Saturday, May 29, 2021


Yes, stalled.  At least garden-wise.
This has been our third morning in a row that we've had a light frost to greet us.  (Mr. Gore, can we talk?)  To say much hasn't been growing in the garden is an understatement.  But the fact that everything is still alive (let's keep our fingers crossed) is the good news.

Curiously, the strawberry plants have blossoms and even some small green berries showing.  And this is earlier than usual for us.

I put zinnia transplants out earlier this week, but covered them with plastic cloches.  Good thing as they need heat to grow and right now would probably appreciate small electric heaters next to them under their protective covers.
Out of six varieties of lettuce planted from seed, only two have peeked through the soil so far.  Lettuce likes to germinate in cooler weather so what's with the other four varieties?
I have my slicing cukes and pepper plants snuggled down under cold frames and they are seemingly surviving in good shape.

The peppers were transplants, and I normally get more to harvest from them than we can use.  Hoping this will happen again.  Gotta admit their leaves in this picture do, however, look as though they may have gotten a little colder than they like.

I started these cucumber plants inside and will thin them to just three as soon as I am sure I have three healthy ones.  I find that number is just right for their space and as soon as they start bearing . . . well, we have cucumbers coming out of our ears.
Of course, there's more than the above to see in the garden even though I'm cutting back this year.  (Believe it or not.)  There are too, too many projects to work on this summer season than we have time for so we're trying to make wise decisions on where to spend our time each day.  This includes prioritizing for more down time and recreation for both of us.  Try as we might, we can't seem to find more hours in each day so now we're trying to make better use of those we have.


R's Rue said...

Have a beautiful weekend.

tpals said...

When I saw they were getting snow up north, I wondered about you. Hope the frosts don't impact your fruit.

Rosalea said...

Frost, frost, frost....heavy frost. Despite my best efforts and extra covers... Even the tiny pea and beet plants are toast, and the lettuce is really singed. Too cold for too long, and it crept through all the covers. I am very disheartened, but guess there is no option but to start over. Glad your garden is OK and looks like it is doing well.

Mama Pea said...

R's Rue - Thank you! And I hope for the same for you.

tpals - When the temp was dropping down toward 32° the other night, I said to my husband, "You do realize we could wake up to snow on the ground, don't you?" I'm happy to say we did not. Haven't seen a flake . . . although it still could happen. :o\ Our fruit trees are just starting to bud out this year and don't seem to have been damaged. We didn't have a great harvest last year (apples or strawberries) so I'd sure like to have a good one this year.

Rosalea - Oh, darn! I'm so sorry your early garden crops succumbed to the dratted frost. Don't know how we dodged the bullet here, but am thankful.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Cold with frost warnings here, too. I only just went out shopping for flowers to put into pots and window boxes, yesterday. They all got brought into the mudroom to sleep overnight! -Jenn

wyomingheart said...

We gardeners are forever at the mercy of good ole Mother Nature! We are just cool here, which we are enjoying, but the garden has slowed down a bit. I am thankful that we have stayed in the 40’s at night. Have a great holiday!

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - You're a good plant mama! It seems that if we're not in an area with unseasonably hot 90° weather, we're covering plants (or bringing them in) each night. Why, oh why, can't Mother Nature just even things out??

wyomingheart - We just had a few sprinkles of rain and I was hopeful for a full day of rain . . . so needed. But that was all we got. A few sprinkles. Now it's just gray, 47°, and I'm wondering how to plan my day. Hmmmm, I could put on my down work jacket, a hat and go weed the asparagus. Or curl up with a quilt on the couch and read. So many decisions . . . ;o) said...

The weather sure has had it' up's and down's. This week-end we are getting lots of rain, which we need badly. That's a plus, but it's been cold! Your garden looks neat. Hopefully you won't loose any plants. Have a nice Memorial Day week-end.

Mama Pea said...

linnellnickerson - When you get enough rain, please send some this way. We're too dry again and I think my asparagus is suffering. The growth kinda came to a screeching halt a few days ago which seemed strange because we'd been getting such heavy harvests. I've watered with the hose but it's just not as good as natural rainfall. Our cold, cold nights are supposed to be over now and Papa Pea just told me at the end of this coming week we're supposed to have warmer temps. That will be good for the garden . . . if we get some rain, too. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...
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Katie C. said...

The weather has been totally bizarre! We hit the high 49s overnight. Cold and rainy for two days.

We didn’t want to turn the heat back on but we ran the pellet stove in the family room all day yesterday much to the cats’ delight. It was a sofa kind of day.

I did make some fresh blueberry muffins as a nod to spring.

Mama Pea said...

Katie C. - It's been so cool in the house here in the mornings that someone (not mentioning his name) has been slightly grumpy about it. Neither of us appreciate hot, muggy weather but I'll admit it's sometimes slow to get going in the morning when the overnight temps hover in the 30s!

Blueberry muffins? I'll be right there.

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