Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yesterday I . . .

. . . got out of bed earlier than I wanted to.

. . . had a radical change of plans as to the structure of my day.

. . . had a wonderful breakfast at a friend's restaurant with time to chat with her.

. . . stopped in at the little post office in the part of the county where we first lived when we moved up here --- nostalgia, homesickness --- waaaah.

. . . made a huge pot (vat!) of chili -- used the proportions for the recipe I made when I had the restaurant.

. . . cleaned the whole stove top, wall behind stove and side of refrigerator --- chili burbled a little too vigorously at one point.

. . . went to our local library, never have enough time to leisurely spend there --- I love that place.

. . . was getting anxious for our two granddogs to go home so I can thoroughly clean --- three dogs equal too much dog hair in one house.

. . . ate too much --- and realized I don't feel well when I eat too much.

. . . did an errand my husband was planning on doing which prompted him to say, "Aww, what a sweetie!”

. . . procrastinated yet again and avoided for another day balancing the checkbook and reconciling bank statements.

. . . thought about our daughter and FSIL about a hundred different times wondering if they were still snowbound in Colorado.

. . . failed to call and make two appointments I should have.

. . . delivered eggs on my daughter's egg route.

. . . wondered how anyone with a personality equivalent to that of a can of worms could get and keep a job in the service industry.

. . . thought, for about the 5th day in a row, that I should get out my Easter decorations.

. . . was going to go to bed early --- how the heck did 11 o'clock come so soon?


RuthieJ said...
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RuthieJ said...

Good grief - what a busy day!
It's a darn good thing you're retired!

(there, now I got it right and don't have to delete it again!)

Mama Pea said...

But you know, Ruthie, it didn't really FEEL like a busy day. I think if any of us actually listed what we do in a day's time, we'd know why we're tired at the end of it! But I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way.

Chicken Mama said...
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Kristen said...

This is a Euphorbia Trigona (three sides). My dad said if anyone would know, I might be the person. He was right. If you can't find one to purchase, let me know and I will send one out ASAP.

Kristen (Steinbrecher) Kabler