Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Dodged the Bullet

Or I should say, we dodged the snowflake. As has been happening so much for the past couple of years, predicted snowfalls end up going south of us. (Uh, what's wrong with this picture??) And that was the case yesterday.

We never got the rain or rain/snow mix that was supposedly on the agenda for yesterday. Nor did we get the 2-4" of snow last night. This morning our deck is wet so we must have gotten some rainfall during the night, but I don't think it was much.

It's still very gray and damp out there with a temperature of 39 degrees at 8:30 this morning. Although they're calling for "partly sunny" today, so far it looks like a repeat of the gray, damp, chilly day yesterday.

On a bright note, our local seasonal greenhouse opens for business today and I'm for sure going to make time to croggle on up there to check things out. I'll probably even be coerced into purchasing something fragrant and colorful. (Darn, I hate it when that happens!)

Tomorrow we're going to our daughter's house for Mother's Day dinner and my Banana Cream Pie "birthday cake" we never managed to fit in a week or so ago on my birthday.

Looks like a good weekend on the way. Hope yours is too!


Erin said...

That's one thing about damp, icky Spring weekends, it forces you to go do something fun, like a trip to the nursery! Have a great Mother's Day tomorrow! Are Maisy and Tucker going to do something special for their mama?!

Jennifer Jo said...

I've never heard of "croggle" before. Is that the same as "meander?"

The messed up weather patterns make me depressed.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - Maisy and Tucker stayed with us this past Thursday when Chicken Mama had to go to the big city on a legal matter. That day they told me they'd like to give their "mom" something in the way of started garden plants for Mother's Day so we potted up something special. Can't go into any more detail right now 'cause they want to keep it a surprise!

Hi, JJ - My grandma was from Scotland and "croggle" was a word she always used. Don't know if it's a derivation of a Scottish word or not, but it referred to an "older" person (a child would never croggle) who was no longer as spritely in step as they once were. Picture an older person moving right along with a purpose in mind but with a hitch in their get-along!

Now I'm gonna grab my jammies and croggle into the bathroom for a long shower before getting into bed early to read. ;o)