Thursday, March 19, 2020

Our Latest Snow and Thoughts in My Head

Woke to another lovely snow covering this morning.  I just shoveled my way across the deck to get to the hanging peanut butter bird feeder that needed refilling.  Only a smidge over 2" so far, but it's still coming down.

No chance of me showing spring flowers popping up out of the ground as so many of you are.  But this wet snow, as it so frequently is in March, is good for the ground.  There will be no dry spring here this year.

Many businesses in our little town are closed as are all the restaurants (except for those set up for take-out), the library, senior citizen center, schools, churches and any events and/or meetings open to the public have been cancelled.  I haven't been in any of our food/grocery stores since last week but have heard some shelves are bare.

Our daughter is currently without her job.  The mom of the family of the little guy she cares for during the day has been laid off her work so is home along with her two older children who don't have school because of the shutdown.  Fortunately for them, the dad of the family holds a job that is essential to keeping things functioning in as normal a way as possible under the current circumstances.

Papa Pea and I are continuing to do our usual daily tasks on our little homestead here, never lacking in ways to fill our days.  We have our concerns, but like most everyone else we're doing our best to stay positive and help out as we can.  

From all we've heard and seen, people in our community are being sensitive, staying pleasant and kind but remaining very uneasy as to how all this will pan out.

We still live in a world of natural beauty that can be appreciated here and now (even it's just standing watching a sunrise or sunset from inside your home) and any possible feelings of down and dourness enveloping us because of the current uncertainty and disruption of our lives will not last forever.

I'd like to hear how all of you are doing during this time of unease that seems to have hit like a proverbial ton of bricks.


Leigh said...

Snow! I shouldn't be surprised, considering where you live, but it still always amazes me.

We're pretty much status quo here. The biggest inconvenience is the library being closed, especially since that's where I make copies and I can't get my state income tax forms. I print them out from the internet there. I emailed the state DOR to find out where I can get some. Their response was I was welcome to come pick up the forms at their office - only a 2-hour drive each way!

wisps of words said...

Thank you for this!

As you know, I am posting daily...

We have to believe that this will pass. And it will.

And then the real work begins!

Trying to pick up the pieces.

Love and Courage
🌱 🌱 🌱

Goatldi said...

SOP. As I said to someone somewhere this happened when our weather went back to winter. A good deal of rain and some low snow. It was also one of those infrequent times that I only have one appointment in Fresno on the books next week. I had a dear friend spend the weekend planned over a month ago. I drove to the next town a larger one picked up a herb that I give Ari at my acupuncturist office.

Dropped by the only market in town in our small mountain community and picked up an extra bag of flour for baking my bread and a few other items on my way back. Well stocked altho the bread isle was sparse and a good number of folks there.

Tomorrow I am going by America’s tired in Merced on the valley floor. I am bringing my boys home next Wednesday and need the tire pressure checked both the truck and trailer. Also need to purchase a new spare for the trailer.

Getting a good deal done on farm that seems to have taken a back seat for too long. Getting great joy from the rain we need and more wood stove weather!

And as always I am at home because that is where I would rather be and thankfully can be regardless of what is going on around me.

tpals said...

Just one more weekend working in the ER then my leave starts. I will be isolating for two weeks before beginning to spend much of my time with my parents. It's incredibly stressful at the hospital and they haven't even had a positive test result yet.

I honestly didn't believe we would see a global disaster like this in my lifetime. I wish we weren't experiencing it now.

Nancy In Boise said...

Your snow is so pretty! all of our schools and city offices are closed. Libraries are closed as well, many restaurants are doing takeout or drop-off only. Most of our grocery stores here in Boise are pretty well stocked. Except for toilet paper haha, luckily we had a big batch from Costco that we already bought recently. We're stocked up on cold supplies and cough syrup ironic that more people aren't doing that? We're getting ready to plant some spring veggies this weekend and enjoying the nice weather. It's the first day of spring! Enjoy your snow

Granny Sue said...

all set to dig in for a while here in West Virginia. Lettuce is up, onion sets are in and my leek seeds are sprouting indoors. I've been buying plants for the past 10 years, after taking down my little greenhouse but planning to start some seeds for tomatoes, cabbage, etc this year since who knows if we will be able to go out and get plants? Well stocked, and ready to weather it through! I am glad to know all is well with you. Blogs are a good way for many of us in self-isolation to stay in touch with the world--besides the gloom and doom of the news.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Our snow this time of year seems out of place to you the same way your green and growing things affect me! :o) It's going to be a little difficult for you to stay "isolated" when you have to make that 4-hour round trip to pick up the income tax forms you need. ;o)

wisps of words - The unfortunate thing is that we probably won't have much of a choice as to how the pieces are put back together!

