Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Lovely To Look At . . .

. . . delightful to see. (Snort, chortle, giggle, tee-hee!) But, seriously, I did get several compliments when I was out and about today. Sadly, they weren't related to my personal good looks. (Sigh . . . another blow to the ol' ego.) Rather, the earrings I wore garnered all kinds of oohs and aahs.

These earrings were a Christmas present this year from my talented daughter. Yes, she's getting into jewelry making in a big way. Confidentially, she drives me nuts . . . and makes me very jealous. How so, you ask?

Well, her father is what could be called an "idea man." His mind goes at about 100 mph, he can come up with more new concepts and ideas than ten people working full time could implement. Her mother (moi) has trouble forming an original thought but is very dexterous and can copy most anything she sees with little or no trouble. So this child of ours ended up being a true combination of us both. She has a million ideas for things she wants to do PLUS the intelligence, talent and ability to do them. If she had a way of finding extra hours in the day for herself, she might be dangerous . . . and/or rich which would be wonderful because then she could support her parents in their decrepitude.

Interested in beautiful photographic notecards? She does those, too.

But, hey, I'm good at helping her to make the cards . . . you know, assembly line stuff like cutting, pasting, stuffing in a protective sleeve. And I wear her earrings well, don'tcha think? I'm lovely to look at . . .


  1. "We can't ALL be trumpeting swans. Some of us have to be sitting ducks." (Can't remember who said that, but it makes me chuckle.)

    Yes, the earrings ARE lovely, and so are you! And if we didn't have people like you who can "copy almost anything," we wouldn't have The Bible, The Book of Kells or any of the other important and beautiful ancient texts that relied on painstaking hand-copying for their survival. That makes you pretty darn important to the world, I'd say!

    You're also really good at being a friend. I'm thankful for you!

  2. MaineCelt - Quaaack! And bless you, dear friend.

  3. Pretty earrings and they look very good on you! You and Roy raised that girl right!

  4. Thanks, Ruthie! We feel so lucky that she's the wonderful gal she is. Sometimes your kiddies get out there in the world and the bad spirits get hold of them and there's nothing you can do. We're so thankful she's got an unbelievably good head on her shoulders that is chuck full of common sense.