Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zoey's Back in the Saddle Again

This past Monday afternoon when we started to get dressed to go pack the loop trail again after receiving another 7-8" of snow, Zoey the Wonder Dog displayed her usual excitement at the prospect of going for a run in the woods.

This made both hubby and I feel really good after she decided she couldn't/wouldn't make the hike with us over the weekend.

The woods were unbelievably beautiful becoming even more laden with snow. This was a shot off the trail into the woods.

On the uphill climb Zoey stayed behind us so she could walk on the newly packed trail. She walked very slowly and stopped many times but always started up again when we urged her on.

Once we got to the top of the ridge, she suddenly decided to lead the way. She went pell-mell around both of us and trotted along the ridge ahead of us. Obviously, she's just like me and thinks walking on relatively flat land is much easier than trudging uphill.

Then as we headed onto the downhill part of the loop, she even started going off the beaten path and checking out interesting spots in the deep snow.

The closer we got to home, the more energy she seemed to have. Then suddenly there was no dog in sight and hubby said, "Um, I think our dog has gone home."

Yup, sure enough, she high-tailed it home and beat us to the back door probably by about five minutes.

"Come on, guys. I was a good dog, went for a hike and got my exercise. Now LET ME IN so I can dry off and take a nap."


Jane said...

Having an elderly dog myself, those days of energy are a wonderful time. I am at the point where I enjoy every little bunny hop or little sprint with pure joy.Glad to see Zoey was back to her old self.

Susan said...

Good dog!! It is such a relief when they are back to their usual bouncy selves. I have to say - I am with you and Zoey on the uphill business. I am pretty bouncy myself going downhill - leader of the pack and all that stuff. What a beautiful trail. I also like your snowshoes - they look like the real McCoy.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Cherish every little moment with that Zoey Girl! I love her shaggy-do. :)

I think my puppy has a touch of doggie flu. Is that possible??

Sparkless said...

Glad to hear she's still got some zing left in her and enjoys life.

I have an geriatric cat and she won't even go outside if there's snow on the ground.

Dirt Lover said...

Ahhhh, glad to see you got to take a walk with her being the leader! On the downhill part, anyway. ;)

Erin said...

Yay Zoey! I agree with the others, cherish these days when she is feeling "up", and a lovely post to serve as a reminder of her good days, I hope the old gal still has a few tricks in her to surprise you with!

Sue said...

I have a geriatric hubby that behaves like that. Some days he's all gung-ho to go for a walk, and some days he creaks around the house and you can't get him to go out to feed the birds. Old age is not kind to dogs and men! (well, and me too-lets be honest here!)

Leigh said...

Aw Zoey, good dog! Snow hiking, wow, I should have done that when we had ours. It may not be until next year that I get another chance. :) Great photos!

MamaTea said...

Sweet Zoey, what a doll. She done good!!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Hmmm...I take it that Chicken Mama's dogs were not around? Maybe the younguns are what put her off the climb before?? At any rate good to hear that she enjoyed the walk this time!

growmyown said...

What kind of dog is Zoey? I can tell you I was in serious denial when they gave me my geriatric dog packet for our pointer a couple years ago.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Yup, it was a blow to both of us when this past summer we suddenly saw a change in her behavior from crazy, demented pup to little old lady. It was so abrupt and sudden. But I guess we have to realize that at her age it's the natural progression of things.

Susan - We are so fortunate to have this gorgeous scenery right outside our back door . . . and on our own property!

APG - Oh, I do think dogs go through periods of not feeling well. Whether it's like our flu or not . . . who knows. But I do think they handle it with more sense than we sometimes do. They lie down, fast and take care of themselves until their systems are back to normal!

Sparkless - Zoey does seem to dislike the snow this winter which is something that has never happened before.

Mama Pea said...

Lori - I'm wondering if she just had to limber up or get her blood circulating before she felt good enough to be peppy? (I can relate to that!)

Erin - Thanks, Erin. If we could just get some meat on her skinny little frame we'd feel better.

Sue - Oh, Sue! You gave me a good chuckle. Good description of how we all feel some days! Regardless of age!

Leigh - Maybe no snow, but you can get such a head start on gardening! Now that's an advantage!

Mama Tea - Yep, she did. And suffered no repercussions from the exercise. Good dog.

Jen - We did think of that. The fact that Maisy and Tucker weren't around that day.

growmyown - She's a Pudel Pointer. And has always been so ready, ready, ready for a run in the woods.

mtnchild said...

Zoey is about 4-5 yrs. older than SueAnn, my Lab/Hound, but with SueAnn being black, her muzzle is almost totally gray now! Yesterday was SueAnn's day of burst of speed. She ran around the front yard in ever widening circles at top speed. She'd stop, catch her breath, and was off again. It has been a long time since she's done that ... and she slept the rest of the day!!!

I'm sure Zoey did take her nap, I know I would have - I'm not fond of uphills either.
Give her a hug

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - It's funny that Zoey isn't turning gray or white. But her dark brown hair seems to be losing color. So much of her coat is now kind of a dish water blonde!

Hope your SueAnn stays happy, healthy, and peppy for many more years.