Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Good Day on the Homestead

After our welcomed rain yesterday, today was a beautiful late summer/early fall day full of sunshine. The temp made it up into the mid-60s although working out in the garden, it felt warmer.

I picked a little over seven pounds of cherry tomatoes, my huge colander full of lemon cucs, another of green slicing cucs, and one, plus another medium bowl, full of pickling cucs. This colander holds enough pickling cucumbers for seven quarts of pickles so that was quite a good harvest from the garden for this time of the season.

Before coming in to make dinner, I went to check out the apple trees.

These would look good if the tree bore yellow apples. But it doesn't. They need to be totally red to be ripe 'n ready.

This one is coming along a little better.

And these even better. But we aren't holding out much hope for a good harvest this year. They just got too slow a start in the spring. In September, we often get a frost around the time of the full moon. And we're facing a full moon this coming Monday. I'm just very thankful we're not trying to make a living up here with an apple orchard.

I love this Virginia Creeper vine that grows up against the house to the right of this window. Not only does it grow up to the roof of the house, but it grows to the right across our bedroom window and to the left across the bathroom window that you see here. When it dies down in the late fall (after turning a deep, deep red), the window seems so open and exposed. But it also let's more light into the bathroom again which isn't a bad thing.

Another good day on the homestead.

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