Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Birds and My Cold

So how exciting can two not very good pictures of birds be? For me, a bit. I was really happy to get them since 1) it was snowing when I took them, 2) it was getting close to dusk, and 3) I had to take them both through a window and screen.

I finally got a recognizable picture of Mr. Cardinal, he being half of our one pair of cardinals that is spending the winter with us. Mrs. was nowhere to be seen when I captured this purdy fella on our snow covered deck.

This is a Mourning Dove that we've seen off and on all winter. He (she?) seems to be a loner (I think Mourning Doves mate for life). He looks healthy so I feel he's doing okay hanging around us and our cold temps even though his kind doesn't usually prefer our locale in the winter.

We're back to more normal winter time temperatures. We've been in the low 20s for about 24 hours now. We had somewhere around 3" of snow overnight and beautiful, large flakes have drifted lazily down most of the day today. All is coated with white. A sight to behold.

Guess I got a little too mouthy about my cold not being bothersome. Moan. Groan. Arrgh. Since about noon yesterday, I've been pretty uncomfortable. Headache, swollen glands, whole neck is tender to the touch, no appetite, drippy nose, a cough if I talk much and having trouble sleeping at night. I'm beginning to fear my husband is getting attached to his makeshift sleeping quarters in my quilt room. He says he's sleeping well in there and shows no sign of wanting to come back into the vicinity of my snoring/gurgling/choking. I was so exhausted at 2 o'clock this afternoon that I laid down and slept for two hours. (Mama Pea taking a nap in the daytime? She MUST be sick.)

I'm thinking good thoughts, keeping the liquids flowing and know this will pass soon. I'm very glad I have the appointment for another lymph massage tomorrow. If I can just live that long.


MaineCelt said...

Oh, Poor Mama Pea! Yes, drink your tea and enjoy those massages and take those naps whenever you feel sleeeepy. The body has its own wisdom, schedules and work ethics be darned!

I sympathize about the sage tea. I make myself drink nettle tea now an then, and it just tastes like brackish, metallic water. Bleah. A company called "Traditional Medicinals" USED to make a wonderful tea called "Breathing Thyme" that was both delicious and tremendously soothing/healing to any head cold or respiratory ailment, but for some reason it simply vanished off the shelves a year or two ago. I miss it "wicked muckle" (very, very much).

Heal well and feel better soon!

(word verification: "exess." When overtaxed by EXESS exertion, I guess it's time to take a little "c.")

Mama Pea said...

Gee, tanx, MaineCelt. A little sympathy and 'there-there' goes a long way to making me feel better.

Funny you should mention nettle tea. My health 'guru' suggested Tincture of Nettles. She said I should drop it straight in my mouth and try to swish it around in there. It will kill a number of germs and help repair tissue in the throat while reducing inflammation. Wanna know what THAT tastes like? Sorry, I can't print those words in a blog. Holy Chinook! So bad it must be doing good.

Thanks for the kind words. I shall overcome.

Claire said...

So sorry you're under the weather (which is a GREAT expression). Every try Throat Coat tea? One of my favs.

Mama Pea said...

Thanks, Claire, I shall have to give Throat Coat tea a try!

RuthieJ said...

Congratulations on finally getting a picture of that cardinal!

I heartily endorse the use of any tea in fighting the effects of a cold--drown that cold! In fact, I'm brewing a cuppa tea right now--just in case!