Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Catching Up After Being MIA

First of all, thank you for the inquiries and concern as to my absence in making replies to the comments on my last post, the lack of getting up a new post, the drought in our area and our safety in regard to the fires in the area.
We've never been in danger from the forest fires, but have been impacted by lots of hazy, smoke-filled days.  Papa Pea's sensitive eyes have made him uncomfortable dealing with an irritating, burning sensation because of the smoke.  Strangely enough, we've also felt a wee bit out of sorts, tired and clumsy (or have we always been this way?) which our daughter recently suggested might be attributed to breathing the poor air quality for weeks.
The two closest, biggest fires are slowly moving toward the goal of being under control although it's still an iffy, scary situation.  The larger of the two now has burned more than 26,000 acres and is said to be 37% contained.  We've heard the embers won't be totally extinguished until snowfall.  The other area still burning covers upwards of 15,000 acres.
Any discomfort of ours pertaining to the fires doesn't begin to measure up to the people who have had to evacuate and/or have lost property.  And so much admiration should be given to the fire fighters on the ground and in the air who have been in the midst of it all for over two weeks now.
Last weekend over a 12-hour period we got 2-1/2" of rain.  It certainly helped control of the fires and also all growing things in our area benefited from it.  Our day time temps have moderated a bit and nights are cool enough to being able to sleep without lots of wakeful tossing and turning.  But since the weekend rains, we've had dry weather.  Grasses in yards and along roadsides are still yellow and dead looking and the fall coloring of the trees seems to be coming on earlier than usual.
Although we've had a good summer (considering), I'm ready for it to end and am looking forward to a peaceful winter with less activity out and about on our little homestead.  And yet I've always found it difficult to transition from one season to another.  Doesn't matter which season I'm leaving or which one I'm entering, it takes a period of time before I feel "adjusted."  Anyone else experience  this? 


Michelle said...

Welcome back, Mama Pea! You sound like you are suffering through a smoke-filled period like we had last summer; I'm sorry because it IS oppressive. Hard to believe the fires are still going so strong after that much rain. We haven't had 2 1/2" total in MONTHS; March-August 2021 has been the driest six months here on record. As for seasonal transitions, I've never experienced difficulty. What comes, comes, although I do anticipate the transition to fall more than any other change.

Leigh said...

I'm glad you aren't under direct thread from the forest fires, but that smoke sounds like a real nuisance.

Our summers are usually so hot that any glimpse of autumn is welcomed with open arms. By the time spring comes, I'm tired of being cold! So I guess I don't have many transition issues with the change of seasons. It's the change of the time that bugs me! That one seems to get harder and harder as I get older.

Rosalea said...

So glad that all is well. The temperatures are moderating here as well, a chilly 12C (53 ish F) here this AM. We have to adjust to the downward slide of the temps now, particularly overnight. Yes, it takes adjusting when the seasons change..different temps, different chores that need doing. Sure hope those fires get controlled, and the air Q improves.

Goatldi said...

Well MP you’ve earned your campfire badge.

It is a roller coaster ride for sure isn’t it and I think that you guys are doing just great. I pray that you don’t ever have to experience this again but I will tell you if this becomes for you as it should become for so many and seasonal occurrence I can maybe give you some comfort with the fact that you’ll you’ll adjust to that you’ll figure it out and come to terms with it. You guys are tough.

Well I have a day in town today and it’s another very cool morning here and I’m very excited about the prospect of winter coming it seems like summer has gone on forever this year. Take care take a nap have a great day.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - As I understand it, much of the area burning has been severely affected by the nasty spruce bud worms that have denuded the trees, and killed them in some instances, so that has made the equivalent of dry tinder to burn. Also continual gusty winds make the fire fighting difficult. Like you, I really look forward to the fall season every year. Maybe more so this year!

Leigh - Ah, yes, that pesky time change twice a year. Do we really need that in this day and age? I'd vote no!

Rosalea - Changes, changes. They're all hard, aren't they? I know I certainly need to be more flexible and learn to f-l-o-w!

Goatldi - I've already sewn my campfire badge on my sash this morning. (Hee-hee.) You, living in the state of California, know more about wild fires and drought conditions than we in Minnie-soda will ever know! I think the transition from summer to fall, for me, is hard because I have to face all those (darn) tasks that didn't get done in summer and are now on the critical list. Yep, as I said above, I just gotta learn to ease up and go with the flow!!

Nancy In Boise said...

So sorry for the fires in your area! I've had breathing issues and burning eyes too so I understand what you're saying. At least you got some rain which is good. I'm getting ready for fall to we finally got past a hundred degree weather

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - Even though we had a hot summer, I can't imagine how you folks survived your day after day of 100° weather! The word currently about the fires in our area is that they are managing to gain some control over them now. Very good news.

Anonymous said...
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Tim B. Inman said...

I always dread the coming of the hot months, and I look forward eagerly to the cool seasons. I'm a gardener, so that might not make total sense. I'm miserable in the heat, and I handle cold just fine. I greenhouse garden to make it all equal out.

The smoke here in SW Iowa was awful. I, too, had tired days when I blamed it on the air. Any excuse for a read and a nap at my age, I guess! Hang in there.

Mama Pea said...

Tim - And in your area of the country, you consistently have hot months! Have you noticed the heat bothering you more as you age? Not that you're getting old. Or that I'm getting old. (Cough-cough.) Both hubby and I are very intolerant of the heat in the last couple/few years. (The sun must be getting hotter. Or getting closer. Or something.) Let's all hope the fires that have produced so much smoke (and serious difficulties for so many) are starting to get under control. Such a scary thing fire.

wyomingheart said...

Sorry to hear that your lungs have been challenged! We got over two inches, also…but the excellent part of that is we have dropped nearly15 degrees in temps….ahhhh, what a relief! Hope you get some relief soon! How’s the corn?

Mama Pea said...

wyomingheart - Yes, our temps have dropped to where we actually have the feeling that autumn is in the air! (Phew.) I'll post more about the corn shortly, but can just say now that we've eaten some and it was gooood, but the ears are so small (only 4-5" long and maybe an inch across) that one would need about 8 ears to feel one had a meal of it!!