Sunday, January 26, 2020

How Can One Fit More Into A Day's Time?

First off, let me say I'm not complaining.  I know I'm at a stage in my life where I'm more and more appreciative of all I have in just about every single aspect of my life.  Papa Pea and I have both worked hard (some would say too hard, but that's been our choice because of necessity . . . or, well, . . . choice) to get where we are today, no doubt about that, but it's all starting to pay off and feel really good.

I truly can't remember a time since we were married (way back in the Middle Ages) that the days dragged by.  And now, by golly, just when we've both decided to relax a bit and start doing all the things we've "put off until later," something weird is happening which seems to be causing the minutes and hours of each day to fly by at double speed.  If not faster.

Why is this?  We wake in the morning, get that first-of-the-day cuppa into our systems, discuss and sometimes make lists (the memory isn't what it used to be either) of what usual chores must be covered in the day, what move-ahead projects need to be worked on (please, can't we skip this part? . . . this is our hibernating/down time of year), and what we would like to do for rest, relaxation, recharging, rehabilitation . . . or the feeding of our souls.

Then, almost before we know it, the day is drawing to a close (already?!) and both of us are always sorry to see it happen because there are so darn many neat, satisfying, fulfilling things we didn't get to of the day.

Wanna see my "want-to-do" list of things I'm chomping at the bit to get into?  No?  Okay, you're excused and may feel free to leave.  But for anyone still here . . . 

So many books - How could anyone ever read all the interesting books available?  Even though I always have an audio book to listen to while doing mundane chores during the day, I love sitting down and reading a good book.

So much quilting - I love quilting. And I have enough fabric, patterns and ideas that, in all honesty, I will probably never be able to wade through it all before I croak.

So much knitting - Knitting was my first handwork love before I discovered quilting.  And I still enjoy doing it.  I purchased the yarn for a bee-yew-tee-ful knit afghan several months ago and am getting twitchy with the yearning to start knitting it.  (Just gotta finish this pair of socks on my needles first.)

Valentine's Day is coming - That means I need to make several dozen heart shaped sugar cookies for my daughter's small tribe of kiddies to decorate.  I've definitely created a job for myself in that they all look forward to plain sugar cookies supplied by Mama Pea to decorate for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.  I think they like eating them, too.

Blogs - there are so many really good, enjoyable, informative, funny, uplifting blogs that I want to read and comment on.  Lately, I haven't been keeping with them as much as I'd like to do.  Must change that.

Letters to write - Although e-mails and other means of computerized correspondence are fine and have definite advantages, there's still nothing like getting a card or letter via snail mail.  I've been trying to do more of that.  Not succeeding to a great degree.  But trying.

Garden to plan - I'm more excited about the garden this year than I've been in a few years now.  I'm thinking it's because I've made the decision (and did a bit toward that end last year) to cut back on varieties and quantities to grow.  Try as we might, we're finding we two can't manage to eat or give away all of the produce from the four acres I usually plant.  (Okay, not quite that many acres.  It just seems like it sometimes.)

Pantry to clean and reorganize - I have a beautiful, big pantry and I've had a bee in my bonnet to get in there and change things a bit.  I know I've talked of this for some time now, but really want to do it.  (Papa Pea won't see me for several days once I get in there and go for it.)

Plans for summer - My better half and I need to sit down with paper, pencil and our (sensible) thinking caps on to make a list of this summer's upcoming projects.  The list is always waaaay too long and insurmountable (sigh) but if we start with the first of the prioritized "A" items . . . at least we'll know where to begin.  There are also summer recreational plans (yay!) to make.

I'm betting I could think of many more things to list, but that would be an exercise in futility.  All of the above illustrates some of the things I really want to do.  I'm appreciative of and grateful I have the opportunity and freedom to pick and choose what I attempt to fit into a day's time.  And I do have the choice so I'm really not complaining.  I just want to find a way to fit more into each day's time.  That's all.


Cockeyed Jo said...

Mama, LOL it's so true. Once you hit 50, time goes into hyperdrive speed. I mean it's almost February. Where did January go? For that matter 2019 just zipped on by. It's like we're moving in slo-mo and everything else is speeding past.

Laurie said...

Not enough hours in the day, step by step, at least you’re never bored, a full and productive life I would say!

Mama Pea said...

Cockeyed Jo - I had a feeling you would be a like-minded soul! During the holidays -- Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's -- I was just waiting for January thinking it would be a restful, slow month in which to begin this new year. Hahahaha. Five more precious days left in the month and I cannot believe how extremely fast the previous ones of the month have gone!

Laurie - No, never bored and I'm thankful for that. What a horrible drain on your very soul if each day dragged by without goals or dreams or anticipation of things to do!

Vera said...

I decided to take yesterday off (Sunday), and ended up bored and tetchy! It would seem that my normal day of things to do keeps me in better humour!

Leigh said...

What a great post. I love your routine and your to-do list. It's a very satisfying lifestyle, isn't it?

Kristina said...

I know what you mean about the day going too fast. I sat down and hand wrote a letter to a cousin. She left me a message thanking me and that it came at the most perfect time to cheer her up, so I'm so glad I did that.

Mama Pea said...

Vera - I think the feelings you ended up having yesterday illustrate that our daily routines mean more to us, and bring more happiness and joy, than we sometimes realize. Nothing like a whop upside the head like that to bring on the appreciation of our good lives!

