Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Call Me Sleepy

Usually when I wake up in the morning, I'm ready and eager to go. None of this dawdling and snoozing for another 15 minutes. Feet hit the floor, a quick stop in the bathroom, get dressed and I'm on with the day. The first part of the day is my most productive and when I feel most energetic.

I tend to move quickly and don't sit still for long periods. There are always interesting and multitudinous(!) things I want to get done.

Gray or rainy days have always energized me to accomplish more than usual. Whether it be tackling a huge work-type chore or losing myself in my quilt room and emerging hours later covered with threads and wearing a huge, happy smile, a gray day is a good day.

Preparing our main meal in the evening isn't a chore because I love to eat and am usually starving by dinner time even though I've managed to put away two other meals previously that day.

Although end of the day dishes don't rank high on my list of favorite things, I know that once they are done, most nights are mine for doing anything I wish.

Ending the evening by stopping early enough to prepare for bed at a not-too-late hour is hard for me. Hey, there are still more fun things to do!

However . . . (uh-oh, here it comes), lately I've been feeling a lot like Sleepy. Straight out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

For starters, it's soooo hard to get out of that wonderfully warm, cozy bed in the morning.

Then it takes me what feels like two or three hours to groggily get all body parts coordinated enough to function halfway effectively. The next few hours are spent working (at about half speed) at one of the many tasks written on the day's To Do list.

Next thing I know, it's starting to look dark outside. (Actually, I think dusk has been starting around 3:30 these days . . . seemingly endless days and days of gray, damp weather are starting to be a real drag.)

I start yawning. Time to shuffle (yawn) around the kitchen (big yawn) concocting a nutritious, delicious (uh-huh, sure) and easy (oh, please, make it easy) meal for dinner. After eating I gaze at the clean-up and dishes to be washed and feel it's a chore way beyond my energy level, let alone basic inclination. But I pull out a hidden ounce of strength knowing that once the kitchen work is done, I can think about a shower and putting on my flannel jammies and an early bedtime.

Do you think Geritol would help? (Do they even make it anymore?) Perhaps a good dose of iron? Or maybe just some bright, sun shiney days would cure what ails me. Aw, heck, this too shall pass. Feeling like Sleepy isn't so awful bad. Think what my days would be like if I felt like Sneezy. Or Grumpy. Or Dopey.

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