Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Two Guys . . . and Other Stuff

Snapped this pic of these two handsome guys (son-in-law and husband) a few days ago after they had been standing out in the back yard talking, and talking, and talking.

When Roy came in, I asked what they were yakking about for such a long time. Pause. "Nuthin'." Men!

I got an early Valentine's Day present. A nyjer seed bird feeder. Nyjer seeds tend to attract finches and smaller song birds, and I'd like to encourage the Goldfinches as regular visitors. We see them often in summer, much less frequently in winter but maybe when word gets out that we have nyjer seed, they'll hang around a bit more.

I have a birthday coming up in a couple of months and got a notice in the mail yesterday that it's time to renew my driver's license. It kinda upset me. Not that I'm four years older but that the clothes I'm wearing in my current driver's license picture are the very same ones I still consider my "good" winter outfit. Guess I might just as well give up trying to be a fashion icon, huh?

It's very rare that I catch a cold. For some lucky reason, I just don't get them. Everyone in the family and for a ten mile radius can be coughing, sneezing, and blowing but I will remain sniffle-free. Having said that, I have an announcement. I hab a code. A bad code. And I know just where I got it, too. My daughter is nanny for the cutest, most adorable, downright edible little one-year old girl on the face of this earth. Last Friday while out doing errands, she and the little babe stopped over for a visit. Little Babe is just learning how to give kisses and I was the recipient of a bit of . . . well, slobber.

Come Monday night, following said Friday visit, I started to feel a little something in the back of my throat that was suspiciously like the start of a sore throat. Went to bed and awoke two hours later with a flaming sore throat that kept me awake the rest of the night. Tuesday I couldn't swallow without pain, had a killer of a headache, face ache, joint aches, two ear aches, swollen glands and felt sick, sick, sick. In an e-mail on Tuesday, my daughter mentioned that Little Babe had a cold. Aha.

Wednesday I saw my wonderful massage therapist who did a bang-up job of a lymph massage on me and I got up off her table . . . still with a cold . . . but no longer feeling S-I-C-K. Amazing. And wonderful. A simple, old cold I can handle. The biggest problem is that when I sleep at night there must be some swelling somewhere that causes me to snore (my husband says like a buzz saw), and I'm keeping him awake. Matter of fact, it's so loud it wakes ME up. Hope this isn't a permanent affliction because Roy left our bed two nights ago. We have only one bedroom so the first night he spent trying to sleep (unsuccessfully) on the couch. Last night he slept very well, he claims, on a foam pad in a sleeping bag on the floor of my quilt room . . . the room farthest away from our bedroom.

Right now I'm sipping a cup of hot sage tea which I really don't care for but has always been the go-to remedy when someone in the family has a cold. Our daughter grabs a cup whenever she's feeling peckish as it's a "comfort" drink for her. Having grown up with it, she associates it with caring concern and being coddled.

Enough complaining about my cold. I really don't feel that bad at all now . . . and I have another lymph massage scheduled for Saturday to make sure I keep these germies moving on out of my body. By Monday and two more gallons of sage tea, I'll be tip-top again.


RuthieJ said...

Sorry to hear about your cold...that's a bummer! I hope you feel better soon.

Good luck with that nyjer feeder. In addition to finches, I also get chickadees, juncos, pine siskins and the common redpolls using it. If you put a tray on the bottom, the mourning dove might even park there!

Mama Pea said...

I had no idea so many different birds would like the nyjer seeds. So far, the only ones I've seen on the feeder are pine siskins and redpolls. But Roy put some nyjer seeds in our flat feeder on the porch railing and, of course, we see lots of different bird there so they could be picking it up there.