Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When Technology Goes Belly-Up

Mama Pea's daughter / web administrator here.

Mom's computer went belly-up last week, and I soon discovered that the required repair was far beyond my capabilities. So, off it went to the PC doctor.

The old beast came home late yesterday (the computer, that is, not Mama Pea!), and she tried to catch up for a couple of hours last night . . . planning to return to posting today.

Unfortunately, with the cold dawn this morning came the same problems, and so your favorite blogger is out of commission yet again.

She's tearing her hair out in frustration, so I KNOW she'll be back here just as soon as humanly (technologically!) possible.

Until then, since The Power is in MY hands (insert slightly maniacal laughter), I'll leave you with this:

Chicken Mama & Mama Pea, circa 1972


Erin said...

This is a great photo! See, it looks like she was having a blast WITHOUT technology...

Jennifer Jo said...

I know the frustration, Mama Pea. I do! Hang in there. We'll wait patiently.

And the photo is great. Gorgeous, really. (Thanks, Chicken Mama, for posting.)

MaineCelt said...

You are both ADORABLE! (Chicken Mama, what fun to sneak in and post such a wonderful image, even in spite of the technical difficulties!)

Chicken Mama said...

Really, the things I could do are QUITE horrifying! I have ALL her log-in info!


Jody M said...

Be nice, Chicken Mama! I know it must be tempting, though....

Good luck with the computer issues.

Jo said...

Ah, all that 70's wood paneling on the walls sends me back to my own childhood! Hope your computer is feeling better soon!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mama Pea, I know the feeling and it's not good! I hope the PC doctor can get your computer cured soon!

P.S. I saw this little statistic in a recent issue of a Men's Health magazine: 48% of women would rather give up getting laid for 2 weeks than give up their computer and internet for 2 weeks

Mama Pea said...

Erin - That time seems like a world ago! In some ways, that's good, some ways, that's not as good!

Mama JJ - Even though the photo was taken a looong time ago, I can still remember the circumstances vividly. My little Chicken Mama was SUCH a delightful baby!

MaineCelt - Yes, we were both adorable, weren't we? Tee-hee.

Chicken Mama - And you know full well what I would do to you if you did do all you could do!!

Jody - Thanks for always being "there." Or "here?" Where????

Jo - That was taken in the old tin can of a mobile home (yes, the paneling was lovely - yuck!) we had moved up here to our property before we actually made the move. We would come up from Illinois EVERY single opportunity we had. We moved up permanently one year later.

Ruthie - I'm not going to reply to your P.S. on the grounds my answer might tend to incriminate me.