Monday, June 3, 2024

Asparagus Explosion

We had an inch of rain overnight and into this morning.  Apparently the asparagus patch loved it.

I was sure I was harvesting about twenty-five pounds of it, but when I brought it in the scale read only six and a half pounds.
A hefty harvest, for sure, even at that.
Fresh asparagus at our local co-op is currently selling for $6.99 a pound.  That makes today's bounty at our little homestead 'round about forty-five dollars.

We'll take it!


DFW said...

Congratulations, looks delicious!

Michelle said...

So many delicious meals in your future!!!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Lovely!! Do you freeze or can any of it? - Jenn

Goatldi said...

If all that is a windfall in Asparagus well done!!

Leigh said...

Fantastic harvest! Lucky you. I was happy with the little bit I got. Still waiting for last year's new plantings to produce one of these years.

Katie C. said...

Oh, my! I wish I had the space for a patch like yours. ❤️

I will be harvesting oregano for drying soon. We had some lovely arugula but now it is bolting. I’m going to try planting some lettuce in a slightly shady spot to see if it will grow. Do you have a favorite lettuce?

-Katie C.

Rosalea said...

Beautiful asparagus. They do pop up amazingly fast.
We are getting our inch of rain today. Knew it was coming so got out early and put some second plantings in and some babies moved around.