Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hibernating Bear Fat Has Got To Go

Both hubby and I are currently carrying around about twenty excess pounds. Well, if I were truthful (and what the heck, I'll do just that), I'd have to admit it's more than twenty for me, but I'll lose the first twenty with him and see how it goes from there.

My present fat face pictured above.

Before the holidays, we had talked about going a bit radical after the first of the year and cutting out all grains, sugars (both manufactured and natural), and all carbohydrates including veggies such as peas, squash, potatoes, carrots, and corn that are high in starches. We even considered cutting out all dairy. Then we came to our senses. (Whew!) With the plan we're starting, we won't lose the weight as fast but cooking sure will be easier by being a little less restrictive.

We are cutting out any and all desserts and breads. (Waaah!) No eating in between meals except if we're extremely shakey, feeling faint and starting to go into shock. Then we can have fresh, raw veggies (all prepped and ready in the refrig) or fresh fruit or some cheese. We've always been good at drinking a lot of water but even a glass of that does help trick your tummy into feeling full when you think you're hungry.

No beer or glass of wine while sitting in front of the fire last thing at night. No popcorn. (I'm feeling a little teary.)

Our portions are going to be much smaller. (For some reason cooking less than what would serve several people has always been hard for me. But that's okay. I'll freeze the excess or use it within a couple of days.) What goes on our plate is all there is for that meal. Absolutely no large portions or seconds.

This is the hollow-cheeked look I'm going for. (Can you tell these photos haven't been edited?)

We're going to stick to this religiously for only one month. So even if we hate it, we know the end is in sight. It's our hope that by the end of the month's time, we'll each have seen enough lessening of our girth (and a couple of other places) that we'll want to continue on in some way.

So here goes. January 10th through February 9th. More than half the battle will be in training our minds to stop thinking about special tasty tidbits to pop into our mouths for instant gratification all through the day. (My bad for having same special tasty tidbits available. No more!)

Wish us luck. A couple of years back I lost close to thirty pounds in three months while eating only healthy foods, but trying to find enough food with the restrictions at that time was hard. Our present plan shouldn't be nearly as difficult as that. We can do it!


Jane said...

I wish you luck on your weigh loss, yet I question if that is really a problem or your perception :) I really hate diets that restrict a food, cause you know that is all you are going to think about. Get ready for the dreams about living in a loaf of bread.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

You funny girl! Don't you know fish are food too? With a face like that, your starving husband might mistake you for one!

I hate diets...hate'em. But since you think you must, you have my full support!

However, if you go all cranky on us, I will call you out. Then I will shove you down and force feed you like the Diva Snicker candy bar commercials.

Erin said...

Ouch, that sounds like no fun at all! I agree with Jane... is it a perception thing? I think you look amazing and hubby commented that he hopes to be in as good as shape as Papa Pea at the same age. I must admit I see similarities to hubby's and his body shape, tall and lean! Dairy Schmairy - that will NEVER do! Hmmm, I need to lose 15 but I know it won't come off my face, I was born with a bowling ball head LOL! I'll be tuned in to see how this goes :) I say just try to reduce portion sizes a teeny bit and make sure not to eat right before bed, those are healthy habits we all need, but don't get all hard core on us!

Judy said...

Good luck! I hate diets too - all you start to think about is what you're not eating. I need to lose weight too -like the rest of the world - I'll be watching your progress and see if I can lose some weight too! Ok ready start go!

Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

I know that losing 30 some odd pounds would help me with all my aches and pains and my high blood pressure. I can't say the word "d..., uh, di.., heck die." Ok,enough, I can't say it, but my teenager and I have vowed no more soda in the house or processed snack foods (chips, cookies, etc.) after what I over-stocked on during the holidays is gone. We are not including ice cream in that list because we don't eat it often and it's a special treat. Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress!

tami said...

You are so funny! BTW, my Hubby is moaning about the fact that he needs to loose 20 too. I think just making the decision to change is sometimes the hardest thing. I only wish it was spring/summer so we could all be eating fresh fruits and veggies. So much easier!

Sue said...

