Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's Gone, But I Wish I Had . . .

Time to face it, Folks. Summer is over. Gone. Done. Finis. Kaputz.

As I was sitting in my recliner last night trying to read (rather unsuccessfully since I was so tired I was having trouble concentrating), my mind wandered to the summer months just past.

What do I wish I had done this summer that I didn't? A short list came to mind immediately. I was tempted to both elaborate on those few items and/or add many more to the listing. But then I decided what came to the forefront first must have some significance. (WHATEVER that significance may be . . . see? I could write pages of explanation, clarification, rationalization, reasoning.) So here, to be taken for what it's worth, is what I wish I had done this summer.

~ Taken snoozes in the hammock.
~ Read on the beach more.
~ Spent nights around a bonfire on the beach.
~ Sat (doing nothing) on the deck more.
~ Worked on getting a good tan.

(Can one be a couch potato outside? Do you detect a trend here?)

What would be your own personal list? Wanna share?


Erin said...

Like you, I kind of feel like I missed much of the summer doing busy work! My list wishes for more time camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, and just enjoying my garden more than feeling tied to it. I think I will plant less next year and make an attempt to do more fun stuff! And I have already been thinking of ordering a hammock during end-of-season online clearances and having my husband build a nice place with a shade sail to hang it so it's ready for next year!

RuthieJ said...

We had our first bonfire of the summer on Saturday night -- how sad is that? And I've only sat in the hammock once.
Even being a couch potato outside carries too much guilt with it for not doing all the stuff I should be doing. And why is that? Is it genetic? Is it a Minnesota thing? Is it a female thing?
Maybe we need to start our own "women who try to do too much" support group Mama Pea!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - When you hit that happy medium with the garden of enjoying it more and feeling tied to it less, let me know how you did it, okay?

I wanna see a picture of that hammock you're going to order. Sounds like a really good idea.

We all need to strive to do more fun stuff next summer!

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - You may be on to something in your suggestion of starting our own support group! I've always said there is a very lazy person inside me who wants to get out. (But nobody will believe me. Why??)

Sue said...

Though the perfect day to me IS being in my garden all day, I wish I could have felt a little more "relaxed" while doing it. We spent all the previous summer working on the house, so I was anxious to start on the yard. And though I got a lot done, there's tons more I wanted to do....but I'm not so young anymore....and things take longer than they used to. And THAT is what stresses me out. I need to hire a kid, I think, to do the hard digging. You are so right-summer went WAY TOO FAST!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Yeah, I'm not sure why that always happens but there is NEVER enough time to do all you want to do. At least the days never drag!

Chicken Mama said...

I wish . . . I had spent more time in my garden.

And, we didn't even bother PUTTING the hammock up this summer! How sad is THAT?

P.S. Ruthie, you hit the ol' nail on the head with the 'women who try to do too much'. (And I'm sure it's a female "thing". At least for good, strong females!) Except the idea about creating a support group? Wouldn't work. We wouldn't be able to "take enough time for ourselves" to attend! ;)