Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's A Wrap

Not only is it a wrap, but it is wrapped!

I've decided to give this little cardigan sweater to the Bundle of Joy at the shower tomorrow. I know there's nothing wrong with it other than the fact that I had it stuck in my mind that it would be . . . well, smaller.

But as others have commented, the larger it turned out, the longer she'll be able to wear it.

This is the back view. A super-simple little sweater to knit. Knit from the top down so there were no seams to sew to complete. Love that about it! Putting the pieces of a knitted garment together is not my favorite part. I've got this irrational fear of the whole thing falling apart the first time it's washed. When I have ends to weave in, I do so with about four feet of yarn so they're sure not to come undone. (Hmmm, Dr. Freud, vat do you tink about dis insecurity issue?)

The end.


beth said...

lovely! You must be a quick knitter!!

RuthieJ said...

What a cute sweater. Good Job Mama Pea!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Beth - Thank you . . . and from what I've been told, I am a fast knitter.

Hi, Ruthie - Thank you, ma'am! Even though quilting is my main pull, sometimes I've just gotta get that knitting fix!

Val said...

So sweet.

Erin said...

Super simple??? LOL! Seriously, it is so cute, and she will love it... remember with room for layering and warmth, she will fit into it in no time!

Grammy said...

Just stopped by to send a hug and blessings in the new year.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Very cute and I think that having it be a bit bigger is definitely a good thing. People get tons of stuff for newborns but babies grow fast and this will be useful for longer.

I know what you mean about worrying things will fall apart - I have the same fear about my quilts each and every time, though I've never had one come apart on me yet!