Friday, January 21, 2011

Challenge Taken

Erin over at Garden Now - Think Later did a post this morning on how she stores her garden seeds. Plus she included a lot more info on her garden related record keeping. She challenged her readers to do a post on how we store our garden seeds.

So here goes.

My seeds are kept in jars in a cardboard box. Nothing too scientific about that.

The bigger seeds such as peas and beans and sunflowers are stored in another cardboard box because I couldn't fit them all in the six other jars I use.

Where do these boxes of seeds live for most of the year?

Right on the floor of our outdoor clothes closet which is in the room we call our entry room. This closet was on an exposed north wall before we added on the garage, but now it is slightly tempered by the unheated portion of the garage. It stays cool in that closet even in the summer time. It must be a good spot to store my seeds because I seem to have really good luck getting very old seeds to germinate.

Like Erin I do have a 3-ring binder notebook that I keep all my gardening information in. I save the drawn out plans for each year of the field garden, raised beds and pumpkin patch. That way I can do a fairly good job of rotating the crops to a different area each year. Also kept are notations regarding the blueberry, raspberry and strawberry plants/beds.

I also keep track in this same book in a different section of all my canning, preserving and freezing for each year. This listing includes dates and quantities.

Notes are made usually at mid-season and end of the summer of a walk through all garden areas noting things I want to change, what did well, insect damage, etc.

As you can see, paper clipped to the cover of the binder are also random notes that I should do a better job of "filing away" in their proper spot.

My seed storage/garden record keeping system doesn't look nearly as good as Erin's. But I can't compete with that gal. If you want to learn something about organization, follow her blog. The woman is simply super-human when it comes to being organized. She also accomplishes more than a person ought to be able to do. You know my hat's off to you, Garden Now - Think Later Girl!


  1. I feel like I've been kicked in the pants twice today! At least I have two good 'models' to go by now.

    I shall improve!!! Thanks for sharing MamaPea!

  2. That is fantastic, but I knew it would be! There's that "wall o'cupboard/closets" I'm so jealous of again LOL! If I had the space, the jars are so much better for the seeds. Why did I know you had a binder too? :) My notes on growth and that are on those calendars I keep, and I'm so glad to see another keep hand drawn garden plans, they are fun to do and so helpful when it comes to rotations and such.

    APG, you know you will be organized once that garden is fully underway... I've seen your craft room and it looks pretty darned put together to me! I also get a kick out of the unorganized people, my best friend is completely scattered when it comes to this stuff but always churns out great things in the garden. She's funny, always calls me and asks what she should plant "now", I tell her and then her stuff is up before mine LOL!

  3. I am very interested in that cool closet. I would have plans for that. I could see that as a pantry for food storage for sure. I use my back porch now for cold storage, but come warm weather that is no good. But that cool closet......

  4. APG - Hey, I consider my methods of seed storage, etc. to be pretty basic. So . . . where are yours, Lil' Girl? Gonna do a post??

    Erin - I can't imagine going out into the garden in the spring without a plan on paper! I can just see the MESS I'd end up with.

    Jane - The cabinets to the right of the coat closet are exactly what I do have for my "pantry" right now. It's a small area but fills the bill for keeping stuff on the cool side.

  5. Um, Um...ok I will. But no laughing! Or I will make fun of your sewing room!!!!!

  6. APG - Why would I laugh? My seeds are in a cardboard box, for heaven's sake!

  7. Well, that's much better than what I have. Mine is in a plastic basket thing, stuffed in the patio. Period. Except for the harvest info. I've put that onto an Excel spreadsheet. And my pantry. One wall is art in the form of filled canning jars. Go figure!

  8. Well, I think you need to come over to Michigan and we will drink a few beers and plot how to kill Erin (first she organizes our homes , though!!). Sheesh. All you people do a great job of organizing. I am so not showing my tub-o-seeds, how embarrassing. And the binder thing-you guys are so out of my league. I hang my head in shame.........................

  9. I have a 3-ring binder notebook for my garden notes too but good grief mine is a sorry mess compared to yours. I'm afraid to go visit Erin's blog for fear mine will really seem a disaster, LOL. Thanks for the motivation though! I'll be starting me 2nd garden in the "big garden" spot this year, so now would be a good time to review and organize my notes for next year's benefit.

  10. Sue, eheeheee! I'm up for the risk if the beer is good!

  11. Lori - I think we all tend to do what works for us!

    Sue - Who cares how you do it as long as you get the magnificent results you do!!? [But those few beers sound awful good. Maybe we can just give Erin a frontal lobotomy so she slows down and doesn't make the rest of us look so bad. ;o)]

    Leigh - The thing is if you "organized" your 3-ring notebook, you'd never be able to locate the info when you wanted it!

    Erin - Be veeerrry careful, m'dear. Sue and I together might be able to overpower you!!!

  12. Gosh darn, y'all are so organized. We haven't saved seeds yet here, but we are hoping to get into that this year. I'm glad I have such knowledgeable pros to learn from!

  13. Mama Tea - Well, ya know, we can all pick up tips from each other but when it comes to gardening, I think the only way you really learn what works in your particular locale is to get your fingers dirty! And you've already done that so you're well on your way.