Monday, December 27, 2010

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Just a short post tonight before I croggle on off to bed.

We have visitors from Virginia Beach, Virginia! That crazy, lovable Erin from Garden Now - Think Later and her family came nort' to see the other part of Erin's home state of Minnie-soda.

Perhaps a little unfair of me to ask them to pose for a family picture at the very end of the evening after they had driven over 300 miles from Erin's folks' to get here. They all put in a long day.

Chicken Mama, ever the efficient nanny, brought videos to entertain the boys in the bedroom while we grown ups drank wine and talked, talked, talked in the living room. (Gotta say if you want to see a couple of well-behaved, polite boys, Erin and her hubby know how to do it. Gooood kids!)

What's up for the rest of the week? Papa Pea would like to have a "guy" adventure out on our ski/snowshoe loop up in back to help clear all the multitudinous blow downs. I suspect the rest of us will be put on the "pick up and clearing" crew. It will be fun but I'd better go get my rest so I'm big and strong.


Jenyfer Matthews said...


Susan said...

How wonderful! Virtual meets Real! You all have a wonderful time -- and thanks for letting us know they got north okay.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

What a nice Christmas visit. That is one good thing I can say about computers, we have a way to meet people we never would have otherwise.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

You lucky, lucky dogs! How fun to finally get to meet such great blog friends! Now you can call them family!

I hope you guys have an awesome visit and we can't wait to hear all the fun stuff you do!

Alla said...

Lucky you!!! to meet blog friends. Hope you all have a grand time.

mtnchild said...

Oh, how great to meet a blogger friend!! I think your trail cleaning day will be a lot of fun. Let us know that every one survived ... LOL

Mama Pea said...

Jen - Grab your snowshoes and come on over!

Susan - We're gonna do as many fun things as we can in the few days.

Jane - That is so true! Without computers, I would have no way in the world of "getting to know" so many great folks. That includes YOU!

APG - Super-great people and easy to get to know. ('Course, couldn't you tell that from Erin's blog?)

Alla - Thanks, Alla. We're all modern day pen pals, aren't we?

Yvette - By having to stop to pick up and clear brush off the trail, I can rest a lot on that dreaded uphill climb!

Kelly said...

What fun!! So happy you all were able to meet up and enjoy a face to face visit.

Kaytee said...

That's so nice of them to visit! I'm glad to hear they made it up there safely. Erin is such a nice woman over the internet and I'm sure she's just as fabulous in person! (And I'm sure those boys are just as adorable in real life as they are on her blog)

Mama Pea said...

Kelly - It's a strange situation but after reading a person's blog for some time, you really feel as if you know them. This has proven so true and face to face, the "uncomfortable" factor just isn't there.

Kaytee - They had absolutely no bad weather on the drive . . . which is kind of amazing this time of year. We're keeping our fingers crossed for their drive home!

Jo said...

I'm so jealous! How great to meet in person. I wonder how many miles from Ortonville to your town??? Too many with three little boys, probably! Maybe someday... Happy New Year!

Mama Pea said...

Jo - The whole famn damily is great . . . but have you thought of all of us bloggers getting together, meeting in person and talk, talk, talking?? What a blast!