Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Life Beyond Gardening

Phew, the bulk of the garden harvesting and preserving is done.  All that is left is waiting for winter squash and pumpkins to mature (fingers still crossed) and the carrots, potatoes, beets and mangels to be dug.

This has given me a bit of a breather, and I gotta say, it has felt so good.  Just having the time and space to tackle some of the very much neglected inside household tasks has been welcomed.

Besides that, believe it or not, I've been finding time to do some handwork.  (Hip-hip-hooray!)  The one glitch with this is that when I get into my quilt room, I tend to get so involved in what I'm creating that I forget what time it is or if I should be making a meal or returning a phone call or doing the necessary things that are piling up on my desk.  Or, for that matter, going to bed!  Fortunately, life goes on and my husband continually encourages me to take this time for myself.  As he says, I'm much more pleasant to have around when I do so.  (Should I be looking for a negative side to that statement?)

This is the top of a summer themed wall hanging (28" square) I've just completed.  Ain't gonna be done to be displayed until next summer, but I'm still enthused about finishing it.  First step is to mark the quilt lines (I want to hand quilt this one) which will take a couple of hours, then sandwich it with batting and backing before the quilting can begin.

While the above piece has been on my design wall for me to think about and decide just how I want to quilt it, I've worked on a counted X-stitch decorative piece to use when I put up my fall decorations . . . which will be soon now.

It measures approximately 6" x 8" and will sit on a shelf somewhere.  With ears of Indian corn and a couple of small colored gourds around it, possibly.

That's all for today, friends.  Papa Pea is outside setting up for making more kindling to fill our kindling bin for our winter's supply, and I need to get ready to join him.  We're a smidge late doing this chore this year, but we have some dry (but crooked) rough-cut 2 x 4's that are magically (if only) going to be turned into kindling sticks.  That will be a good thing, and another project to cross of the list. 


Michelle said...

Yay for handwork, and a husband who encourages it!!! Believe it or not, I found two Red Kuri squash, both about the size of a peach. What a feast -- ha!

DFW said...

Beautiful handiwork! Glad you've got some 'down' time on your hands.

Rosalea said...

Your handwork is beautiful, as always! I especially like the little fall themed pillow, so pretty. Losing track of time when being creative, is a wonderful thing. Yes, the garden is winding down. Almost looking forward to the first frost forecast, to get things all wrapped up and settled in for winter!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Were the Red Kuri peaches . . . oops, I mean squash mature?? I mean, could you eat them? Or are they just starting to develop?

DFW - "Down time" IN my hands, too! ;o) And thank you!

Rosalea - Thank you very much! Isn't it funny that we dread the frost in the spring, but begin to look forward to it in the fall!

Leigh said...

I love your summer wall hanging! Such a lovely working of color and pattern.

Glad to hear your garden hump is behind you. Mine too! September 1st seems to be the turning point north and south.

Michelle said...

Since I'm not sure what they are supposed to look like, YOU'LL have to tell ME when I post pictures on the blog! One is definitely green; the other might be ripening.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Thanks, Leigh! I'm glad and ready to see September come this year. I think September and October are my favorite weather-wise months. I haven't pulled my onions and set them to dry yet. I should have by now but I know this year's crop is going to be less than stellar and I think I'm avoiding actually seeing how bad it's going to be. :o(

Michelle - Okay, I'll eagerly await those pictures of your Red Kuri Squash!

Katie C. said...

Nice quilt!

I feel the same way about tomatoes right now. I’ve canned a lot and we still have more to come but we aren’t going back to the community garden plot until Friday. As things stand, we might be giving tomatoes to the food bank because I don’t think we really need to can more. And that doesn’t really break my heart. Next year I need to rein in my partner’s seedlings. 28 plants is too much for two of us. There are other things we can plant instead. We found out the hard way that squash just doesn’t have enough sun in our back yard so it goes back into the community plot next year. I love winter squash! I just have to buy mine this year. How many did you all get?

Cockeyed Jo said...

Is there life beyond gardening??!! LOL There's always prepping for next year and planning. It's only September.

Mama Pea said...

Katie C. - Our winter squash isn't matured yet, still has a ways to go. I know if I cut into it now it wouldn't be nice. :o( Our temps have really dropped off and we're not getting much sun but rather gray, rainy days so it's anyone's guess if they'll make it.

Cockeyed Jo - I was just thinking I need to sit in an upstairs window where I can get an overview of most the planting area and do that planning for next year. Rotation of crops and what would be better placed elsewhere. Then there's the cleaning of the spots that are bare already. You're right, the gardening cycle just does not end!

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Mama Pea said...

meilittle - Thank you.

Goatldi said...

Love the summer quilt! Also the autumn decor is a cutie. Glad you got yourself some me time. I agree with Papa Pea.

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