Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall Foods

For me, more than at any other time of year, fall weather brings about a taste for certain types of foods. In September I start to have a craving for foods that seem to just go with the autumn season.

Potatoes fresh out of the garden before the main crop is dug and stored get gobbled up no matter how I fix them.

The weather is cool enough to think about oven meals again (yippee!) and baked squash (Red Kuri is my absolute favorite) with lots of salt, pepper and butter . . . mm-mmm, good.

Cabbage is a fall food. Red cabbage braised with a little caraway seed thrown in is wonderful.

A pan of muffins in the oven (with the squash?) will make the house smell wonderful. What kind? Pumpkin, raisin, corn, or applesauce . . . Cranberry-Orange Muffins are calling to my taste buds right now. Perfect with coffee in the morning or for brunch. Splurge this holiday weekend and have one with afternoon coffee break, too.

Got milk? Certain cookies taste better this time of year, don'tcha think? How 'bout Orange Pumpkin, Gingersnaps, Molasses Apple, Almond Cookies or good ol' Peanut Butter? What better snack for taking along on a fall hike in this beautiful, crisp weather.

Soups! Omigosh, fall is THE prime time for making big pots of homemade soup. Vegetable Beef, Potato, Bean, Pea, Chili, Minestrone, Chicken with Dumplings. The selection is endless.

There are desserts that are made for the fall months. Pumpkin Pie, Carrot Cake, Date Squares, Pumpkin Bars, homemade donuts and Gingerbread. And anything made with apples . . . Apple Pie, Apple Slices, Apple Crisp, Honey Apple Pan Cake, Baked Apples, Caramel Apples and applesauce.

What about main dishes? Casseroles! The smell of a good casserole in the oven permeates the whole house. How 'bout one with wild rice? Or Barley-Mushroom Casserole to go with my husband's choice for a main dish . . . meat loaf. Yup, he'd say meat loaf, and meat loaf, and meat loaf. He LOVES meat loaf! Accompanied by some of that baked squash, braised cabbage, and a few new potatoes from the garden . . . I could be talked into that.

Maybe the oncoming cool weather signals my body that I need something more substantial than the fruit, vegetable salads and lighter fare we've enjoyed all summer. At any rate, I'm feeling the urge to tie on my apron and do some good, old-fashioned harvest cookin'. Stand back, men, and let me at it!


MaineCelt said...

That picture of the manly silverware-in-fist hands flanking that gorgeous (too small?) serving of dessert... first I grinned, then I!

Sue said...

There's a conspiracy out in Blogland to kill me off, I swear. I'm stuck in a hotel room at 5 am with nothing to eat but the sugar/creamer packets that sit by the coffee maker, and everyone has great photos of delicious foods today. Sigh. But, your pics are wonderful. And I love the change of seasons and foods too.
Have a great holiday!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, MaineCelt! - Ah, the truth will out. That's MY piece of Gingerbread in the picture. I simply couldn't photograph what he does to his. Puts it in a bowl, chunks it all up, pours milk over it and then adds whipped cream on top. Yuck.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - It is punishment we are intentionally inflicting upon you for being gone on a month long vacation while the rest of us are left to toil back here at home.

beth said...

I enjoyed dreaming about fall weather and food with you, but here in southern california, it feels like summer just intensified and won't end for a long time!
I love your food/garden blog!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Beth - Thanks for the kind words!

Wouldn't ya know it, today's weather is doing a darned good imitation of the summer we didn't have this year. I just came in from garden cleaning and I'm sure it was up in the 80s out there. I'm so sweaty I'm gonna have to go take a shower before starting dinner.

You can't figure out Mother Nature no matter where you are!

RuthieJ said...

MMMMMMM -- what a delicious post!

Mama Pea said...

Aw, gee, Ruthie, thanks. And it was non-fattening, too!

Cindi Marie said...

Hi Mama Pea, I wanted to let you know I am enjoying viewing/reading your blog. Today I happen to see pics of the peanut butter cookies you had posted, and I wanted to ask if you'd share your recipe with us bloggers, as they look so good. Looking at those scrumptious cookies, makes me want to bake some.