Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I set a goal for myself today of finishing the quilt top I started a while back. And, ta-dah! I just did it.

Just don't ask me what I DIDN'T get done today. No, actually, it isn't that bad . . . although there are (just a sec, let me go check) eight (eight?! argh!) items left on my To Do list I made out this morning. But I did vacuum and scour the bathroom sink. Had to. Some friends called and asked if they could stop by for a short visit on their way home from church. The dust bunnies were ankle deep, and what is it with my bathroom sink? It always looks like several coal miners just came through and washed up.

And we've had good food for two meals already, and there's a pot of Potato Soup in the refrig for tonight that I made last night. Do I sound like I'm yammering and making excuses for myself?

Bottom line, I feel good about having spent a few thoroughly enjoyable hours in my quilt room getting the top done, done, done and as for the eight things still on my list . . . ummm, I'll think about them tomorrow. (Just call me Scarlett.)


jan m said...

Your quilt top is beautiful! I'm glad your to-do list got bumped for another day.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jan - Thank you very much for the compliment. Somehow the eight things on my To Do list grew overnight to 15 this morning! How does that happen? The days are never boring, are they? (And I think they're getting shorter, too.)

Fiona said...

To do list, be damned! Look what you created -- it's gorgeous!!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Fiona Lady - I think I like your attitude! :o)

RuthieJ said...

The "to do" list items are never as much fun as the "want to do" items (at least at my house).

OK and this will prove my weirdness, but gazing at the quilt on my monitor, I'm seeing that some of the color combinations on the blocks remind me of the design on the old "fallout shelter" signs??

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - Oh, gak! You're right! Now I'll hear wailing sirens everytime I look at the quilt!