Goatldi - Yes, those of us not out in the working world have a lot to be thankful for during all of this. Families without pay checks coming in are in real trouble. That, in itself, will have a huge ripple effect. Good to hear you're getting good rains!

tpals - Your working situation has got to be one of the most difficult to handle. It's good you have this leave coming up. Take care and be safe.

Nancy - I really hope that when we're back to "normal" living, people who were caught dreadfully ill-prepared for this emergency will take steps to see it doesn't happen to them again. I envy you being able to work outside at this time. In a way it's easier, perhaps, to stay snuggled in at home here, but it would be great to be outside playing in the dirt with the sunshine on my back!

Granny Sue - We had a couple of big-ish projects planned for around our little homestead for this summer so I was going to cut back significantly on my gardening efforts, but now that doesn't seem like such a good idea. I think your idea of starting more of your own plants is very wise. I'll be doing the same. I've been encouraged reading others' blog posts lately. Makes one feel more like we live in a like-minded community, doesn't it?

Lisa said...

I've been checking in every now and then but been a not-so-good friend by not leaving comments. I am sorry.

First.... your place is so pretty... your natural beauty surrounds you in so many wonderful, delightful ways. You are blessed.

Here, in SC, our city, county and state governments are taking this very seriously. My daughter who is a 2nd grade teacher, her school went to e-learning beginning of the week until the beginning of April, but there is talk it may finish out the academic year that way. All universities are closed and Furman University just told all students to finish off the year learning remotely. Mall, stores like Macy's, Ulta, Kohls', etc.... retail stores all closed. Restaurants and bars closed unless it's for take-out or curbside service. Some cities, like our state capital, has begun night-time curfews. Non-essential state employees to stay home as well as city and county employees. My personal bank just closed except for transactions through the drive-thru. YMCA closed. Okay, to make it easier let me list what is open.... grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies are open but have cut back operating hours and close during the day for extra disinfecting. We do not have many cases here, nor in our state compared to some, but our leaders are doing everything they can to not overwhelm our health care system with potentially too many sick all at once. Personally, beginning last Monday, I've self-imposed a stay at home policy and am so glad, even though I live in an apartment now, I was able to stock up and prepare early. Ever since China built those hospitals in so many days, it just felt like something wasn't right and I followed the stats as it spread around the world. I do not know what is about to happen.... to our healthcare system.... to our population... to people I love.... possibly to me?... to our economy.... only know we are living through an unprecedented historical event and life will never be the same. Sorry this is so long. Guess I had a lot on my mind. Please be safe and hope you and your family stays well. Hugs to you my sweet Minnesota friend!!! :)

Michelle said...

Yes, in general, my blog pals are voices of sanity through all this and life for me and most of the people I follow continues on without huge disruption. But one blogger, loved and followed by thousands, was sucker-punched yesterday in the worst possible way and I don't think it had anything to do with coronavirus. The Yarn Harlot lost her two-day-old granddaughter (whom she helped deliver at home) suddenly . . . makes the coronavirus concerns ALMOST feel trivial....

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Same here. Libraries closed a week ago, only grocery stores, food stores, and essential jobs still running. A few small gift shops are still open, but cut hours, sent staff home and limiting amount of people in the store. Everything is drive thru or take out, but I prefer home cooked. This may put many small local businesses out of business. I'm just trying to keep things clean and stay busy. It's really bothering our daughter with her senior year. So much has changed and she is anxious about graduation, her upcoming job (salons closed a few days ago), and simply her future. I just keep praying.

Katie C. said...

I hope everyone stays well!

Our weather is completely wacky. It’s supposed to hit 80 !? degrees here (northern Virginia) today though it shouldn’t stay up there in the coming days. My spring tree allergies are in full swing. When you cough or sneeze around anyone, they look at you like why are you out spreading the virus around!

I was keeping myself busy with relearning to sew again by making “easy peasy kids skirts” from some online patternless directions. I made three with one more to go and my machine conked out. Now what? I need to decide whether to get it fixed or use the money towards a new one, which I was going to do later. What kind of machine do you have? I want to look at Baby Lock and Brother to start. My current machine is a very simplistic Viking. I’m not sure that the sewing stores are even open.

I guess I’ll switch to knitting for now. Or, ugh, spring house cleaning.

SmartAlex said...

I stopped by WalMart on the way to work this morning just to pick up some treats since we are always well stocked on staples. And also to get the lay of the land. It was slightly busier than it would normally be at 7:30 am and some shelves were nearly empty (peanut butter and jelly?) But it wasn't as bad a I feared. Staff was still busy stocking.

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - Hope you know I read you regularly, too, but have not been commenting often. Your sewing abilities leave me in the dust for any possible comparison, but I always, always enjoy seeing what you've done. Your situation sounds very much like ours. I'm hoping your daughter is still living with you so you can both be a close support for each other. After what you've been through in the last few years, you know how to take care of yourself and have all the right tools to stay healthy. Hugs, my friend.

