Thursday, January 6, 2011

Call Me Crazy

You can say I'm tetched in the head or say I don't know what I'm talking about . . .

but ever since I got these new Christmas mugs (which have since been christened new "all winter" mugs), my morning latte has never tasted better! The flavor is definitely, positutely, absotively BETTER when sipped and slurped out of one of these mugs. Either that or it doesn't take much to turn my crank. One of the two.

P.S. Don't forget, if you want to have a chance of getting the copy of Catherine Friend's book, Hit By A Farm, that I'm offering, leave a comment on yesterday's blog post. Even if you already have it or have read it, you could win it and pass it on to a friend who you know would like it!


  1. Your not crazy Mama Pea. My mother has collected tons of cups. She only drinks out of some on certain days or with certain foods. Some make coffee taste better some make tea taste better.Others feel better in the hand. One she drinks out of is to bring her luck. Now that is crazy :)

  2. What the ma'heck are ya puttin' in those cups is what I wanna know?!

    Sounds to me there is bottle tippin' going on ...

    Good for you!

  3. I have my favorite mug that I use and if my hubby takes it instead I get a little peeved! I think it's great that you gain such satisfaction out of, how shall I put it, unusual things. Have a cup for me!

  4. Not crazy! My coffee tastes much better in my border collie mug than a plain mug! (It depicts neurotic border collies drinking espresso to start their day !)

  5. Jane - Gosh, I don't have that many different cups!

    APG - Wellll, sins the holidaz we've had thish bottle of Irisshh Cream and . . .

    Hope, etc. - I'm trying more and more to recognize and appreciate the small things. Ever noticed that sometimes they mean more than the big things? The next cup's for you, Babe.

    Erin - So THAT'S what makes them the way they are!? YOUR border collies are very well-behaved and good doggies. No problem there that we saw.

  6. I think it makes it a "comfort" drink. You have a good memory of how you got the mug, and so of course that mug makes everything better!You have a good hubby. he just made a portion of your day better....... Go smooch hiim!

  7. I have favorite mugs too - out of a cupboard of dozens I only use 4 on a rotating basis. And I don't care what anyone says, size matters, LOL :)

  8. I think everyone has a favorite cup, don't they? I know I do!!

    By the way, Hit By A Farm is a fabulous book - its on my shelf by my bed. Have you read her other book, The Compassionate Carnivore! She's a very talented blogger and I was *so* excited when you led me to her blog!!

  9. You are not crazy Mama Pea! Coffee does taste different depending upon the material the mug or cup is made from. I will only drink my coffee in bone china.

  10. Crazy as a fox, maybe. But I've always felt that presentation is at least have of the total enjoyment of whatever you eat or drink. That is a lovely mug - so your latte HAS to taste better.

  11. Oh, I love your new mugs. I can understand why everything tastes better in them. Maybe you should be on the lookout for a nice set of summer glasses?? Ones that could be taken out into the garden on a nice stroll around the place???

  12. Sue - He's been smooched! (And you're right. I do think of his kindness and thoughtfulness every time I use the mug.)

    Why, Jenyfer! I can't believe you said that! ;o)

    Mama Tea - Yep, I have indeed read The Compassionate Carnivore and really enjoy her fresh slant on the subject. Did you know she writes fiction also? Adult and children.

    Robin - Bone china? Lovely. I picture you as a very elegant lady.

    Susan - Presentation! Oh, yeah. The food, especially, has to LOOK appetizing on the plate.

    Lori - I have a set of summer glasses I love but DO need some new summer mugs. Oh, honey . . .