Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Morning

What does the well-dressed homesteader wear for morning chores?

Well, if the thermometer reads only 6 degrees above zero, and the wind chill is coming in at 30 BELOW zero, this is the fetching outfit necessary to ward off frostbite.

It was also a good morning for a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I've never understood why some people shudder and run the other way whenever oatmeal is even mentioned. Must have something to do with a really bad experience in childhood. Me? I loves the stuff.

My new favorite topping for oatmeal this winter has become strawberries.

Because of our fantastic strawberry harvest this past summer, we have strawberries squirreled away in just about any and all forms possible.

I have quite a few (Read: Probably more than we'll be able to eat.) in quart containers in the freezer. I just smooshed up the berries and packed them into quart jars and put them in the freezer. No added sugar or sweetener at all. When I defrost a jar, we use the berries in smoothies, with kefir or yogurt in a bowl or as a topping over a serving of hot oatmeal. The aroma of the berries is wonderful, and they've retained a lot of their "fresh" flavor. I do add a couple pats of butter, a smidge of brown sugar (hubby goes for maple syrup) and a splash of milk to my bowl.

Apparently after his sojourn out into the Arctic-like weather this morning, the one bowl of oatmeal wasn't quite enough for my hard-workin' hubby because around 10:00, he was making himself a small plate of sliced cheeses to ward off hunger pains.

Note to Self: Make bigger portions of oatmeal from now until spring.


Erin said...

That oatmeal looks delicious! My favorite is with just a smidgen of brown sugar, but I sure wouldn't kick your berries out of my bowl. I've never understood the fear of oatmeal either, heck hubby will even eat it raw LOL! Hope hubby stays uber-warm tomorrow morning, that windchill is no joke!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr.... While I wouldn't mind a little snow, I definitly don't want the cold. We have a freeze warning in effect and it's down to 37 degrees, which I know is probably tropical to you, but it's cold out to me.

I love oatmeal with brown sugar and a smidgen of butter, but I also love raw apples diced up in it and some raisens, craisens or dates. Stick to your ribs good and good for you!

Sparkless said...

I love oatmeal too but the steel cut oats (sometimes called Irish) that I cook just so they are kinda nutty in consistency. YUM!

Boy that is cold temps! I don't think it gets that cold here and we are farther North than you.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I'm with Sparkless, I love steel cut oats! Oatmeal -period- is yummy however ya take it! And really??? You had strawberries? I bet your hands are still red...

Catherine said...

Oatmeal is only edible if you add sliced almonds, one spoonful of coconut oil, 3 spoonfuls of unsweetened coconut, and a big dollop of honey!

(not exactly low calorie, sad to say..."

Jane said...

I like a good bowl of hot oatmeal,on a cold morning! Our wind chill tonight is 9 degrees,cold for us.I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine if want to,blessings jane

Jane said...

I like a good bowl of hot oatmeal,on a cold morning! Our wind chill tonight is 9 degrees,cold for us.I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine if want to,blessings jane

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I want to like oatmeal, I do, but it does not tempt me in the least. Maybe it's the texture? I prefer crunch to mush. I do like it in baked items though - breads and muffins.

Sue said...

I've been hitting the freezer stash of strawberries lately and have been thinking that it won't last much longer.(A huge portion of the berries never makes it in to the house--don't know WHAT happens) :)
Now I know where to STEAL some!! I never thought of "smooshing" the berries, I waste a bunch of time slicing--they turn to mush anyways. Thanks for the idea!

Kelly said...

I am with you on fruit and milk, well I prefer a smidgen of cream (cause why not just really go for it right?!?), in a bowl of oatmeal. It is delicious!

Love your gear, you certainly need it in those frigid temps!

Amy Dingmann said...

Ah, MN Weather. It brings out the best in fashion, don't you think?

I don't understand the aversion to oatmeal either. Its quite possibly the only sensible breakfast to eat when its that cold out!! Enjoy...and stay warm!!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

You know, oatmeal never keeps me full for very long either. No matter what I put on it. I see a weakness in your husbands armor, the eyes. Some ski goggles would complete the outfit.

