Monday, September 1, 2008

A Year of Shower Curtains

A few years ago a friend was giving me a tour of her new house. In the bathroom, she showed me a quilted shower curtain she had made. How cool, I thought. The motif was a tall, beautiful pine tree with a moose standing at the bottom of it . . . what is called a landscape quilt. Very in sync with her lovely, log home in the North Woods.

I had always kept a plain white shower curtain on our shower stall because . . . well, it went with everything. But my Dear Daughter had given me a hard time more than once regarding said shower curtain, saying it looked too "institutional." Okay, now that I had the seed planted in my head, I would make a quilted shower curtain to replace my hum-drum white one.

The time of year happened to be summer so I picked fabrics with a "summertime" feel to them and went to it. Finished it lickety-split (I was on a mission) and hung it in the bathroom. Looked great, if I did say so myself.

(Sorry the picture isn't better; we've got a long, narrow bathroom and I couldn't get a shot of the curtain from the front.)

Decorating our house for the different holidays and seasons throughout the year has been something I've always done. So come that fall, as usual, I pulled out all my autumnal colored decorations (yes, I even do the bathroom), and put them out. Except . . . darn, but that quilted shower curtain just didn't look right now. So, you guessed it, I had to make one following a fall color scheme.

Well, this pattern followed me all through the year until it got back to time to put up my first curtain, the summer one. I now had five shower curtains; one for each of the four seasons and a special one for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. Although each curtain is up for only part of the year, there is a south facing window at right angles to it and the sun, over the years, has taken its toll on each one. So now I'm to the place where it's time to start thinking of replacement curtains. My fall curtain seems to have suffered especially from the sun so a few weeks ago, I picked out fabric and decided on a Flying Geese theme for the new curtain. Now, I want in the worst way, to forget about all of the end-of-summer chores that must be done, shut myself in my quilt room, and work on my new shower curtain. Priorities, Mama Pea, priorities. (Yeah, but whose priorities?? Tee-hee.)

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