Leigh - Thanks, Leigh. YES (with capitalize letters), it is a satisfying lifestyle. Not for everyone, but thank goodness we can have it if it's the right one for us. And it is, isn't it!

Kristina - You've just given me more reason to make time to hand-write those snail mail letters!

Susan said...

This post totally resonated with me! I want to knit ALL THE THINGS, and sew ALL THE THINGS, and start drawing again. And make my own greeting cards. And, and, and. I started out with lofty goals (again) this year of writing a note to someone every Sunday. So far? Two out of four. Not a total fail, but darn disappointing. Sheesh. I hate to say it, but I am not ready for spring yet - I haven't had enough winter 'down' time. Hahahahahaha.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I'm right with you, babe! January has gone by soooo fast that I'm starting to feel like my "down time" of winter-inside-bad-weather is slipping right through my fingers. We have to keep making those (lofty) goals of things we really want to accomplish 'cause that's the only way they WILL happen. What we really need to do is figure out how to get regular down time . . . like even when the weather is lovely and the green and growing things are calling our name. Not near enough time has been spent in past summers with a good book, a comfy lawn chair, a cold (alcoholic, dare I say?) drink and the sun shining on my fish belly white legs stretched out before me!

wisps of words said...

You are so *dern* lucky, to have all these plans, at your age. Oh I know you know that. I know. But it really struck me, in reading your (exhausting) list of stuff you want to do! -smile- You are "Poster People" for living the Good, Busy, Working Life. Absolutely!!!!!!!!

And I applaud you!!!!!!!!

And am so glad you are part of Pretty Blog Land~~~~!!!!

💖 💖 💖

wisps of words said...

Just a teeny, tiny dissenting note, please...?

I (try to) refuse to go down the rabbit hole of... Oh me, oh my, time is flying by!!!!

Time is not flying by, any faster today, than 10 years ago. It is only our perception of time, which has changed, if we allow it to.

We have only one "view of real time"... The present moment. This-moment-right-now. If we could concentrate on IT, and not live in the past, nor in the future.... If. I know. It sounds *woooo-woooo* and very 'Buddha-like' and we Westerners don't do well with that sort of thinking. -sigh-

But... Couldn't we try? To pay more attention to NOW?

And as for wanting-to-cram-more-into-24-hours..... Mmmmm... Wouldn't it be common sense, to not expect to do, or write down, more than any human can do, in 24 hours? In the first place.

We have all lived long enough, to know by now, how much we can accomplish, in a day.

Sooooooo, why List More???????????? Isn't that setting ourselves up, to be disappointed, over and over and over???????????????? Hmmmmmm......?????

Just me! Just running with the thoughts, which your post and comments, set off in my little brain!!!!!!! _GRIN_

💖 💖 💖

Lynne said...

Seems like I get up and turn around and have to go to bed. Doesn't seem quite fair as you get older. I still try to write letters, it's something I enjoy doing. My day is spent taking care of everything around the house. I guess we get slower as we get older! xo

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - There is a lot of wisdom to what you say. There are even people who believe that we bring good or bad things on ourselves. For instance, perhaps I should stop saying things like, "Where did this day go? It went by so fast I didn't get half of what I wanted accomplished. Time goes by faster than it ever has before." I might maybe should change that to, "This was a good day! I feel great about how I spent the day. This morning went so smoothly I really enjoyed it." In other words, concentrate on turning things around to a more positive way of thinking rather than the negatives I'm possibly perpetuating. Learning to appreciate and enjoy the moment -- here and now -- is a very wise goal!

Lynne - Do you really think we get slower as we age? I thought we should be getting smarter . . . like we could do everything more efficiently and quickly. (Who's that I hear giving me the raspberries?!)

Sam I Am...... said...

Amen Sister! Your list and mine are about the same. I wish you would have included the pattern for that beautiful blanket! LOL! No, don't because I need to fall in love with another project like I need a hole in my head! LOL! Please keep us informed about all your wonderful plans and projects and what books you're reading too! You go girl!

Granny Sue said...

Oh, amen! Since I retired it seems like the days and years fly by! I am busier than I ever thought possible. Many of the things on your list are on mine too, and I know I will never get them all done.

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - Rest assured I'll keep blathering on about what I've got going here. I'm just afraid I'll run out of winter hibernating time before I get to a small bit of the wanna-do items on my down time list! But what's new, eh? I know you can relate.

Granny Sue - It's hard to explain to those dear people yet to retire from an outside job that being able to make your own hours and stay at home or do anything you wish of a day makes you busier than ever. Unfair, I say, unfair! ;o)

Retired Knitter said...

Yep!! I am with you. And although your 'wanna' list will get longer - the days will speed by faster. Take it from someone in her 70s. Nothing slows down except YOU! I did a double take on 4 acres. Actually read it a few time over my first cup of coffee this morning - stopped and thought - MY GOD - no wonder days fly by - looked back down to read further and saw your following comment - well, not 4 acres but feels like it. Hahaha!

Mama Pea said...

Retired Knitter - I've come to the conclusion that anyone who has a full life with ideas and goals and interests is in the same boat. The trick is to keep your boat sailing along smoothly so the ride is enjoyed! (Oh my, am I waxing poetically this morning or what?) ;o)