I sure wish you luck!
I'm officially QUIT on my diet. Ten days of starvation---I literally OBSESSED about my morning coffee break with a sweet. All that....and for what? I GAINED 2 pounds. I give up. I can eat like a linebacker and ALWAYS stay the same weigh (which is 35 pounds too much). I starve-and nothing....but misery.
I don't think I'm 17 anymore.......

Susan said...

Well, if that is the fattest face you can come up with, a 20 pound loss ought to make you look like a Giocometti figure. It's hard to diet during the winter - you've got all that hibernating mindset telling you to put it on! We can use you (once again) as inspiration!

odiie said...

This after the excellent post about the oatmeal? :)
Diets are so hard. I'd rather spend all day cutting and stacking firewood. That's my kind of diet. Chucking haybales, mucking out the barn, butchering the get the idea. I really hope this works for you, but you sure don't look like you're packing an extra 20 pounds.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - 'Tis not a matter of false perception, my friend. I can no longer cross my legs because of my chubby fat little thighs. If I modeled that low-slung purdy skirt you just made, someone would say, "But . . . but . . . but how can a 67 year old woman be 6 months preggers??"

APG - I hate "diets" too but there comes a point when one must realize that one is taking in more food than is needed to keep the body in tip-top shape. It's just a retraining period.

(Snickers? Did somebody say Snickers? That is the only candy bar I like . . . and I LOVE 'em!)

Erin - Thank you, m'dear, but when the last jeans I bought were a size 16 (ouch!), that's just too far gone for my short frame.

Papa Pea and I are in good, strong shape and can both put in a day of hard labor, but at our age, carrying around 20 or so extra pounds is going to start to take its toll sooner or later.

Judy - Okay! Let's do it!!

Hope, etc. - Yeah, getting rid of the soda and processed snack food would be beneficial for anyone simply because many systems in our body have to over-work to get rid of the bad things in them. Good plan. I love ice cream, but will stay away from it for these 30 days. I will. Yes, I will. I really, really will.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

You are NOT a 16. I have seen enough pics of you to know that missy! Who makes these sizes any how? I want to thrash them!

Don't forget that summer is coming and within minutes you will drop blood, sweat and tears enough to equal at least 10 lbs in that garden of yours!

I always guage things by rolls...are my rolls sweaty? If so, ok, shed a few and they sweat less. :)

Sparkless said...

You look perfectly fine to me but if you think you need to lose weight then good luck with your diet. It sounds like something I could never do cause I love bread too much. What I really need is exercise. If it weren't so icy outside I'd go for a walk. Maybe when it warms up.

I'm hoping to work on weight loss after the big house clean and purge. One thing at a time.

Mama Pea said...

tami - Yes, spring/summer would be easier because of all the satisfying, garden fresh salads and all, but I was so mad at myself last summer because all my shorts were way too tight. This way by starting now to get shaped up, I'll feel so much better come spring when we shed these four layers of clothing.

Sue - You sincerely have my sympathies because I've been there, done that. And why does it happen?

I just am at a spot where I know I don't feel as well as I do when I'm thinner. I feel so blessed to be healthy and strong and don't want to do anything to jeopardize that because of the instant gratification good food offers. That's why, for me, this is all part of shaping up my whole life!

Susan - Ha! I had to go look up "Giocometti figure." No worry there, for sure!

I've been steadily putting on weight for about 2 years now, even in the summer, so I'm running out of excuses for myself. And I get less physical exercise in the winter which complicates the problem.

odiie - I am the queen (I say, THE QUEEEEN!) of selecting wardrobe items that hide my body blobs. But if you saw me nekked (eeek!) you'd see bumps and bulges and rolls that should not be on the human figure!

Jennifer Jo said...

I love the self-portraits, especially the starving one. Good for you for tackling a hard discipline... and being vulnerable about it.

ThyHandHathProvided said...

I echo Jennifer Jo's comment- I love the photos and any kind of self-discipline is highly commendable in my book.

Kelly said...

I have been trying to lose 'the baby weight' for years now, and I am having no luck. I tried giving up "whites", couldn't stick with it as everyone around me ate them. Even went vegan for a few weeks....and gained weight. Sigh. I have decided to be just be fat.

I am rooting for you both, good luck!!

Kaytee said...

Good luck! That sounds like a good plan (much better than your original plan. How could someone stick to a plan like that?!).

