Monday, November 10, 2008

2 to 1, My Favor

Three projects to share today. Two I'm happy with, one I'm not. Let's show-and-tell the "not" first.

Cute winter hat, huh?

Yeah, if you have a head the size of a walnut! The circumference of this hat came out to only 18". Much, much too small for my melon head! The good thing is that it was fun to knit. You start at the pom-pom and knit down. And I did it in one evening. The bad thing is that the skein of yarn was expensive. (Don't worry, honey, I used my own money.) There was no way I could have adjusted the pattern (had I known it wasn't going to come out true to size) as I finished with 5" of yarn left. I'm not kidding. 5" of yarn. I'll have to find a little girl it might fit.

This is a 36 x 36" wall hanging that I've had done for a while now, but just got the hanging sleeve on it this weekend. I started it as a full-sized quilt as a wedding present for my nephew and his bride but as I got into it, it looked too masculine to me so . . . it became a wall hanging that I have over the head of our bed right now.

I call this small, 15-1/2 x 13-1/2", appliqued wall hanging "Seeds of Thanksgiving." It was fun to do, even though I had to first make 100 of the "seeds" and then applique each one onto the background.

I had a box full of the "seeds" constructed and was working on more of them at a quilt meeting when I knocked the whole box onto the floor. Several of us were down on our hands and knees gathering the little pieces. A few days after that I was in town and one of the gals who had been at the meeting opened her purse and handed me three more "seeds" which had been found after I left. I had finished all the applique work by then and thought I must have miscounted, because I was short and had had to cut out and make three more!

Shhhh, don't anybody do or say anything rash, but we have SUNSHINE this morning. A wind chill of 7°, but it's so good to see the sun. Happy Monday!


RuthieJ said...

That hat looks so warm--too bad you won't be able to wear it :-(

The quilts are beautiful! Good Job Mama Pea!

Annie said...

I love both of the quilts. You do beautiful work!