Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Doggone. Big wind last week. 'Bout half the sunflowers fall down and go boom.

But that's okay. They weren't going to have time to mature enough for us to have usable seeds for the birds anyway. And we enjoyed their pretty faces while they lasted.

We're getting rain. Hooray! Started during the night and continues this morning. Enough so that our mud hole's . . . I mean pond's . . . water level is actually rising.

This is the third morning recently we've had a small fire in the wood stove. Hubby has been out and about a couple of times and each time he comes back in he comments on how cozy the warmth feels. (Can you tell neither of us were happy campers in this past summer's extreme heat and humidity?)

Yes, Virginia, we are definitely into the fall season up here in the Northwoods. I can hardly believe how GOOD it feels to snuggle in bed under a quilt at night now with the window open (which it was all summer, of course) and COOL air coming in.


Erin said...

you talkin' to ME? LOL, sure rub it in.... it's near 90ยบ here on the VA coast, but the end is in sight, it has at least been getting down into the 60's at night, I even wore a sweatshirt to the bus stop this morning, but it's still heating up fast during the day - and I just realized that's one hell of a run-on sentence :)

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Heck, I got some time yesterday to work out in the garden and got over-heated. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and I was stripped down to a tank top (well okay, pants, too) in no time flat. Not as warm as you still are but I'll bet it was near 80.

P.S. The Grammar Police check blogs? Oh, no!

Susan said...

Amen, Mama. Other than rain - of which we have had naught - our weather is definitely on the fall side of the end of summer. Or something like that. The leaves are already changing and there are pumpkins everywhere! I l-u-v this weather. Hot weather girl I am not.

Leigh said...

I hear ya on those welcome cooler nights! Your sunflowers look like mine. Hopefully I'll get some to harvest though. I did notice hulls on the ground under some of them. I reckon if the birds think they're ripe, it must be time to fetch them in.

Sue said...

Jealousy, jealousy!!!!!!!!!!
I have the cooler temps and the hints of fall too, but NO WOODSTOVE!
I miss having one soooo bad. Sigh.
Take a picture---please!!!!!!
Enjoy the temps......it's OUR TIME now!

Stephanie said...

Too bad about the sunflowers:( Glad to hear it is cooling off for you. Same here since Earl passed by...cool air from Canada is doing us wonders!!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - We can't believe how fast our colors seem to be changing. With our hot summer, for some reason I thought we'd have a warmish, long fall but now I'm not so sure. But I'm lovin' the weather!

Leigh - I went out to check ours today and, like yours, something has been eating what look like unripe seeds to me. So maybe all is not for naught!

Sue - So why DON'T you have a wood stove?? Nothing can warm your bones like wood heat!!

Stephanie - I don't think I heard of any area of the country that didn't have too much hot weather this summer. I'm glad it's over!!