Kaytee said...

We eat oatmeal just about every morning here. Cereal is too expensive, and it's really not that good for you. Strawberries is one of Dan's favorites, along with blueberries or applesauce and cinnamon. I really enjoy adding my canned peaches.

I love the new header picture! Stay warm!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Growing up, Chicken Mama would often ask for her portion of oatmeal "raw" in a bowl with milk over it. I think it was a substitute for store bought dry cereal which was never present in our house!

Hope, etc. - Down to 37 above? You do live in the tropics! Can you grow bananas? (Tee-hee.)

Sparkless - I've never tried the steel cut oats but on your and APG's recommendation, I may have to try them.

APG - For a couple of years my strawberry-loving hubby has been suggesting I put in more strawberry plants. Since last year's harvest, he's been rather silent.

Catherine - Amazing the different additions people add to their oatmeal! Keep up with the coconut oil. It's so good for you. We get ours in our smoothies.

Jane2 - Thanks for commenting and welcome!

Jen - "Crunch to mush . . . " Got a laugh out of that. But I can see what you mean!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Yep, in processing berries for the freezer, I clean them, toss them in a bowl and smoosh 'em up with the potato masher leaving some partially whole. I think the juice created helps keep them fresh(er) seeming.

Kelly - Cream? Oh, yes, cream instead of milk! Oh, heaven!!

Mama Tea - I tell ya. I never get to look glamorous. In the winter I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and in the summer I'm bedraggled, bug-bitten and sweaty with permanently dirty knees. Sigh.

Jane - You're right! He has goggles for just such weather. Where were they??

Kaytee - We frequently toss on some blueberries when not using strawberries. But applesauce? Never tried that. Home-canned peaches would be TOO good!

Thanks for the compliment on the new header photo. I know I used it in a blog post last winter but thought it looked good up top now.

Susan said...

So, THAT's how I look! I have the same outfit - but in a Pinto brown. It blocks all known drafts - but it's H*ll when you fall. I eat oatmeal every morning with blueberries. I don't feel fully charged without it.

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, that is waaaayyy too cold for me. I am out in the garden today cussing the weeds already. Although, with your weather in the winter, I'll bet it makes for lots of time to quilt! And, in the summer, you probably don't get so darned hot like we do.

odiie said...

We must shop at the same stores. My outfit is Carhardt tan, with a tear on the left thigh. My gator is red and my choppers grease stained.
About oatmeal....I'm one of those that had a traumatic childhood experience. Every morning it was oatmeal, plain, with raisins, with raisins and cinnamon, with jam, with peaches. I'm sorry but you just can't doctor it up enough for me. I make granola, but my kids will eat hot oatmeal for a treat!!!!Don't know where they got that from, must take after their grandma.

Lorie said...

Ha, we have been doing that exact same thing with our oatmeal. We have hardly made a dent in the frezer on the strawberry shelf. Son asked for strawberry icecream....brrrr. But I will gladly make it...need to use up those strawberries before the next crop, which will be here before we know it. Wishful thinking helps keep us warm!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - You have oatmeal EVERY morning? Cool. Or rather hot. (hahaha!)

No, you don't look at all like Papa Pea. He' much taller than you. ;o)

Lori - You're IN THE GARDEN??!! Do you know what my garden looks like today? Makes it seem like we live in different worlds. (Inhale a little dirt for me, would ya?)

odiie - You can be proud that you didn't prejudice your kids against oatmeal. Good mama!!

Lorie - Homemade ice cream is WONDERFUL any time of year, silly lady! My husband would walk all the way to your house for some homemade strawberry ice cream!

Susan said...

Mama Pea - I am MUCH taller in my mind...heehee. But I would say that you couldn't tell us apart except for the 2 foot height difference.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Not only am I, too, much taller in my mind, I still have hopes that I'll grow a little more! (Up, I mean. Not out.)