Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Today and Tomorrow May Be the Last Hurrah

We've hardly been able to believe how long our unusually warm fall weather has hung on this year.  If we can believe the forecast, though, starting this Thursday we may be into real November weather.
Heavy rain and dropping temperatures may finally arrive.  (The s-n-o-w word is even being whispered.)  In a way, it will be a relief as this balmy extended weather has allowed us to keep working on just one more outside chore.  And one more, and one more.  Good to get them done, but when does the slow time start?

The garden is finally ready for a long winter's nap.  It's no doubt hard to believe we're still in drought-like conditions looking at the green grass you see above.  They say grass is hard to kill, and that's the truth.  Even though most was matted flat and straw-colored in August, and we had only a sprinkling of about three showers, the grass drank up every drop and came back to life.  We've also had about a month of very heavy dew each morning which I'm sure helped all growing things.

Here's a shot of one of our flat planting areas cleared and set for winter.

We recently shredded three bales of straw which we'll use in the chickens' nest boxes in the next several months.

Papa Pea pitchforked it into a spare water tank which we'll cover to keep the shredded straw dry and usable all winter.

Evidence of the drought still having an effect is our sad-looking pond.  As shown by the picture of the east end of it, you can tell where the water line normally would be by the dirt around the sides.
If we do get a deluge of the rain promised on Thursday of this week, here's hoping a lot of it runs into the pond!  And if it snows?  That might just convince us to come inside and start our hibernation for the winter.


SmartAlex said...

Beautiful here again today. We are also due for some winter weather. They say "plowable snow" Saturday night into Sunday. But that's OK. I'm ready. I've puttered until I can't find anymore putter. Today I got a head start on my March landscape weeding. Everything looks neat and ready to go. It had better snow before I start feeling really bad that I can't plant something. I can't seem to turn my thoughts to inside projects when it is so nice to be outside.

Mama Pea said...

SmartAlex - Congrats on being so set and ready for possible "plowable snow!" I know exactly what you mean when the weather outside is so enjoyable that you don't want to waste an hour of it.

P.S. I'm sending you some of my putter. ;o)

Leigh said...

You can certainly use that rain! I just hope it starts off gentle, to give your ground a good soaking first.

At this point, we're just looking for our first frost. It's been around, but our little homestead niche has dodged that bullet. As much as I appreciate the slower paced winter season, I'm just not quite ready to give up our mild days. Always so much to do!

Rosalea said...

This November weather is pretty much unheard of. For the last two days and nights, we have not had the fire on. at. all.! Another clear, sunny day is dawning now, and there has been a smidge of frost. It sure has been conducive for outdoor activities though. The temperature is supposed to start dropping on the weekend. Your beds look beautiful. Fingers crossed, that you get some moisture before freeze-up.

wyomingheart said...

We had about five days of frost and two nights freezing, so the garden is pretty much done. The black walnuts are still falling, so we are working feverishly on those. Your beds look fabulous! How did you break up the straw? I normally use hay in my fall display, but this year I used straw, which is sprouting green shoots. At this point, they are starting to look like chia pets! I am planning on using some of it in the garden beds, but concerns are rising about what the sprouts are…humm… have a great week!

Michelle said...

I'm sad you're still in a drought. We have been enjoying a more typical wet fall than we've had for many years, and are thankful!

Nancy In Boise said...

We finally hit some cold weather a few days ago 27 degrees in the morning! Hopefully you'll get enough rain and snow for your pond to refill to normal! Winter is definitely here

tpals said...

Today was properly cool and wet all day here; so must be headed your way. Friday might be our first snow and the beginning of most days barely getting above freezing. Baking weather.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - We got our rain! Just going to put up a new post as soon as I finish here.

Rosalea - Yes, the rains came! And now the temp is forecast to plunge into the 20s tonight. Finally a change from our mild, mild fall weather.

wyomingheart - Oh, don't use that straw in the garden as those sprouts are most likely weed seeds! I've had terrible fights with weedy straw in the past and it can cover the whole garden or anywhere you use it for mulch. We've got a chopper/shredder that did the bales of our straw . . . which does seem to be free of viable seeds. Fingers crossed.

Michelle - Our drought is over! New post coming up.

Nancy - You're ahead of us in getting winter weather, but I'm sure ours isn't too far ahead now!

tpals - I've heard all our rain was snow in your area. True?