Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anybody Hungry?

I made Baked Sliced Potatoes last night for dinner. I actually made a double batch so we'd have some left over to have with eggs for a couple of breakfasts.

The recipe is pretty simple.

Scrub a potato for each serving. (Less if you're going easy on the size of servings as we still are.) Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Slice the potatoes lengthwise in about 1/4" slices. (I had kind of a fat potato here so you can't really tell that I sliced it lengthwise.)

On a cookie sheet with a lip, chunk up 1/4 stick of butter (4 tablespoons) and put the sheet in the oven until the butter is melted. (Truth to tell, you could get by with less butter. Possibly as little as 2 tablespoons, but maybe three would be better. You'll have to experiment. I went with the 4 tablespoons last night but there was plenty of butter left on the cookie sheet after all was said and done.)

Place slices of potatoes on melted butter in pan. Turn slices once so both sides are coated. Now sprinkle each slice with salt, pepper, paprika and grated Parmesan cheese. Flip all slices one more time and sprinkle remaining side of slices with seasonings.

Place baking sheet in oven on rack in lower third of oven. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. If you have two sheets full of potatoes and need to use a higher rack also, that's fine. The potato slices on the higher rack will be cooked but just not as browned and crispy.

Fresh (frozen) garden peas, fresh herring, and Baked Sliced Potatoes was our dinner last night. But I was bad. Hubby stopped at the one serving of everything, but I ate a second piece of fish. And was sorry for it afterwards. Guilt, of course, plus it was a bit too much for my (happily) shrunken stomach. Oooowie-owie, stuffed tummy. :o(


  1. Again, let me wipe the tears as I lust after your potato. I must plant 1000's this year. I must! Well maybe I won't do that but I sure wish I could.

  2. Sounds extremely tasty!! I do wish you'd warn us ahead of time though so we know when to come for dinner :-)

  3. Jen - You KNOW how good fresh-caught herring can be! We have enough left for dinner tonight, too. Wanna come?

    Jane - You should be able to grow good potato crops where you are. Did you have trouble with blight? Or insects?

    As we know, taters would be a good survival food if the need arose. Did you know they have a good amount of Vitamin C?

  4. Freedom - I made enough last night that you all COULD have come! (At least I was good and held myself down on the potato portion of the meal!)

  5. I hate when blogger sends comments into the wild blue yonder...err.

    Your taters look awesome! I giggled when I read how many you harvested and I think I will plant zillions as well. And then shoot the theives who take them :)

    Sorry your tummy feels bad. But at least it was good for you and not cake or something ;) I'd bite the arm that tried to take it away!!

  6. Thanks for another great/quick/yum
    step by step MPea! I'll be trying this one over the weekend...

  7. Keep 'em hot, Mama Pea! I'll be there in 24 hours!!! ;o)

  8. It really does look nice. I make some similiar potato wedges only I use oil and a different mixture of spices on them.

  9. APG - I sure hope you don't have the same garden "problems" this year as last! I wouldn't be able to tolerate that.

    My tummy was fine an hour after dinner last night. As soon as I managed to digest some of the too-much-stuff I shoved in!

    Faye - Thanks for always being so complimentary!

    Susan - You're always ready for a road trip, aren't ya? Good! Bring all the animals, too!

    becky3806 - Yep, I have a recipe for potato wedges made like that also.

  10. Yummmy... I have a tendency to eat a bit too much also and then regret it later. But not enough to stop, so that's my own fault. I have a similar recipe called "Half-Baked Potatoes", but I just slice 'em in half longways.

  11. Oh YUM!!!! I had my dinner hours ago, but now you've made me hungry again ... LOL! I will have to try my potatoes that way, it looks absolutely scrumptious.

  12. Those look so tasty! And of course ANYTHING that swims in butter has GOT to be good. I will definately be doing these!

  13. Those potatoes look absolutely perfect. I dare not show them to DH or else I'll be making some myself today! LOL. I do love fish and your meal looks mouthwatering.

  14. Don't feel bad, your fish wasn't fried, and herring is full of Omegas for killing off your bad cholesterol! We do those potatoes here, too, one of our favorites!

  15. Ruth - Hmmm, your recipe for "Half Baked Potatoes" sounds simpler. Just bake a little longer, I suppose.

    Yvette - Seems that would be a good recipe to make taters for just a one person meal. Hope it works for you.

    Sue - Yup. Potatoes. Butter. What could be wrong?? :o)

    Leigh - Thanks, ma'am. I am very fond of fish but hubby had a bad experience choking on a fish bone when he was small so is still very apprehensive when eating fish. He doesn't enjoy it as much as he should.

    Erin - We had enough fillets for a second meal but I held myself down to just the single serving. Zoey got the third fillet in her din-din that night!