Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Blast of Dynamite

This morning I'm feeling like it will take an explosion, or at least someone wielding a big stick, to get me moving. "Tis a frosty morning (gray and drippy AGAIN) that made our new flannel sheets feel mighty good. And, yes, I did sleep in a little . . . had to do something profitable with that extra hour we gained last night.

November 1st today. How did that happen? I truly feel September and October went by faster this year than July and August. Anybody else notice that? I'm still struggling with the "summer" jobs not yet completed. The time is fast approaching when I need to throw in the proverbial towel and face reality. They are not going to get done this year. Dang. Seems I'm always fighting summer chores in the fall, fall chores in the winter, on and on. I want to go skippingly along rather than step . . . trip . . . step . . . trip.

Eggs? Eggs? Anybody got eggs? The lack of daylight (could have something to do with total lack of SUN light, too) has thrown our chickens into a molt and, as my husband, puts it, we're getting 1/2 an egg a day. Our daughter, Chicken Mama of the Northwoods, isn't in any better shape. The farm where we buy our milk has had a "Sorry, no eggs right now" sign on their cooler for a couple of weeks. Times like this sure do point up how very much I use fresh, organic eggs in my cooking.

I'm looking at the (dusty) Halloween decorations around the house this morning knowing they need to go and make way for the Thanksgiving ones. Turkey Day will be here in about 3-1/2 weeks. Also time for me to make my annual batch of fruitcake from my mom's recipe. It's not your usual fruitcake. (You know, dry, heavy, sweet but tasteless and can be used as a doorstop or boot scraper by the back door.) Mom's is more like a moist, heavy spice cake and has no candied fruit in it but rather a mixture of dried fruits: dates, apples, apricots, raisins (or craisins), and peaches. Made with honey rather than sugar which adds to the moistness. It's baked in loaf pans and is so good. I give our daughter a loaf as soon as I get it baked, and she soaks hers in spirits . . . rum or brandy or some such . . . until Christmas time. Not a bad little treat if you're home for the evening and in your jammies prior to indulging.

I've been sitting here sipping my morning latte while typing, and I think I'm getting sleepier. (Something's not working!) So I fear the only solution to my oncoming stupor is to get up, and do something a little more physical.

Look out ghosts, bats, goblins and ghoulies! You're gonna get packed away for another year. And it wouldn't hurt if I dusted and vacuumed either.


Jody M said...

Boy, I hear you about summer chores. I still have a lot to do, no sunlight when I get home from work, and it keeps raining on weekends, and also no help because Mr. Man is busy getting ready to pour concrete! I'm glad I haven't put the garlic in yet, I'm sure they would have rotted.

Every Christmas I do Nigella's Chocolate Cherry Trifle recipe. We liked it so much the first year that my husband insisted it become A Tradition, so now it is. Chocolate custard from scratch, etc. But it is so worth it, and I don't really even like cherries!

Sue said...

Maybe you're not really BEHIND on chores......maybe you're getting a head start on next summer's jobs?!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jody - If you ever have the time (like you don't have enough to do!), I'd love to have you post your recipe for the Chocolate Cherry Trifle . . . sounds yummy.

Hey, Sue - Good way to look at it. But there are a couple of things, like the bench in the entryroom that I'll have to look at all winter . . . am I EVER going to get that sanded down and refinished??!!

MaineCelt said...

We have eggs! Our chickens just finished their molt and we're back up to a half-dozen a day, with the pullets due to add their own little gifts to the layer-boxes very soon. I do so love my Golden Comets. They have the best egg-production rate among all the breeds I know.

And mmmm, Christmas cakes... Our food co-op order goes in tomorrow, and I'll be ordering with a batch of Dundee Cakes in mind: dried currants, candied ginger, dried bing cherries to turn into home-candied ones, almond meal... Now I have to start hunting down tins to store & mail them in.

So... wanna come over and get some eggs? ;-)

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - You bet I want to come over and get some eggs! (If only . . . )

P.S. I'm not familiar with the Golden Comets . . . are they a cross-breed?

Erin said...

Hope your eggs pick up again soon! Yum, real fruit cake! I soak mine too (on the years that I get around to making it) from about now until Christmas - must be the Irish in me, lol... can't have enough booze in the food!

RuthieJ said...

I sympathize with you on it being November already Mama Pea! My list of "Things to get done in October" still has about 10 items to be crossed off. But maybe this week, I think the weather service is predicting at least 4 days in a row without rain!

MaineCelt said...

Re: Golden Comets: they are a hybrid-- not sure how long ago they were developed, but I got my original stock after attending a panel discussion on poultry health. All five presenters, when asked what single breed they'd take with them to the proverbial desert island, answered "Golden Comet." They come into production early and produce upwards of 300 eggs per hen per year. They're also very gentle and curious birds. I'm very fond of mine!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Erin - I agree with you . . . about using spirits in cooking! I'm doing roasted potatoes tonight that are sprinkled with olive oil and white wine. Yu-um!

Ruthie - Yeah, that's what we'll do . . . blame a really crummy weather month of October on our lack of getting things done. I've been dragging my feet (and other body parts) trying to clean my dirty house for several days. Yesterday morning we had SUNSHINE (albeit for only a few hours) and I couldn't believe how much easier it was to jump into some real cleaning. Guess we actually do need that Vitamin D!

MaineCelt - Thanks for the further info on the Golden Comets. We may just have to look into them when we order chicks next spring.

Jo said...

Post a pic and the recipe of your fruit/nut bread when you get them finished! I hate those candied cherry things. :)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jo - I'll do that!