Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am one tired gal this morning. I went to bed last night early eager for a good night's sleep. I'm sure I was asleep by 9:30. At 3 a.m. this morning my eyes popped open and I was awake. Wide awake. But still feeling very tired. How could that be? It was so warm, so snuggly, so comfortable in bed, why-oh-why couldn't I fall back asleep?

Finally got up at 3:30. Poured myself a big glass of o.j. (I've always preferred cold beverages over hot), and made out my shopping list for supplies for Thanksgiving . (Which will be very different this year, but more about that in an upcoming post.) Then I sat on the couch and propped my feet up before an open fire and read from cover to cover my first issue of MaryJanes Farm. (Thanks again to my sweet niece, C, who started a subscription for me.)

Before I knew it, the clock said 5:15 and, of course, I was falling asleep. I didn't want to go back into bed because I knew the alarm was going to go off in 45 minutes. So I laid down on the couch and immediately fell into a deep, deep sleep. When hubby came out of our bedroom a few minutes before 6, I woke up but couldn't get off the couch because of the semi-truck parked on top of me. Ugh.

But enough whining. A new day has started. Ready or not, here I go.

I read Jo's blog post this morning over at 14 Acres about her putzy (but very productive) day yesterday. She and I must have been on the same putzy wave length because my day was much like hers except she still had a few things to pull from the garden.

I made a double batch of Walnut Clusters because hubby seems to be on a Walnut Cluster kick and had requested same.

Seems as though I couldn't find the time all summer to replenish our granola supply so I made a batch of that.

You know I get panicky when I don't have a back-up supply of frozen soups in the freezer so after making some Bean Soup with a saved ham bone on Monday, I stirred up this vat of Minestrone yesterday morning.

I even managed to get into my quilt studio (whoopee!) and start on the Christmas water color wall hanging for my daughter's office. Considering this represents about two hours of work, it doesn't look like much, does it? I've got to have this done by her Christmas Open House and Sale on December 4th. Yikes.

I had no part in this chore (except documenting it). Hubby decided to get up on the roof before it got a heavy snow cover to clean our two chimneys. Nothing in there but a bit of soot, but it's always good to know there's no build-up of dangerous creosote.

Okay, hubby requested breakfast at 7:15 this morning (he wants to be out and going on finishing putting up the siding on the north side of the garage by 8 a.m.) and I'm already behind. Gotta run.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Nothing like a bad nights sleep to get you off your course for the day. That quilt looks wonderful and only a few hours in? What so you have a sewing machine the speed of a Ferrari?

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Ha! The squares aren't even sewn together yet . . . just smacked up on my design wall! With a water color design, it's best to get all the pieces laid out and do some substituting/shifting to make sure you get the proper "blend." I've got a ways to go.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Maybe I should try cold beverages in the morning! Can't wait to see the quilt all finished! On the bright side of that, deadline or not, you got to sew! Wahooey!

Kelly said...

Busy gal, lovin that granola by the way.

Mama Pea said...

APG - How do you think this will go over in the next couple of weeks? "I'm sorry I don't have time to make dinner again tonight, honey. I HAVE to go work on that quilt for Chickie Mama. December 4th deadline you know!" Stay tuned . . . ;o)

Kelly - My dear husband would normally rather eat dog food than cold cereal. But he WILL eat my homemade granola so I really rely on that for quick breakfasts now and then!

beth said...

Everything looks so good here today! Those walnut clusters, the soup and the lovely quilt you're working on. It all adds up to a warm, happy, creative home! Good job Mama Pea! Hope you can catch up on your rest tonight.

Susan said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I have never heard of a watercolor quilt - but it looks very Monet-ish. I had the same night/early rise this morning. It's like my mind clicks on and the teletype machine gets going (remember those?). Looks like you got a LOT done yesterday, though. That soup looks wonderful.

Sue said...

I'm having my "pokey" day today--pot of soup simmering on the stove, lots of silly jobs that makes it look like I haven't DONE ANYTHING, even though I have. My pantry is SPOTLESS! Yea!! But boy, do I have a LOT of lentils. I think I had brain freeze quite a bit at the store this year. Must have picked up a bag dang near every time--LOL! Ah well, at least we'll be regular.

Erin said...

I feel you on the sleep - we had a bad windstorm kick up about 3 am last night and it woke me up twice in an hour and then couldn't get back to sleep - if it's 5 am I figure I'm better off staying up! I'm the same way in the morning, although it's coffee, it's always iced, unless I'm feeling very "winter-ish" then I like hot! I swear I can't keep up with you, I finally started my stock, will do soup later tonight and freeze. Wrote a little ditty about my chicken on the blog today, apparently I'm going insane today LOL! I LOVE walnut clusters, yum! Will hubby eat granola in yogurt? I like it that way for lunch or a snack.

The quilt is beautiful, can't wait to see it in Chicken Mama's office!

Mama Pea said...

Beth - Thanks for your cheery words, as usual. It was a WARM home yesterday. By the time the cookies came out of the oven it was up to 75° in here. Waaaay too warm for me!

Susan - Monet-ish! You hit it right on the button. That's what I've always thought when I see a water color quilt. Truly, I've never been too fond of them myself but daughter is and this is what she picked out.

Sue - Hey, any day you clean a pantry, you've done a LOT of work!

Too many lentils? No such thing in this house. We both love 'em and with a few condiments they would go a long way to keep one from starving!

Erin - Funny that husband of mine. He'll readily eat/drink a smoothie but not yogurt with or without granola topping in a dish. Go figure. I think I'll still keep him though.

Gosh, if you guys are thinking the quilt looks good now in this rough state, I'm encouraged to keep working on it!! :o)

Leigh said...

I hate bouts of insomnia, but do like you do. Get up and get something accomplished. You certainly have been productive! Those cookies have me hungry for walnuts now. Except DH doesn't care for them. But on the other hand, I could keep them all to myself!

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Doesn't care for walnuts, huh? I have one like that. My daughter. I usually put walnuts in my fruitcake but when I did my first batch this year a week or so ago I used pecans because I knew she would want a loaf. The only nut I don't care for are hazel nuts. Otherwise, I eat 'em all!

Anonymous said...

I probably would have stayed asleep on the couch lol! I had a morning like that last week, but it was due to my cat biting the end of my nose lol. Got me up 2 hrs before I needed to be, the little brat!

Hope you get a full night's sleep tonight, and no early morning tomorrow:)

Jo said...

I think you got more accomplished during your putsy day than mine. That soup looks way yummy, and your quilt is beautiful, even in its unfinished state! I've got lots of sewing to do before Christmas, and I keep putting it off. Ugh. Don't suppose I can just ship it off to you to do, aye?? :)

Dirt Lover said...

Hmmm, I'd say you were busy, even if it didn't feel like it. Your walnut clusters look good. Are they just walnuts and chocolate, or do you put other things in them? We've picked up all the walnuts underneath our two trees, and now I'm cracking them all out. Boxes and boxes of them! Love having soup in the freezer! It's a great quickie dinner. Keep up the good work on your quilt. I look forward to seeing the progress.

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - We are cat-less but our daughter tells all kinds of tales of the way her little kitties wake her up. Sounds kinda cute actually but I bet not so much when you're on the receiving end!

Jo - I'd like nothing more than to sit and do your Christmas sewing for you . . . if you could just arrange for somebody to come in and do all the rest of my stuff while I'm sitting at the machine sipping egg nog and smiling!

Lori - Putting up the info on the Walnut Clusters in my next post. Tonight or tomorrow for sure.

Thanks for the encouragement on the quilt.