Michelle - I'm trying to keep from crying over the news you shared regarding Stephanie and her granddaughter. I've been waiting for that much-anticipated and loved bundle of joy to arrive as have all of her faithful readers. This must have nearly destroyed her and her family. Yes, just the most terrible tragedy.

Katie C - I have two Janome sewing machines and simply love them. I, too, have been shopping around to trade in (or sell) one of mine and get another more suited to my quilting purposes. The research I've done has been nothing but complimentary about the Janome brand now. I talked with a shop owner who said in her opinion (and shop) Bernina was the top-of-the-line for many years, but now Janome is. If you want to get a mechanical (non-computerized) machine, I've found what I feel are great models on Amazon for a little under and a little over $400. With free shipping. Of course, if you get one from a shop, they usually include free cleaning/servicing for a year or so. Good luck with your sewing. Beats housecleaning any day!

SmartAlex - I haven't been to our little town for over a week now but am planning to do so perhaps tomorrow just for some fresh groceries. I have heard there are some empty shelves in our organic co-op where I shop but supposedly that was because of the panic buying recently. Word is they've been restocking like mad, as soon as the trucks can get here. Stay safe and think garden!!

Cockeyed Jo said...

We are carrying on carrying on. With a homestead it's a nonstop routine. Rabbits need to be brushed, fed and cared for. The chickens need to be fed. The only thing I haven't had to do is water the plants...too much rain, but mud everywhere! Am currently moving the muddy, finished compost bins and deep bedded bunny/chicken barn to the garden and orchard to prepare for spring planting and sowing orchard grass seed (orchard) for bunny food. The bunnies actually make their own fertilizer for their food. It'll take about two weeks with my one-handed self with the rain.

Our tiny county is on lockdown so the businesses are closed, no public events, etc. Doctor offices no have people at the door taking temperatures. They post it on little stickers attached to your clothes.

We now have 5 cases of the beer virus and 30 cases of the flu...roughly 10$ of the county.

Retired Knitter said...

Spring has sprung here in the mid-Atlantic. Greening up and flowering. It is the one bright spot.

Mama Pea said...

Cockeyed Jo - It would be wonderful to be working outside making preparations for spring, getting the garden ready, etc. But we're making good use of our time inside while the snow still blankets the ground around us. Did some cleaning in the attic this morning, Papa Pea is working in the workshop area of our garage sorting and cleaning, and I'm going to go grind some einkorn grains in my Whisper Mill so I'll have plenty of fresh flour on hand. Same with our medical services; they take your temperature before letting anyone in.

wisps of words - XO and do take care!

Retired Knitter - Yes, for all of you where spring is showing it's beauty, take time to enjoy it either through a window or outside for a walk if possible. said...

Here in MA mostly everything is closing down. My daughter has her last work day today and I'm grateful for that! She will work from home. We're well stocked for a while. Heaven knows how long this will last. The groceries store and pharmacy are opened. Most every one is staying inside. trying for very little contact with anyone. Children are doing their homework on their computers. You and yours' take good care of yourselves. XO

Mama Pea said...

linnellnickerson - Seems all of us all over the States are in pretty much the same condition and doing our best to make it through this. We're in an area where the virus hasn't hit yet, for which we're thankful, but the same precautions are being taken as elsewhere. Our local liquor store is municipally owned and all city buildings and offices have been closed down so . . . darn. (Kidding, but I have a feeling this is going to be hard for some folks needing that glass of wine at night to wind down. Maybe we'll see an upsurge in purchases of teas at the grocery store. Nah, probably not.) Thanks much for your good wishes and the same to you.

Sam I Am...... said...

So far I have not been affected at all. I am used to isolation but we'll see when I order groceries this coming week. I pray for everyone who is without work and the ones that work in the thick of it but other than that I don't worry. If it's my time it's my time and I can think of worse ways to go! Better me than someone who has a young family to care for or a young person just embarking on their life.

Sue said...

Hello Mama Pea--the snow is falling here today as well--though we at least have bare ground (and confused Robins!)
I have had you much on my mind lately, but life has been busy and the days so full, they pass by before I can get a note off to you.

I know what you mean about this whole situation. This lock-down we are in does not bother Don and I ---we have always been "loners'. We have always had stocked pantries and freezers. Plenty of supplies. It shouldn't affect us at all. And yet---I have some strange feelings--not knowing how this will turn out, how long it will go on. I think it is the UNcertainty of it all that gives me this feeling. I mean, let's face it--when you are an introvert-through and through---this type of situation is like a blessing. FINALLY---I can stay at home and not have to explain!!! And yet---well, there is some feeling that all is not right. I think routines are such a comfort now---baking bread, making soups and stews, planning the garden.
Reading. Piano. Painting. I guess my too many hobbies are a good thing.
I wish you continued good health and happiness. Hugs and best to you both

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