Sunday, April 26, 2009

Close Doesn't Count

Dang! I came this close to having a great picture to post tonight.

Today's been another one of those sunless, rainy, cold spring days we can't seem to get away from. But a great day, nonetheless, for putzing around inside, leisurely working on whatever task felt right. Even though Sunday is "every man for himself" as far as meals go in our house, I was hit by an overwhelming urge (what is wrong with me?!) to put a meat loaf in the oven this afternoon which we had for dinner with baked yams and Creamy Cucumber Salad. Good meal for a day like today.

We had just finished eating, and Roy was helping me clear the table when he glanced out the front window and announced calmly, "You know it's wet outside when you've got a seagull at your bird feeder." For those of you who have had the chance to see one up close, you know they are huge birds. Sure enough, I looked out and there was the big guy perched on top of the feeder on a post right off our front deck, just looking around, checking things out.

I ran to get my camera hoping he would stay put for another couple of minutes. Got back to the front of the house. He was still here. I knew I'd never get the front door open to take a picture without scaring him off because the dang door sticks so badly that I have to give it a yank with both hands. So I went into the bathroom and slowly, slowly inch by inch pushed up the bottom half of the window. He was still there. Then I carefully knelt down so my movements didn't startle him. He was still there. Then I aimed the camera, brought him into focus . . . and he flew off.

Sure would have been a neat picture to post. But, as they say (sigh), "Close doesn't count except in horseshoes." Rats.

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