Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Afternoon Sledding

What's more fun than watching kids have a blast on a sledding hill?

Dad and #2 son at the end of a fast run.

#1 son at bottom of hill . . .

. . . and back up again immediately for another run.

Erin and Papa Pea watching the action.

Are we having fun yet? You betcha!

Action shot of Erin and #2 son about to go airborne.

"Let's do it again, Mom!"

Rosy cheeked and soaked to the skin, neither boy wanted to quit. But as they were being loaded into the car, #1 son said, "I think I'd like to go home and take a nap or something."


  1. They just banned sled riding in all public parks in my area. They said it is just to dangerous. Yet they still sell cigarettes and soda pop. I guess those are good for you?

  2. Jane - We adults were all commenting today that the sledding type activity was just what kids need more of today. Exercise, fresh air, laughing, learning balance and control . . . I mean what kind of a warped society are we living in where these things aren't good for growing kids??

    One of the boys lost hold of his sled as he was trying to get on it at the top of the hill. A girl caught it for him and walked it back up the hill and gave it to him. An interaction like that has got to be better than a child sitting at a computer playing war games.

  3. They just had a spot on our local news too about sledding being dangerous...huh. Heck with it! Have fun! Looks like everyone did! Love the action shot of Erin about to go airborne! So how'd you do MamaPea??? Did you partake?

    I am so glad you guys are having so much fun!

    What's up next??? Besides the nap!

    Tell Erin and her family hello for us!

  4. Ahhhhhh, so freakin' cute (the going home to nap or something). How was Erin's landing after she caught air? ;)

  5. Ha ha! That action shot of Erin and #2 looks like it could have ended badly! ;) And, Papa Pea looks half fruz - but it was a lovely day, no? Or, did you have wind off the lake?

    Jane (and Ms. Apple Pie), I can't believe the citizens are going to stand for *that*! With everything else BAD out there, they're gonna take away good, clean fun for kids???

  6. APG - No, I didn't do any sledding and I kicked myself for it on the way home. I guess my only excuse is that I was so busy trying to take pictures. (I took 'bout 444 really blurry ones.) But the boys want to go back so maybe I'll get my chance yet.

    Kelly - Yup, the things that come out of that little guy's mouth (he's only 7) are amazing. Tonight out of the blue he asked me if you could have whole wheat flour that was gluten-free. His mom said she doesn't know where he gets this stuff.

    Chicken Mama (and Kelly) - Erin very gracefully fell sideways out of the sled and slid for a few yards all the time keeping a firm grip on her youngest.

    No wind off the lake but it was very damp. The kind that can go straight through a body if you're not moving. I was surprised the boys (getting so wet) lasted as long as they did.

  7. I. LOVE. SLEDDING. And I also love that I have boys just the right age to use an excuse to take myself...um, I mean THEM...sledding!

    GREAT pictures....caught all the fun perfectly!

  8. That looks like the perfect sledding day! I agree that kids need more exercise and fresh air. My daughter and a friend were out sledding today and I know she'll sleep well tonight. Plus there is nothing better than having some fun and a good laugh.

  9. Sledding is dangerous? Hmmm...haven't I heard that most accidents actually happen in the bathroom??? Maybe we should ban those instead! LOL

    The only time I ever heard a sledding story that sounded dangerous was when a friend told me about getting drunk in an orchard with her friends (as a teen) and then sledding around the trees at night. Stupid kids!

    The year we were up there in winter, my kids (then 6 & 8) would only come in out of the snow long enough to refuel and let me dry their snow clothes in the drier before heading out again!

  10. Aw, that brings back childhood memories. Something one rarely gets to do in the South!

  11. Mama Tea - There were a grandma and grandpa on the hill yesterday (a LOT older than you) with their two grandchildren and the grandparents were laughing and having as much fun as their little charges. Maybe we all need an "excuse" to act more like kids??

    Sparkless - We went out for pizza last night and the boys ate with gusto . . . and then had a hard time keeping the ol' eyes open. Ah, fresh air and exercise. Who needs a sleeping pill!

    Jen - Wonder why they don't ban downhill skiing? That's absolutely more dangerous than sledding. Think it might have anything to do with . . . money?

    Leigh - So true. I also remember many winter weekends ice skating at the city pond when we were kids. Wish adult lives weren't so "busy." Big people need to get out and do more simple things like that.

  12. That looks like fun. We live in flatlander country and have to drive quite a ways to go sledding. Still... it's worth it. Hope you get to go again.

  13. odiie - Wouldn't ya know, here it is middle of winter in northern Minnesota, for Pete's sake, and we're scheduled to get RAIN in the next day or so! THAT will not be condusive to good sledding! 33 degrees right now. Boo-hiss. :o(

  14. I am hoping that the rain/freezy stuff holds off so that you can squeeze in more sledding. The boys look like they had a ball! I would have been the volunteer picture-taker - I love the coming-down part, not the slogging-up part! What a great visit you all are having. I will not go into how completely green with envy I am...

  15. ... and a wonderful time was had by all! I can believe that the boys went to sleep early - all that exercise and fresh air! So natural ...

    crossing the street can be dangerous, that's how you learn to be careful, and to judge your capabilities ... I hate being protected from myself.


  16. Susan - I should have taken a shot up the hill so you could all have seen what a long slide down it is. And, of course, what a loooong hike back up it is.

    Having kids around is so wonderful. They have so much joy and enthusiasm and it becomes infectious. We all need to be more kid-like.

    Yvette - Well, that's just it! They complain that children today aren't getting enough exercise and then ban sledding hills because it's too "dangerous." Give me a break!

  17. catching up on all the posts, I don't know how you managed to blog every day with all the activity LOL!

  18. Erin - Gotta keep a record so we can remember all this 25-30 years down the road!