Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Oh," He Said

I was already in bed one night recently when Roy closed the book he'd been reading while sitting on the couch. I knew he planned to take a shower before bed but started wandering around the house as he does when he has serious thoughts on his mind to mull over. I heard his footsteps stop near the front door in the living room. A minute or two of silence, then he came to our bedroom door and said, "When did you put up that wall hanging in the living room?”

"Right around the first of the year," I replied. "Why?”

"I think it's particularly striking, I really like it," he said.

"Did you just now notice it?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," he replied. "Did you just make it?”

"I made it in January of 2004 . . . and I've hung it in that very same spot this time of year every year since then.”

"Oh," he replied. And went to take his shower.


TatteredSpinner said...

Hah! That's funny. It's the sort of thing that happens all the time around our house. My dad has this game, where he'll wear a beard for a few months and then suddenly shave it off to see how long it will take us to notice. I think the record time is a week.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, TatteredSpinner - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy reading your comments.

Annie said...

OH MY GOD, yes I am shouting, I love this quilt! I love the circles! It almost makes me dizzy as my eyes jump around finding different circles. What an amazing effect. You are incredible!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Annie - When I had this quilt on my design wall, I fiddled with it longer than I should have trying to get the design I wanted. But until each piece was sewn together with the 1/4" seams, it was hard to see the finished effect.

Then when it was done, every time I walked by it I would think, "Dang, if I had just used more dark over there, that circle would have popped. No wait, then I'd have lost that curvature over there. But then that section would have been better . . . " and on and on it went.

But as you so kindly said, maybe it's okay 'cause you do see something different every time you look at it. Isn't working with color and fiber fun? Thanks for making my day!

RuthieJ said...

Oh brother, it took him 5 years to notice it?? This post made me chuckle, and that wall hanging is beautiful.

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - Thank you, ma'am. Regarding this man I'm living with, no one can say he's not highly intelligent. He just has a little trouble with the common, mundane things of life. Sometimes I worry about him, but then remember that he can't get rid of me because he'd never survive without me to take care of him! :o)