Friday, May 8, 2020

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Our area of northern Minnesota failed to get the memo about global warming.  It's just not happening here.

We worked outside yesterday on a couple of big jobs.  Papa Pea planted some new fruit trees that arrived within the last couple of days.

I was in the blueberry bushes getting them ready for the season.  The project isn't totally done, but I hope to get back on it today.

I was surprised at how cool (downright cold?) it felt the last half of the day yesterday.  When we finally came in around 3:30 I was chilled to the bone.  Temp said we had a high of 47° but it sure didn't feel that warm.  (Warm being a relative term.)  Plus, I'm getting really tired of it going below freezing these nights.  I can't even think of putting much in the garden yet.  And, gollnabbit, in a short month it will be nearly the middle of June.  Enough of the cold weather already!

On top of this, we really need rain.  Papa Pea put the hoses out yesterday and, of course, had to disconnect them last night because of temps forecasted to go below freezing over night.  Again.  I'm thinking I may have to water my mint, rhubarb, garlic and asparagus soon.  The strawberry and blueberry patches would benefit from a good drink, too.

So it goes in spring time in the north woods.  Whenever anyone complains about the cool temps this time of year, the usual retort is, "Well, the bugs aren't bad."  We all know the truly warm weather allows those pesky little blood-seeking biters to come out in droves.

Now guess what.  We had a low temp of 25° last night.  Plus a light covering of s-n-o-w this morning.  Oh-me-oh-my-oh.  Sigh.


wisps of words said...

New Header!!!!



wisps of words said...

"Taking my life in my hands," I will say; "Hooray for no biting bugs!!!!!"

-ducking, running, and hiding-


wisps of words said...

*Public Service Announcement*

Got a big, crappy, SPAM comment today.

Just sayin'...

The *Weirdos* are back!!!!



wisps of words said...

Ohhhh annnnnnnnnnd....

Please... All you lovely ladies, who love Mama Pea's blog, and pop over from here, to my blog... Thank You for so doing!!!

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Thank you Mama Pea... For allowing me to make this Hi-Jack of your comments, for my own PLEA!



Goatldi said...

Sounds about right. Last week we had several mornings cool enough to produce a very thin frost line on my back porch roof. It has warned up into the low eighties late afternoon several days this week. BUT next week we have temps in the sixties to mid seventies late afternoon nights low fifties to sixties plus Monday through Tuesday night a 50% chance of rain. Just when I thought the battle of the string mower and weed wacker was on its last legs.

Laurie said...

It’s very cold here too, it’s actually snowing! I popped over from a blog friend we have in common, it’s nice to meet you

tpals said...

This may end up being one of those frustrating springs we just have to trudge through, hoping summer will be better.

Thanks for the hugs. I really needed that.

Leigh said...

It's funny. When we have a hot streak of weather or some suped-up thunderstorms everyone is quick to holler "global warming!" When we get record low temps and snows, nobody says a peep. LOL.

Sounds like your winter just don't wanna quit. Unless you have a late autumn, this will really shorten your growing season, won't it? We're flirting with potential frost ourselves, which is very unusual in our neck of the woods. I guess it's better than being in the 90s already, but it surely is odd.

Debby said...

and then in the west, we're having close to 100 degrees. It will cool down next week. said...

Your really having fun with your weather!! Ours isn't much better. It's suppose to be cold this week-end. Figures with Mother's Day and all! So goes life !! xo

Michelle said...

All that global warming is HERE; it felt like SUMMER here today (ugh) and tomorrow we may break a record.

SmartAlex said...

Snowed big chunks here yesterday and this morning. Not much sticking, but its cold and wet. At least the wind has finally taken a break

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Believe me, any time we can work outside without the fear of being carried off by biting bugs is a good time. (I must remember that!) :o}

Goatldi - I tell ya, these up and down temperatures could drive a person to drink. Trouble is we don't know whether to go for a cold lemonade or hot buttered rum!!

Laurie - Hello and thanks for commenting! Why can't lovely spring weather come for all of us right on May 1st?? Wouldn't that be just fine?

tpals - These past several years it seems we have to be very patient for spring to finally arrive. I think (if all my brain cells aren't gone) our last decent spring was 2014. Really. Ugh. And you're so welcome for the virtual hug!

Leigh - Don't know whether it's good or bad, but I've become kinda complacent about gardening this year. And I SHOULD be very concerned about what food supplies I can grow and preserve for us with the uncertainty and talk of food being in short supply this fall. But because of social unrest and the coronavirus, I think I'm becoming a little weird as to what to worry about first, second and third. :o(

Debby - Close to 100 already?? Oh, my. It's a wonder our continent doesn't crack with the great extremes in temperatures!

linnellnickerson - Yep, we've still got below freezing temps for the next several nights. Dang.

Michelle - Well, your weather should provide a good start for your garden! How's it going?

SmartAlex - Yeah, we're expecting snow again tonight. At least, like you, it's melting quickly. Wish the temps would rise enough that we could get a good, soaking rain which is much needed. Even with our low temps, the fire danger around here is rising. Not good.

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, it's all ready but the tilling, and we're going to have to borrow or rent something to tackle that.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - You go, girl, as it sounds like your seeds and plants would flourish already! And if you get more weather that's too hot, send it this way. ;o}

Cockeyed Jo said...

After a week of near perfect gardening temp (rained only after I tended the garden or overnight with highs near 80) the bottom dropped out this week with cold rainy days with high winds. The temperatures dropped to near freezing and highs in the 50s-low 60s. We lit off the wood stove again. It's almost mid May!

Mama Pea said...

Cockeyed Jo - Oh, gosh, I hope you hadn't set any of those tender plants out in the garden! I haven't even put in any seeds because of our continued temps down in the 20s at night. Are we sure this is nearly mid-May?