Friday, January 7, 2011

Sliding Down The Slippery Slope Into Slovenliness

I'm about to do something I've never done before in my life. It is 3:15 in the afternoon and as soon as my husband gets home, I am going to put on my flannel pajamas, get into bed and watch a Netflix movie that's waiting for me. Then I will get up, warm up some luscious homemade potato soup leftover from yesterday for our simple dinner tonight, do the dishes and get back into bed to read until I feel like falling asleep.

You've been subjected to me yammering about learning how to relax and be a little kinder/gentler with myself. I'm trying, I'm really trying. So now even though the Christmas decorations are STILL up (and giving me the Evil Eye every time I look at them), the tree is disintegrating into a pile of needles on the floor, and the house needs a good (really good) cleaning, I'm not gonna do it today.

I spent the morning running errands, driving 20 miles down the road (and back) to get the zipper fixed on my warmest winter coat (so that I can actually WEAR it again), fluffing off having lunch with a friend, and picking up ordered books and audio tapes from the library.

The temperature today hasn't gone over 9 degrees above zero, it's been snowing lightly for most of the day, I'm feeling a little chilly (whoops, guess the stove does need some more wood) and my body really, really wants to curl up in bed and watch a mindless chick flick.

So why do I have to wait for my husband to get home to avail myself of this wonderful sounding relaxation and laziness? Well, as he just got ready to go up to the farm to get fresh dairy products for us, I told him what I planned on doing as soon as he returned. He said, "Why wait until I get back? Do it right now."

I told him that sure as shootin', if I was here by myself and got into my pajamas, somebody would stop in to visit. The one time I have EVER gotten into my pajamas in the afternoon, I just KNOW someone would catch me at it.

I may be making a little bit of progress in learning how to slow down and be lazy, but I am not yet able to do it with a guilt-free conscience, and feeling I wouldn't have to justify it to someone who caught me at it.

Oh, cwap! I'm in my own home, I'm not doing anything illegal or immoral, I'm RETIRED for Pete's sake! Maybe I'm not making any progress at all!


Sparkless said...

Lock the door and don't answer the phone if you are in your pj's. When I take a nap that's what I do. You deserve to take time to relax and I'm glad to hear you are taking it. I get tired just reading about all that you do in a day and those gardens of yours, well how do just two of you manage to keep them up?! The answer is you are a hard worker!

And no one is gonna die cause your Christmas tree is still up. It will all be there for you tomorrow or the next day. Too bad I can't say that about the laundry cause we'd run out of clean clothes. LOL!

Enjoy your movie and relaxation time, you've earned it.

Sue said...

Don and I started getting into PJ's at 4 every day starting last summer. We really don't care what the neighbors think. We usually quit in the yard about 3:30-well, we needed to take a shower, and why the heck get dressed after that?? Now, it's our favorite part of the day.......and the neighbors have learned---the evenings are OUR TIME.
Enjoy the movie, enjoy being COMFORTABLE. The world will STILL be here in the morning. (And the darn Christmas decorations!)

Claire said...

Wow. I have done that numerous times, too many to count. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! What movie???

Dirt Lover said...

Ha ha! That sounds like something I would feel guilty over! When my hubby goes to work and I have a day off (happens alot) I always want to be able to show him what I accomplished that day. I will take him out to the garden, or rattle off my list that has been done. Not that he cares one whit whether or not I'm lazy for a day or two, but it's for me! I have a hard time just doing nothing. I hear you, girl!! Good luck.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

PJs are only PJs because we call them that! Who cares??? Learn to call them "Comfy Clothes" and maybe that will help.

You deserve it, you've more than earned it!


Kaytee said...

Ha! Love that you have to have your husband home to cover for your PJ wearing! Just think, there's lazy people out there that wear their PJs all day...even in public! So you'd be justified to spend a lazy afternoon in yours.

Faye said...

Enjoy, without regret, enjoy!

As I often say to my husband about stolen time to do as he/I/we wish: "if not at this point in life, then WHEN?!"

You and your DH have (and continue) to work hard when needed, so doing what you want is equally important....

Besides, taking care of yourself by doing such things as ignoring the decorations* to do things you enjoy is part of recharging the batteries of the soul, yes?

*my decorations are still up too so you are not alone, lol*


Jane said...

I find that so funny you are afraid someone will come!! In the summer, I am running around like crazy. But sometimes I like to just take an hour, put on a little bikini, lay on a lounge chair on my country property and relax and get some vitamin D. One afternoon 5 different people came to my house as I was out in my bikini, and trust me I don't want the public seeing me in it. What are the chances. Sometimes it is a month without a sole stopping by. So your fear may be founded. At least you will have PJ's on.

Chicken Mama said...

PJs vs. Unexpected Guests: makes me think of two stories.

Story #1: I remember dropping the ex off at work when he used to commute to the Cities a couple of times a month. I'd gone with him that time and wanted to keep the car for errands. As we pulled near his office building, I had to stop for the crosswalk. One of the women leaving her car and crossing the street had on soft, slouchy light blue t-shirt-material pants and a T-shirt with a picture of a cat on it. I asked, "WHAT is she wearing?!!!" I was fairly horrified! The ex replied, "It's Friday! Casual Friday." I said, "That's not CASUAL, that's PAJAMAS!!!"

