Friday, February 18, 2011

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Ha-ha-ha-hee-hee-ho-ho-ho! I just checked the weather for our area and was confronted with a red banner across the top of the screen reading "Hazardous Weather Outlook."

Remember two days ago when the sun was hitting the front of our house so strongly and I had the door open all day? Well, I just knew it was way too early to be thinking spring or even legitimate spring thaw.

All the water from that melting snow of the previous two days has frozen solid. So-lid. Our quarter mile long driveway is one long, narrow skating rink. The UPS man said he didn't think he was going to make it in to our house this afternoon without skittering sideways off the driveway and into the woods.

We laid in bed last night listening to gale force winds whipping around the house and the occasional who-knew-what go bump in the night. We awoke to 9 degrees above zero this morning and the wicked wind continuing to blow.

There is a wind advisory out for tonight again (gusts up to 45 mph) and snow forecast for the weekend.

So for all you bloggers who are exhausted tonight from working in your garden all day planting peas and early salad greens and are now rewarding yourself with a lovely glass of wine on the deck or porch, I say enjoy yourself! Think of me wearing my wool sox and long flannel nightgown to bed tonight. And please have a drink for me. (Ya gotta be tough to live up here near the tundra!)


Sparkless said...

Oh wow that is cold! I hope you stay warm and safe tonight and the worst of the winter weather is over for you.

Dirt Lover said...

MP, I really hope you don't need to go anywhere during this weather. May you stay warm, dry, and safe while you wait out the storm. Make some bread and soup, and work on a quilt. I've been knitting by the fire a little today, just enjoying the rain on a day off. No yard work here today for me!

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Yup, we should be on the downhill side of winter now although we often get a boat load of snow in March. But also lots of warm days so that snow melts pretty quickly. Glad we don't have to go out tonight, that's for sure.

Lori - I don't think we have to go out all weekend . . . other than outside to do the regular chores. Good thing, too, 'cause we'll have these terribly icy conditions until we get a good snow cover over it. Soup and bread sound GOOD!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Those 45 mph winds are here now! So I know how you feel. I hate to see what the morning brings, as there is always something that doesn't make it through this kind of wind. We had a 40 degree temperature drop. If March comes in like a lion, what is mid February, a dragon?

mtnchild said...

Gardening? me??? Noooo, I've been shoveling snow!!! This last storm, which is the one heading to you, gave us 8-10 inches of snow. Not bad, but not enough.

I shovel, I get some hot tea, I shovel some more and again some hot tea! It is not that cold out, but I seem to have a problem with my circulation in my hands and feet - they always seem to be cold!

Stay safe and warm.

b said...

i feel for you! that is why i won't ever leave cali. but i can't wait to see when you do get back out there!

Sue said...

I'm right here with you, toughing it out. What a change in the weather. This wind is crazy. I'm glad I sleep with ear plugs or I wouldn't have gotten a wink listening to that roar all night. (Don's roars-snores-still came through loud and clear!)
That "taste" of spring was sure nice, but I guess we know it's going to be at least another 8 weeks until the warmth is here to stay!
Yea for flannels!
And DAMN Erin and her peas!

Robin said...

Well, I think that your cold windy weather has arrived here! Yesterday it hit 70!! The winds have picked up over night and it is supposed to get down to 17 tonight. We have a wind advisory with gusts hitting 50mph!! It was so nice out yesterday :(

Amy Dingmann said...

I seriously think MN weather suffers from some odd kind of ADD. The winter into spring back and forth is downright insane. :)

Jane said...

I will be so happy when all this winter weather is over. Spring can't come too soon for me. Stay safe and warm. Blessings jane

odiie said...

Well, it's 1 above this morning with that nasty storm coming in tonight. That last wind blew the plastic off of our windows. It is warming up, now at least it hits 20 above for a high.

Erin said...

HA!! I DID have a glass of wine for you :) It's warm again here today, but winds to 50 mph so I don't feel bad quilting all day. I'm still kind of jealous of your cozy wood stove weather, but I know once I finish this quilt project I will want that nice weather back again. Besides my peas and lettuces, I took a cue from you and planted sweet peas, I never have before but I'm hoping to have a little spring prettiness before it gets too hot for them. Now forget that cold outside and go quilt!

Unknown said...

We're in a similar boat here in the northeast - temps in the 60s yesterday, today a wind advisory and we haven't even hit 30 yet! At least some of the 4ft of snow in the backyard started to melt. I can see my composter again!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

It's a blustery day here in Maryland too - sunny and bright and chilly but very, very windy!

I may be heading to Ohio later in the week - wonder what sort of weather I'll find??

Mama Pea said...

Jane - We've had more high winds here in the past year than is comfortable! And the weather has generally been just plain weird all over the country. Somebody messin' with it that we don't know about?

Yvette - I have trouble with my hands and feet usually being cold, too. When I'm gripping a snow shovel, my hands are especially hard to keep warm.

Bianca - Welcome and thanks for commenting. Oh, but I could never live anywhere that didn't have the four distinct seasons! Guess that's why we're not all crowded in one state!

Sue - I know! Can you believe anyone could be actually planting in the garden at this time of year!?

Robin - What in the world is it with these high winds all over the country? Kinda scary if you ask me.

Mama Pea said...

Mama Tea - It sure has been insane so far this year! We've just gotta ride it out.

Jane2 - Fortunately (!), I still have plenty of fun things to keep me busy inside for the remainder of the winter weather. No problem there. (Plus we have lots of woods so why complain?)

odiie - We had zero this morning but it's sunny now. Don't know if the storm will actually hit us or not tonight. You stay warm and safe.

Erin - The sweet peas LOVE being planted this early. They're not even bothered by snow.

Alison - I think we all measure the snow melt by what reappears in the yard after being covered all winter!

Jen - Certainly not Cairo-type weather, is it? Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

We are tough tundra chicks Mama Pea! Our weather mirrors each other that's for sure. I heard a few "who-know's-what's-its" too overnight!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - We're getting light snow fall today and more wind. WHERE is all this wind coming from?

Anonymous said...

Where is all this wind coming from? Well, I HAVE increased my fiber intake...LOL...a little immature humour for a windy day!!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - I guess I did a good job of setting that one up for you, didn't I? :o)