the road. Crazy! But, as you know, she's worth it! ;)

Chicken Mama said...

Patty, I can't resist: you obviously need to trade in your mini-van for a YARIS! While I have had to go "back & forth" a couple of times, I've never gotten stuck in that alley! ;) (But, WHY don't they plow it??????)

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - I just about an hour ago finished sorting through all that gifted fabric. What fun!

ThyHand - I have exactly the same kind of conversations! Wouldn't it be a lot easier (in so many ways!) if we just took all our nutrition in capsule form? I sure would miss the taste of food though. And think of all the rituals surrounding food. Nope, don't think that would ever fly.

Jen - I wish you were in a position to receive some of this fabric! I thought of you right away.

Patty - Yup, that would be a tricky little spot to get in and out of. 'Twould be nice if somebody would/could clear it out!

Chicken Mama - Yes, but you go in and out of snow where no man has ever gone before! But I guess you have to know how to do that because of your everyday driving conditions. I know it's just routine to you but your daily drive scares your mama . . . uh, um, a lot!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I'm fairly sure that if I end up losing my accumulated fabric and my quilts, I'll never quilt again anyway... (I'm also fairly optimistic that it won't come to that)