Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Where's My Crew of Six?

Actually, I might be able to keep a crew of ten going.  For at least a couple of weeks.
Anyone who has a small homestead and a large garden knows how very much there is to be done outside at this time of year.
I've already mentioned we're working on building, filling and planting out landscaping berm boxes up against the south side of the house.

Praise be, our daughter is helping us with that project two days a week.  (The girl can't seem to stand having any time off.  That's a total fib, but it's to our great advantage and appreciation that she has consented to give us this time.)

Although I wanted to get all the trim on our house painted last year, it simply didn't happen.  Yesterday I finally started on the first window which is directly above where the plantings will go in the first berm box.  (Seemed like a good place to start.)  Got the first coat on but, drat and darn, it's gonna take a second coat to get good coverage.  I knew that but chose to pretend one coat would do it.  Silly me.

It would be lovely if I had my shell peas and potatoes planted by now, but due to one (or three) repair problems with the Gravely garden tractor Papa Pea uses to prep the soil for me, the only sign of this happening soon is the row marking stakes I got up yesterday.

We've been calling this the "new" gardening area for a couple/few years now, but haven't rushed into doing any of the perennial planting there yet.  Plans are for a new raspberry patch, new blueberry patch, new strawberry patch and it seems Papa Pea would like to see about six or seven other things go in there, too.  So far, we've concentrated on improving the soil, keeping it free of weeds and endlessly picking up rocks.  We've now ascertained the 20' x 53' area is adaptable to growing rocks very successfully.
Rain is predicted for this afternoon and the next couple of days so I'd better get out and get that second coat of paint on those windows right quick this morning.  Or maybe I should plant the potatoes.  Or the peas.  Or the other 20+ raised beds that are still empty.
So where is that crew of my workers to help?  I'd even have the cook serve them a delicious lunch.  Oh, wait.  That's right.  The cook hasn't shown up yet either. 


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

You have enough to keep you going! Like you, we have a riding lawn mower that needs fixing, which husband does. I haven't put a seed into the ground yet either, but need to. That will be wonderful to have a whole new berry garden. Do you know what you want to put into the landscape boxes? -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - What goes into the landscaping boxes? Oh my, daughter (the flower expert) and I made a detailed plan this winter and a good start has been ordered. Matter of fact, a few things have arrived already and will go in as soon as possible. Perennial flowers, flowers, flowers. And a few low growing shrubs. Peonies, astilbe, lilies, hollyhocks, hostas for the boxes that won't get much sun, some things I've never heard of, and on and on. I can hardly wait! Probably won't look like much this year, but it's a start! And I'm very excited. :o)

Michelle said...

Your industry and progress makes me want to quit before I've begun!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Well, if you do decide to quit, head eastward to Minnie-soda (your favorite state) and you can help with the progress here! :o)

SmartAlex said...

Its always an advantage to be able to prep and condition a new garden area for a couple of years before actually putting in plants you have to work around. I'll bet you will have great success with it. This was always the time of year my grandfather would plow the oat field and then spend days "picking rocks"

Rosalea said...

Those boxes look beautiful, and how lovely it will be to see all those blooming/green things under your windows...from inside and out. The new white paint sure makes those windows POP, but I know how time consuming it is to paint windows...especially when the garden is calling!
Beautiful expanses of plantable soil. Looking so forward to seeing what is going in there. We went from frost, to crazy heat, to 1 inch of rain, to frost...AGAIN.

Tim B. Inman said...

Winter: Nine months of planning time. Summer: Three months to get it all done.

Good luck!

Mama Pea said...

SmartAlex - One would think rocks would sink rather than rising to the top, wouldn't one? Oh, if only!

Rosalea - Daughter thinks I should paint the berm boxes white to match the trim paint, but I'm thinking to stain them a medium brown. The jury is out for now! I'm leaning toward letting them "age" for a year before doing anything to them.

Tim - Ain't that the truth! ;o)

Nancy In Boise said...

That's really great that you have your daughter to help you! We've had warmer weather and now a cold front's blowing in and supposed to be 39° tonight. Still kind of holding off on planting tomatoes just too crazy. We'll have to bite the bullet and probably do that Memorial Day weekend with fingers crossed. Here's hoping to better weather and good job painting your trim it always brightens things up

Leigh said...

Great post, Mama Pea!

I love the idea of berm boxes alongside the house. I'm thinking they will make great insulation during winter.

Also, nice that you can grow rocks so well ;) Too bad they don't come in handier than they do! You have wonderful plants for the new garden spot.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Ha! We never seem to have a lack of plans up the whazoo, it's finding the time, energy and sometimes $$ to carry them out! Had heavy rain overnight and this morning it's soggy and sloppy with heavy fog outside so it may be a while before we can continue on with the outside plans for the day. I'll try really hard to keep myself profitably busy inside until things dry out! ;o)

wyomingheart said...

That white paint is marvelous! Good use for the rocks would be the bottom of the plant boxes! They would provide pretty good drainage. You know…lemonade! Have a perfect weekend!

Mama Pea said...

wyomingheart - Yep, we're all liking the looks of the white trim. Now if the rain, dampness and cold temps would stop, I could proceed! ;o)