Monday, February 2, 2009

Chocolate Craisin Cookies

Remember a week or so ago when I went on my cookie baking rampage? These are the cookies I really wanted to make that day but couldn't because I didn't have enough chocolate chips left after making the batch of . . . well, Chocolate Chip Cookies. ("What?!," my husband exclaimed in disbelief. "You don't have a back-up stash of chocolate chips for an emergency? What if we were snowed in for a week and didn't have any chocolate chips?")

I finally got around to making the cookies today. The recipe was one I had clipped out of who-knows-where who-knows-how-long-ago, and it appealed to me even though I felt compelled to make a couple of changes in the recipe before I tried it for the first time.

What's the verdict on the cookies? Well, let's just say I'm not going to inflict the recipe on anyone just yet because I want to try them once more with yet another adjustment. This batch was edible . . . but waaaay too chocolatey. Impossible, I can hear all of you chocoholics out there saying. Trust me, when my husband says the chocolate is over-powering, you gotta believe it. Really, the chocolate chips in the dough (too many) and then the chocolate drizzle on top (too bitter) nearly mask all the other flavors. I'm going to cut the chips in the dough even more than I did at first and try another recipe I have for a "lighter" chocolate drizzle on top. (Hmmm, light bulb just went on: How would a white chocolate drizzle be? I might try that.) And the other really strange thing was that the recipe for the chocolate glaze made enough to do four times as many cookies as the dough made. I'm serious! Very peculiar. Some kind of a misprint? Could have been.

Basic dough is very tasty though. And the contrast between the chocolate and craisins appealing. (Chief Cookie Tester in the house says especially good dunked in a cold glass of milk.) They sure are an attractive cookie. Gotta give 'em that. But back to the drawing board. I'll try again.

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