Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I love baking pies. I love eating pies. I could live on pies. (I once worked with a gal who was a tad overweight and she decided to go on a [yet another] diet. But this time she made the decision to restrict her eating to something she really liked so she could stick with her diet. You guessed it. Pie. I know it sounds crazy [and I truly don't recommend it . . . or do I? Hmmm . . . ] but she ate nothing but pie for a month and lost weight. Then she died. I'm kidding! About the dying part.)

I first dipped my fingers into the food business by making pies for a good friend at her restaurant. I would get up at 4 a.m. each morning, drive 15 miles into town, and bake pies before the restaurant opened. After I owned my own restaurant, I incorporated pies into my menu there. The best sellers? Raspberry-Cranberry and Chocolate Velvet, closely followed by Bittersweet Chocolate.

Our daughter tells a good story of going to school (she was in her early teens at the time) and complaining bitterly to her friends regarding the fact that she and her dad had had to sample three more pies the night before because of the constant experimenting with new recipes I was doing. Her friends looked at her as if she had a screw loose. Having to sample pies day after day? Omigod, what a cruel and evil mother she had!

What's my favorite pie? How long do you have? I guess it would have to be a fruit pie. (If I rule out Banana Cream Pie first which my daughter always makes me for my requested birthday "cake.") Rhubarb. Cherry. Raspberry. PEACH! Our good neighbors gave us some frozen peaches (from friends of theirs out of the area) last winter and I made a peach pie that was UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE! It wasn't my pie baking skills but rather those sent-from-heaven peaches. Mmm, mmm. Just thinking about them. 'Scuse me while I gain control of myself.

But, bottom line, can you beat a good, old-fashioned apple pie? Come fall each year, I get such a hankering for apple pie I can hardly stand it. I've been waiting for some newly harvested organic apples to come in at our local whole foods co-op and when I popped in there this last weekend, a friend and clerk alerted me to some with just the right amount of tang (we sampled one on the spot) for baking.

Here's what I baked with those apples this morning. And unless somebody drops in, Roy and I are going to eat the whole thing ourselves. Yessiree, we are.

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