Love the pictures!

Mama Pea said...

APG - Now would I lie to you? My jeans are, indeed, size 16. Sob. And about the garden this year . . . ah . . . um . . . er . . . I'm not going to be gardening this year. Yep, you heard me right. More about this later.

Sparkless - You're so right: One thing at a time. That's the way we manage to get everything done. You have a plan and you're going for it. Good girl! :o)

JJ and ThyHand - Thank you, Ladies, for your support. Self-discipline. Ugh, so hard when it's so difficult to do and makes you so mad at yourself if you fail!

Kelly - This should be so much easier for us to do than for others in more complicated situations. It's just hubby and me that I'm cooking for. Not some bottomless pit of a teenager or smaller ones who might require a different diet. Plus we both WANT to do it and so will support each other.

Kaytee - Thanks for the compliment on my pictures! They look EXACTLY like me. ;o)

2 Tramps said...

Oh, yes, I wish you luck. We have been trying to do a few of those things here and we want to harm each other by the end of the night!

Leigh said...

Oh, I really wish you well on this. It is so hard to change food habits. I've gained quite a few pounds myself this winter. What I really need is more activity!

Dirt Lover said...

Well, first of all, since you have decided that you need to lose weight, I wish you luck. I agree with lots of your other "commenters" in that I hate diets. Don't get all wonky with what you won't eat. Fruits and veggies are great, just limit portion sizes of your meals. Yeah, listen to me, the queen of dieting knowledge! That's after the cake and ice cream I had this afternoon at work.
PS, I think you look pretty cool.

Dirt Lover said...

Hey, I forgot to tell you... a friend of mine just got back from a few months in India, teaching English to nuns in a monastery. After a diet of rice, lentils, and beans, she has lost weight. Not your everyday solution!!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I will repeat to you what you said to me on my blog when I said that I'd been thinner in high school - you have extra weight? Because honestly, you must have some magical clothes. You do not look as if you are carrying 20 extra pounds! As for sizes - just arbitrary numbers.

Self discipline is fine, but I would like to put in a word for quality of life as well. A glass of wine now and again isn't going to make much difference and popcorn is full of fiber - just don't drown it in butter!

Otherwise, good luck with your plan :)

Robin said...

I hate to say it...but, we are getting older!!! I was the same size for over 30 years...I never gained weight. I had a baby and two weeks later, I was in my bikini!!

Not any more!! Since my mid to late 40's I have gained weight and my figure is not what it was in my earlier years! I also married "The Italian" a couple of years ago and he likes to feed me!

I try to eat well and except the new body that has been given to me. It's all part of getting older. I love this quote and try to remember it when I don't like what I see in the mirror..."Don't resent growing older...many have been denied the privledge"

Mama Pea said...

2 Tramps - I laughed out loud at your comment. We aren't beating on each other yet but we both had short periods of nausea yesterday! And, believe you me, it wasn't because we hadn't had enough to eat. It's was because our systems are used to having more, more, more! Processing more!

Leigh - More activity is good for all of us, but hubby and I also need to quit putting more into our bodies than we NEED!

Lori - Well, you know we live in the land of plenty. So much variety and availability. I do think if our diets were simpler, we would probably be healthier. Don't forget we're not committing to this cut-back for the rest of our lives . . . just for one month to see how we feel when putting a little less food into our bodies. With the way we both appreciate good food, we will never turn into anorexics!!

Jen - Thanks, Jen. And I'll drink to the quality of life statement! Look at it this way: We're eating less so I'm spending less time cooking and baking so I have more time for quilting. My quality of life meter just went up several points!!

Robin - Boy, there can be no truer statement than that we can't eat like we used to as we age! I don't think we process foods quite as well (they get stuck on our hips) and let's face it. There ain't much new growth goin' on in our body at 40, 50 or 60 like there was years ago!

I love all you guys and your comments. I think we all want to be happy, healthy and enjoy life and what we want to do in it. If you are I-don't-care-how-many pounds overweight but feel good and are comfortable both physically and mentally, I see nothing wrong with that. At all.

Marty said...

Good luck with the diet, but I don't think I'll visit this month!

Mama Pea said...

Marty - Papa Pea says to tell you that is simply not a valid excuse!