Friday, February 5, 2021

Of A Cold Winter's Day

We managed to get 3-4" of new snow within the last 36 hours, but now we've plunged into the deep freeze.  It's late afternoon now and our high for the day was a whopping 8°.  It's currently 4° and will be well below zero for the next several nights.  Not terribly cold temps but the wind chills are going to make it nasty.  About 35 below is forecast.

This is a frost-covered single pane window in our unheated entry porch today.  Kinda pretty, don't you think?
We're warm in the house, of course, but being outside for even a short period of time causes dashes back inside for another, hopefully, warmer pair of hand protection.
It was a good day for baking Chocolate Chip cookies especially since there was nary a cookie to be had in the house.  My batch made enough that I've got a good sized container of them tucked away in the freezer.

Look at my three triplet Amaryllis blooms!  Each are at least 6" across and they're on a plant my daughter resurrected after it bloomed for me last year.  She took it home with her where it spent several months in the dark under her bed (cool bedroom), then she trimmed all the dead leaves back, started watering it and had hoped it would be blooming at Christmas time, but I'm just as happy to have it now to add cheerful color to our house.

Speaking of color, I've been trying to decorate with more color this winter (especially after all the glitz and glitter of Christmas was put away) so this is the new wall hanging I finished for the bathroom.  The red, blue and yellow colors remind me of the way Swedish interiors are decorated to make a sunny environment during their long, dark winters.

On the design wall in my quilt room are these 4" square "Castles in Spain" blocks that are part of my current quilting project.  A total of sixteen blocks will be needed for the center.

I think I'll use one of these solid black fabrics and one of the black prints for the border and sashing, but haven't made up my mind which ones yet.
Great weather for good food, good books, the occasional glass of good wine (or your beverage of choice) along with creative hours in my quilt room and cozy evenings in front of the open fire.  Hope you're all finding time for some of the same. 


DFW said...

Beautiful Amaryllis. I have forgotten mine in the bottom of the garage fridge. Too busy wi/ailing parents. As usual, love looking at all your quilting images & upcoming projects. Stay warm. We are actually going to get a day or so of artic blasts down our way mid week. Got my cooking 'projects' lined up for that.

Cockeyed Jo said...

You're right, your Amaryllis is a bright spot of much needed color. The black sashing will make your quilt colors pop.

SmartAlex said...

We always know when we reach single digit temps because the window on the storm door frosts over. I think today I'll make a big pot of chili with cornbread muffins to warm the cockles of our hearts.

Leigh said...

What a lovely contrast between the frosty view of snow through the window and your glorious amaryllis! Winter is definitely the time for decorating with lots of color.

wyomingheart said...

Absolutely love that wall hanging, and all it's beautiful color! Mighty fine job! I have been missing the color of the Christmas lights and decor, too. I might need to rethink my color schemes in this house!

Mama Pea said...

DFW - The care of ailing parents (or any family member) can be an all encompassing job, not that it's one we wouldn't do. And filling home and hearth with the wonderful aroma of good food cooking helps lift the spirits in more ways than one. It's quite cold here, too, and I just read it may last for about 10 days. Brrrr!

Cockeyed Jo - Yes, I'm hoping that the black fabrics DO make the other colors in my quilt pop as, so far, I keep questioning my choice of colors for the blocks!

SmartAlex - And, boy howdy, do we all need the cockles of our hearts warmed these days. You go for it, girl!

Leigh - I wonder if we appreciate blossoms of flowers indoors even more with the drab (outside) landscape scene than a bouquet of cut flowers brought in from the garden in the summer? (Okay, terrible sentence structure, but I'm sure you know what I mean!)

wyomingheart - I've kept the little white lights in place around a couple of our doorways since putting them up for holiday lights. They're plugged in every morning when we first get up (still dark then) and then again around dusk. They sure lend a bit of coziness and comfort through the house. Lately I've found that color in my environment seems to contribute to my cheerfulness and happiness. So why not go with it?!

Rosalea said...

What a beautiful 'rilly! I brought in one of my bulbs and it is putting up a bud. It is a baby I separated from its mother 3 years ago, and it bloomed (to my surprise) last spring as well. Of the 6 amaryllis bulbs I have, (all are red except one) I always get one or two going early, for that early bit of colour, and to see something growing!
The wall-hanging is a cheerful burst of colour. May I ask the name of the block, or is it one you designed yourself? It is reminiscent of the Bear Paw block. Stay warm!

Retired Knitter said...

aaah... “35 below”? Below what? Certainly not 35 below 0!! You are in the lower 48 states, yes? Yikes!!

tpals said...

We also have a long stretch of bitter temps here and the birds were so busy at the feeders this morning. I had to bring some things in from my porch yesterday as they were freezing.

My sister just mentioned trying to sprout amaryllis from seeds as hers has finished blooming. said...

Your frosty window looks pretty. Gosh that sure is cold there!! We had 6 below zero one day last week and thought that was cold enough! Yikes!! The wall hanging came out so nice! I like the start of the quilt your doing now! It is nice at night to sit with knitting or hand quilting or a great book!! stay safe! xo

Mama Pea said...

Rosalea - I used four "Darting Birds" blocks for the center of the wall hanging. And, yes, when they're put together they are reminiscent of some variation of the Bear Claw block. With your 5 amaryllises (amarylli?) you must have a plethora of lovely blooms!

Retired Knitter - Yep, the wind chill is 35 below zero! We're in northern Minnesota and that's not actually unusual for winter time. It's just that we've had such a mild winter so far, we're not acclimated to the really cold yet! It's now 3:30 p.m. and the actual air temp is -1°. We had a high of 3° above today. Brrrrr, for sure!

tpals - We, too, had a lot of bird action at our feeders this morning. Think of all the fuel they need to keep their little bodies warm in this weather. I know amaryllis bulbs must come from somewhere, but to start one from seed? Wow, she must really have a green thumb.

linnellnickerson- Thanks much for the kind words. I can usually do handwork on the couch at night but if I try to read, you can guess what happens. The Sandman quickly arrives and weighs down my eyelids and it's all over! ;o)

Michelle said...

Brrr. BrrrBrrrBrrrBrrr, BRRRR!

Tigger's Mum said...

Someone added amaryllis bulbs to our community garden here and some 'lurch' stole them the day the first beautiful red flower like yours opened to thrill the neighbourhood. We admire your patchwork. F & Mr T

Tami said...

Only you can say that 8 degrees is not "terribly cold" Mama Pea. Ugh! I hate it when the temps get below 25.

Stay Warm Sister!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Wanna come for a visit to Minnie-soda?? It's -17° as we speak this morning! ;o)

Tigger - People who steal things from a community garden must be sad, unhappy souls. We are really enjoying our three blossoms. So far, all three are holding their own and looking lovely.

Tami - Would you believe our high for the day is supposed to be -3°? If the wind doesn't start up, all should be well. Gotta admit it is a little "chilly" back here in our bedroom where my desk and computer are. No heat except what drifts back here from the kitchen. Where, at this very moment, a fire is perking away in the wood stove and I just took some blueberry and raspberry muffins out of the oven, but left the door open figuring it wouldn't hurt to spill the remaining heat out into the room!