Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bean Report

Because I know many of you have been losing sleep over the report of the leaf disease my yellow beans were exhibiting, I wanted to share with you that I think they're gonna be all right. (And a mighty roar goes up from the crowd.)

The new leaves that are growing up and above the scabby, fungusy, brown burned spots in the lower leaves are looking fine and healthy. Still don't know what affected the first leaves but am monumentally (whew!) glad it didn't spread to the green beans or continue on the yellow beans. Disaster averted.

Had to throw in this picture of my first Morning Glory blossom. Purdy, ain't it? If it looks a little wet it's because I watered with the hose right before I took the picture. About 1 o'clock this afternoon, it started to look very gray and overcast. I figured if I took the time to water, it would start to rain as soon as I finished. Hasn't worked yet . . . but I'm still hoping.

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