Sunday, May 2, 2021

A Short Sunday Post

We took a hike in the (very) fresh air and sunshine one day last week.  Went through some rough "untamed territory" but it was well worth it thanks to our daughter showing us this heretofore hidden gem we'd never previously seen.

Hiked through the wooded area downstream past this gorgeous waterfall until it disappeared over a steep, vertical rock cut.  Couldn't find a way to get past it for a shot of that drop which must have been impressive.

Then we drove along a gravel road and hiked to this area which was much more calm but beautiful in its serenity.
What a fantastic off-the-beaten-track hiking day made all the more perfect because the bug season hasn't started yet! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! How beautiful a waterfall...and how amazing you had never seen it before. What beautiful, unspoiled country you live in. I am envious to a point. Your long, cold winters and short summers...well, not to be desired by most, only the toughest among us!

Rosalea said...

Lovely pics, MP. It is good to get away and see a change of scenery once in a while.
The blackflies were out here today. It is a good two weeks earlier than normal.
And no, I am not a night person...Its late and apparently one of those 'sleepless nights'.

Cockeyed Jo said...

Mama, I wanted to tell you goodbye. I'm leaving the homestead and closing my blog.

wyomingheart said...

Very pristine! God’s handiwork!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! No bugs and no ruinous tourists (yet)!

Mama Pea said...

Anonymous - There are so many places like this waterfall (or some other scenic spot) in the woods in our area. And unless you know someone to show you or where to look for yourself, they really do go unnoticed by most people. Same with fishing streams and "hidden" lakes. Long winters and short summers, yes, but other attractions that keep folks like us here!

Rosalea - Oh, it makes me shudder to think of those nasty black flies to come. I think it's been a little too cool here for them to hatch out. But I know we'll be in for them way too soon! Hoping you get those sleepless nights out of your system and get some good sleep soon!

Cockeyed Jo - Wrote you a note on your blog. So sorry to see you go, but saying goodbye with wishes for this new phase of your life you're entering,

Anonymous - ;o)

Leona Knight said...
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