Story #2: A friend who used to own a cabin up here had an outdoor shower. The best place to allow the shower (holding tank) to soak up the warm sun was in front of the biffy. The biffy was at the end of the driveway on the path to the cabin. So, imagine his SHOCK when THE UPS MAN pulled into his yard and caught him showering, in, naturally, his birthday suit! No one knew this friend was up that time, so he hadn't worried about taking the shower. Turns out, the UPS man was just looking for directions. But, I'll bet he drives down quiet, seldom-used driveways a little more cautiously now! ;)

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Ha! When I whine to the hubby about wanting some "time off", he always encourages me to take a day, take a WEEK off. To which I always reply, "Yeah, and how do you feel about no clean underwear?"

Sue - You put on your PJs at 4 o'clock in the summer?? You are my new heroes.

Claire - Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too." I personally think he is a genius!

Lori - Yes, I have an unhealthy need (I admit it and am trying to overcome it) to justify my existence. Sigh.

APG - Gosh, I like the way you think, Girl! Comfy clothes. Yeah! That's it. Comfy clothes!

Mama Pea said...

Kaytee - With support like yours, I may learn to love this!

Faye - Thanks, Faye. Helpful words. So how long can we possibly avoid taking our Christmas decorations down? Say . . . Valentine's Day?? ;o)

Jane - You're better adjusted than I am. IF I ever laid out in a bikini, after that first unexpected visitor stopped by, I would be back in my bib overall shorts and tank top . . . like quick!

Chicken Mama - I remember a friend of ours telling of going to a neighbors house one day at 3 p.m. and getting the man and wife out of bed. They both had pajamas on. He said, "What the heck were they doing in bed, in their pjs in the middle of the afternoon?" I said, "Well, maybe they were . . . ??" and he said no, they both looked like he had awakened them from a sound sleep! But he was slightly agast that they had been in bed and asleep at that time of day.

becky3086 said...

I totally understand. For some reason I have it set in my head that I can't put my pajamas on until 8:00 at night because that is when I am fairly sure no one will come.
My lazy days are few and far between but I am getting better at being busy at the things I like to be busy at.
I used to laugh at people who did major cleanings on their houses once a month but now I do the same(to some extent dishes, laundry and vaccuuming are done daily), lol. Though I rarely EVER dust!
I bake because I like to, I spend time with the animals and garden because I like to.
I did manage to get the tree down but the rest of the Christmas decorations are still up. I'll get to them eventually (maybe when I figure out what to do with them, lol).
Mornings tend to be when I have a chance to get lazy because I work in the evening but this morning was my lazy morning. I slept, I lounged and I baked bread, lol. It was great!

Jennifer Jo said...

What's so bad about someone seeing you in your pjs? Are they... x-rated?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I suppose that scheduling a "day-off" would sort of take the spontaneity out of it, but maybe it would help you feel less guilty about the whole thing at least to start off with? As for the pajamas, yes - what are you wearing?? Otherwise, so many people seem to wear their pajamas around town, who cares if you lounge around in your house in them?? I wore my flannel pants ALL DAY yesterday and it was wonderful!

Susan said...

I have been trying to say that title fast five times and sound like Sylvester. Tricky... and you ARE retired and you can wear your PJs anytime you want. Such guilty pleasure watching a movie in your pajamas in the middle of the day. Glorious! You go, girl!

Lorie said...

We all need an afternoon as you have planned. Go for it! Hey, maybe I'll do the same today...I'll just stay in jammies all day.

mtnchild said...

I don't have PJ's as such, but sweats & t-shirt/sweatshirt are my morning attire. I call them my "warm fuzzies", and I love them dearly. I have finally gotten to the point where I don't care who drops by! Absolutely lovely!!!

I just took down my decorations a day ago. I always had them down on Jan 1, but they look pretty, so what????

Learning to be lazy once in a while can be hard, but I know you can do it ... LOL

Mama Pea said...

becky3086 - Baking bread is being lazy, huh? I think we need to talk.

JJ - Are my pjs X-rated? Doesn't my husband wish! I don't think they make sexy lingerie in flannel. (If they did, I might consider it.)

Jen - I have tried "scheduling" a day off so many times. But I find that so hard (impossible?) to do because I can't ignore all the things in the house (and outside!) that scream at me. (Wonder if they have horse blinders for people?)

Susan and Lori - Keep up the encouragement and support, Ladies. I may get better yet!

Yvette - Maybe I need to start sleeping in sweatpants and a comfy top instead of pajamas that looks so much like . . . pajamas. That way I could fool myself into thinking I wasn't putting on my jammies at 3 in the afternoon but rather my "warm fuzzies!"

Kelly said...

Life is short, you should absolutely get in your PJs on a cold winters day every now and again. Hope you did, and hope you enjoyed it!

Mama Pea said...

Kelly - I did it! And I enjoyed it!! I have managed to stay dressed all day today, but I have concentrated on not getting my knickers in a bundle and pushing all day long. I'm learning how to smell the roses. (Or was it just wood smoke today?)

Erin said...

Hope it was fun! I did the same - sort of - today. I spent all day yesterday rearranging furniture and tossing things in the living room and kitchen and was going to do the same in the bedrooms today, but FORGOT what it was like to have a husband AND 2 boys underfoot! The work will wait til Monday when they go off to their "stuff"... today I just sat on the couch and went through a big stack of magazines and seed catalogs LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - We had Chicken Mama's two dogs yesterday in the house (too cold outside) so I used that as an excuse not to take down the Christmas decorations and clean. Did you send the magazines and catalogs you got through yesterday to my pile? I swear it's growing overnight with no help from the mailman. I need to attack the stack before it falls over and hurts someone.