Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Stray Thoughts

Even though we like snow and the winter months way up here in Minnie-soda, it doesn't seem quite fair what Mother Nature has been pulling the last week or so.

We just get the plowing and shoveling done when we get big winds that blow the aforementioned snow right back in the same spots from which it's been plowed and shoveled.  Who's winning here?  Not us.

* * * * * *

I made a new chocolate pudding recipe yesterday.  (Why anybody would want chocolate pudding when he could have luscious, tasty, wonderful, smooth, satisfying vanilla pudding is beyond me.  But I do occasionally try to humor the man I live with.)  Anyway, this new recipe came out so chocolate-y that even Papa Pea claims one dish of it gives him a buzz.  I can't tolerate it at all.

* * * * * *

We've been getting some really sunny days (whoopee!) and can even notice the lengthening of hours (okay, minutes) of daylight now.  Makes me realize it won't be long until real spring time arrives.  I'm already thinking of setting up the plant starting equipment for those little seeds that need to be started 6-8 weeks before they go outside.  Thinking, you'll note I say.  Too early to actually start them yet.

* * * * * *

My daughter is the caregiver for a darling 19-month old boy during the day and then has his two brothers and a female cousin after school until the parents get off work.  She always has a nutritious snack for the kids when they come home (hungry as bears) and frequently makes scones which they've grown to love.

Scones traditionally don't has as much sugar as some other homemade goodies and the kids are always eager to have them.  Having never made many scones myself, I got the bug recently to try a couple of recipes for us.  One was a superb winner, and the other didn't go over as well.  Win a few, lose a few.

* * * * * *

Although our high temp today was 8°, my hibernation period and having time to do handwork thingies is on the downside.  (Maybe it's the downslide.)  So I've been telling myself that if I don't take time to quilt, embroider, work with felted wool and knit now (like right now), I'll have to wait until late next fall to fit much of it in.  To that end, as soon as I finish this, I'm back in my quilt room.

* * * * * *

I haven't done a giveaway here on my blog in quite a while and have two quilted pieces I'm ready to send down the road so I'll be posting about them soon.  Piqued your interest?  Good.  Keep watching!


wisps of words said...

I am first?

better send quickly, to stay first! -smile-

wisps of words said...

Winds over here too, but they don't blow the snow. Different kind of snow, I guess.

You don't like chocolate???? Somehow I can not imagine a situation like that.... Tell Papa Pea. He can't either, I bet. -grin-

Then again, this may have been one of the reasons he married you! More chocolate for him! -ducking, running and hiding-

Here, scone mix has been made. I'm sure yours are not from a mix.

Wow, you are still in the deep freeze! But you are so right! Do your fun stuff now! Don't waste a precious second of the fun stuff!!!!!!


Michelle said...

My favorite chocolate pudding recipe is from "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest." Do you have that cookbook? Sometimes I make it just for me.... Most scones are too dry for my taste, like biscuits, which I can live without. If you've found a good one, do share! We're having our February shot of sun, several glorious days in a row. Would have been a good time to have the roof replaced, but that would require a decision on which roofer to use. ONE of the marriage partners here is decisionally challenged....

Cockeyed Jo said...

Snow is predicted for us in the north GA mountains tomorrow. Maybe if we get another 8" it will last more than 18 hours on the ground. This winter has been a strange one for us more rain than cold with highs in the 60s and 70s. But that's okay too.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - No, I'm not "addicted" to chocolate the way some people are. (Give me a bag of potato chips over chocolate any day!) I know many gals think a glass of good wine and some fine chocolates are the ultimate in yummy. Makes my teeth curl just to think of that combination.

Michelle - At one time (ages ago) I did have a copy of that cook book. I loaned it out and it never came back, and I never replaced it. Now I might have to look up the chocolate pudding recipe from it for my husband though. Yes, I've always had the impression scones were too dry also! But hearing my daughter rave about them for so long I decided to give them a try. I'll send you a copy of the craisin/orange ones for your appraisal. Not dry at all. I can relate a bit to that "decisionally challenged" person in your marriage. Good thing there is a balancing person for him and me!

Cockeyed Jo - Seems weather this winter all over the nation has abeen a bit unusual. That previous 8" you got was not normal for you, was it? No matter how strange the weather, I don't think we'll ever see temps in the 60s and 70s here in the winter!

Sam I Am...... said...

Yes, please share the scone recipe. Like Michelle, I have found the ones I've made to be on the dry side and I so want to like them but I need a good recipe evidently.
Sorry about the blowing snow. It was snowing here this morning but at 37 F it melted the minute it hit the ground. I have lots going on inside the house but I need to get outside and work before the weeds start taking over. Actually, they never die....plants do but not those weeds! My bulbs are up so it's only a matter of time. Winter is too short here! Enjoy your "inside" time.

Peter parker said...
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Lynne said...

The scones sound good. I use to make them alot, but haven't in quite a while. I used to put in either blueberries or raisins and some times apples. The days are getting longer and it's nice,but I like the quiet of winter. Before you know it e will be complaining that its to hot. Chocolate pudding is only good when it's made from scratch. That's just my own opinion. Put me on your list for the giveaway! xo

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Can't read your blog with the bright orange font

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - I'll get the recipe to you. You are ALWAYS busy, busy, busy whether it's inside or out! Your energy is admirable . . . and gives me energy just reading your posts. Nothing like a good ol' prod in the buttinski!!

Lynne - Oh, a blueberry scone! Yum. Yes, the quiet of winter suits me very well, too. (Although the "quiet" seems very elusive at times.) Better wait to see what's offered on the giveaway. You may not like it!!

Nancy - Ooops, thanks for letting me know. I'll go change it right now.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - Oh, fer Pete's sake! I can't get it to change! What's with that? I'll keep trying . . .

Mama Pea said...

Ha! Well, the last paragraph changed color for me, but the rest of it won't. Not much progress, eh? I'll keep trying.

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NanaDiana said...

Your daughter sounds like a gem! What a blessing to have good children, isn't it? Aldi's has wonderful scones. I like them but don't like all scones.

I am like you- I have things I HAVE to get done now or they will wait another whole season. xo Diana

Susan said...

And yet another thing we have in common, oh sister from another mother... I am a vanilla pudding lover! Your lovely and loving daughter is creating so many wonderful memories for those kids. They are so lucky! This winter has been a challenge - so much ice! That comes from 40 degree weather with downpours, followed by plummeting temps into single digits or lower. Good grief. I have loosely planned the garden out and have made a list or two, but that is as far as I've gotten. There is still so much knitting to do! xo

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - I tried to send you a copy of the Orange Craisin Scones but apparently you have a different e-mail address than the one listed so it didn't go through. If you send me a current address, I'll try again. Or send me your snail mail address and I'll put it in the mail for you.

NanaDiana - We've had a few days of above zero weather and we can actually see our snow melting so I'm thinking a bit about spring already (more snow to come in March, for sure though!) and am spending more time in my quilt room while I can. The seasons (all of them) come and go so fast these years!

Susan - Yay for vanilla pudding! (Who says we're bland??) I am continually in awe of what my daughter does for the kids she is so attached to. She's made a beautiful set of alphabet cards with pictures that she's using with the 19-month old and he already knows some of the letters! Plus, she stood and cooked lefse (which she had made, of course) for 2 hours yesterday for one of the little one's older brothers who loves it. Now you need to go sit and knit . . . while you can! Hugs.

Retired Knitter said...

opps! I am afraid I am with your husband on the pudding front! Chocolate pudding is the best.