Friday, August 15, 2008

Good Morning, Glory

My morning glories have actually made it to the blooming stage. They've wound their way up only half the height of their trellis but each morning when I make my tour of the garden, I'm greeted with a few more beautiful purple blossoms. So pretty.

Yesterday I picked our first yellow beans. (Remember when they used to call them "butter beans"?) My daughter stopped by on her way home from a town day late yesterday so I sent them with her for them to enjoy. This afternoon I checked the plants again and picked these few more that were ready. They'll be enough to have with our dinner tonight. Just beef patties, yellow beans and sweet potatoes (no, not from our garden -- darn). And for dessert Blueberry Crunch made with berries from our blueberry patch. Not as flavorful as wild blueberries (which are prolific in our area this year) but pretty yummy, all the same.

Talk about being totally oblivious to what's going on in your own garden! I've been glancing at the two rows of pickling cucs noticing lots of pretty little yellow blossoms and the lush, dark green vines that are only about two feet high. For some reason, when I was in the garden an hour or so ago, I got down on my hands and knees and took a peek inside the vines. Omigosh. I have enough cucs for more than two (possibly three) batches of pickles. I'm not upset about some of them being overly big because I had decided to make my sliced Bread and Butter Pickles first since my dill hasn't grown big enough yet to use in making the dill pickles.

You know where you can find me tomorrow morning. I'll be making pickles, pickles . . . and a few more pickles.

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